Choosing blankets for a newborn baby

Being in the womb, the child feels protected. Nature itself made sure that its environment was as comfortable as possible for its growth and development. But after its birth, the creation of comfort falls on the shoulders of parents.

Given that in the first months of life, the baby is mainly in the crib, the quality of bedding is of great importance. Those. the fabrics for bedding should be soft and anti-allergenic, and the blanket for the newborn should be warm and light.

A blanket for a newborn should be chosen according to many parameters, among which even the time of year in which the baby was born should be taken into account.

What to cover the baby at different times of the year

Thermoregulation in a newborn baby has not yet been established, so it is important to ensure that it does not overheat and does not supercool. Temperature deviation can lead to the development of colds or overheating.

For the winter period, you should choose down or wool blankets for the newborn, for the summer – very thin products, and the role of a demi-season bedspread can be played by a blanket insulated with synthetic winterizer or fine wool. Therefore, it is necessary to select products from the temperature regime on the street and at home.

What are the blankets?

It would seem a very simple question, what should be a blanket for a newborn baby? And only one thing comes to mind – an ordinary square or rectangle.

But no. Now for babies who were recently born, they use other types of products:

  • The envelope blanket for the newborn is a stitched structure, which is designed for walking on the street. It is very easy to use them, it is enough to swaddle the baby, put it in an envelope and fasten the top zippers. Thanks to the firmly stitched lower part, the baby, even when it is a little older and begins to actively move its legs, will not be able to open or open the envelope;
  • The blanket for the newborn is a transformer, this design has stitched zippers on its sides, fastening which transforms the product into an envelope. When unfastened, the blanket has its usual dimensions, and can be used as a blanket in a stroller.
What should be the material?

Before purchasing a blanket for a newborn, you should pay attention to the material from which it is created. It is best to choose natural and environmentally friendly materials, which include: linen, cotton and wool. But no matter what material, no matter the product was chosen, its weight should be taken into account, because the baby will be more comfortable under a light “cloud” that will not hamper his movements. And it must breathe so that the child does not have diaper rash.

The filler is also best chosen from natural ingredients.

Before using clothing or a blanket for a newborn for the first time, it is necessary to wash it and make sure that the paint is holding well. To prevent the product from deforming after washing, follow the instructions.


To choose the size of the product for the newly born baby, you need to take into account what bedding parents have already purchased. If the blanket for the newborn is bought first, then you can choose any of the standard options: 120×90 or 110×140. Based on the selected sizes of the blankets, you should buy duvet covers for him.

Although you should not rely on one size at all, because for different purposes your product is selected. If the blanket for the newborn is designed to sleep in the crib or spread on the floor when the baby begins to crawl, then of course the larger size will be more convenient. And for walks in a stroller – it is better to choose a smaller children’s bedspread.

In many families, baby blankets have been preserved, with which then still newborn parents hid. It is better not to use old blankets, because during storage with the filler many troubles could occur: a fungus started, mold appeared, etc. And even if outwardly they are still attractive, then it’s not worth the risk. It is better for parents to purchase a new blanket for a newborn baby so that his sleep is calm and healthy.

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