Good diaper cream

The range of creams that protect the delicate skin of babies from redness and diaper rash is very large. Sometimes the chosen remedy does not live up to expectations, and parents remain unhappy.

In order not to make a mistake in the choice, you should carefully read the information on the package: composition, purpose, method of application, recommendations for use.

If the child is prone to allergies, it is best to consult a pediatrician.
Diaper Cream Functions

Pediatricians note the need to use a diaper for babies to avoid such problems:

  1. Redness on the buttocks and in the folds of the skin of the baby.
  2. Rashes.
  3. Irritated and inflamed skin in the groin and buttocks.
  4. Peeling skin.
  5. Diaper rash.

These troubles occur because the skin does not breathe in the diaper, excessive moisture is formed, and irritation appears. In order not to aggravate the problem, you need to know how to use the cream under the diaper.

Good products create a protective film on the skin, which prevents contact with feces and urine, soothe, relieve inflammation, and gently care for the delicate areas of babies. These products can fulfill a preventive and therapeutic role.

Proper use of diaper cream

How to apply the cream under the diaper will tell you the section “Method of Use”, located on the package.

Manufacturers advise applying the product every time you change the diaper. Sequencing:

  1. Cleanse the skin after removing the diaper – wash the baby, get wet with a soft towel.
  2. Wait a while for the child to rest, massage his feet to relax.
  3. To apply cream on buttocks, folds, an inguinal zone by easy sliding on a skin. While it is not absorbed, you can not wear a diaper.

What to look for when choosing a cream?

The main selection criteria will help determine which diaper cream is best:

  1. Structure.  A good cream should contain natural ingredients. It’s great if the cream contains zinc oxide, healthy oils and extracts. The presence of parabens, silicones, paraffin, dubious substances that can cause allergic reactions and hormonal changes is unacceptable.
  2. Functionality.  The best diaper cream should perform two functions: prevent irritation of the baby’s skin and treat redness that has already appeared.
  3. Consistency. It should be pleasant, not spreading, moderately dense, well absorbed.

When choosing a diaper, you need to focus on the individual characteristics of the baby’s skin. If she is prone to allergic reactions, be wary of organic cosmetics products, which include natural ingredients. It is better to conduct an allergy test: apply a product to the inside of the elbow, after half an hour check if there is redness, if not, you can safely use this product.

Allergy-prone crumbs are more suitable for a diaper cream with zinc. It is effective in combating diaper rash, as it has a drying effect. Conversely, if the skin is too dry, it is better to use a product with natural moisturizing oils. An ideal cream for one may not be suitable for another child.

Advantages and disadvantages of popular diaper products

Among the most famous creams, several brands are distinguished.

Creams from Bubchen

Under the German brand Bübchen, high-quality cosmetic products are produced. Cream “Bubchen” under the diaper for premature and small babies contains zinc oxide and panthenol. They contribute to the disappearance of redness, heal wounds, soothe inflamed skin. Shea butter is also included, performing the function of softening and protection. The tool is suitable for use from the first days of life.

Another Bubchen product is a diaper protective cream with zinc oxide, chamomile extract and beeswax. The last component contributes to the appearance on the skin of a film that protects against secretions. Both cream can be bought on average for 250 rubles.


  • a form with a dispenser allows you to economically spend the product;
  • has a pleasant smell;
  • quickly absorbed, well protect and soften the skin;
  • affordable price.


  • baby cream under the Bubchen diaper can cause allergies;
  • the cost of forms with a dispenser is higher than that of similar creams that do not have it;
  • propylene glycol in the cream.
Means from Mustela

Mustela diaper cream relieves skin irritation very quickly (in 2–4 hours), has a drying and antibacterial effect. Country brand – France. The manufacturer claims 3 of its functions: the cream protects, soothes and restores the skin. Judging by the reviews, he copes with all these actions perfectly.

The composition includes zinc oxide, vitamin F, panthenol, lupine extract. But there are also substances doubtful for natural cosmetics in it: preservative (Disodium Edta), solvent (Propylene carbonate) and a derivative oil product (mineral oil). The consistency of the cream is thick, but it is applied without problems. The average cost of cream under the Mustela diaper is 700 rubles.


  • odorless;
  • fast acting.


  • high price;
  • not quite natural composition;
  • some mothers note that the cream is absorbed for a long time and is poorly washed off.

Weleda product with chamomile and calendula

This tool protects the swaddling area well from irritation, relieves inflammation, and quickly heals damaged skin. Weleda is an organic brand diaper cream, which confirms the presence of marigold and chamomile extracts, natural almond and sesame oils in its composition. The product can be used from the first days of a baby’s life. Cream is made in Germany. You can buy it in Russia for an average of 450 rubles.


  • natural composition;
  • nice smell;
  • easy application;
  • fast absorption;
  • perfectly protects the skin, quickly eliminates inflammation, heals wounds.


  • high price.
Cream “Bepanten”

This product has established itself as a time-tested diaper product. The main active ingredient is D-panthenol, which is absolutely safe and does not cause allergies. It has a healing effect, soothes irritations of the skin. Also, the Bepanten cream under the diaper prevents diaper dermatitis, has a simple composition and delicate texture. The product is manufactured in Germany. On average, you can buy it for 300 rubles.


  • easy distribution and absorption of cream;
  • well removes small irritations, effectively heals small wounds;
  • does not cause allergies.


  • uneconomical spending;
  • uncomfortable shape (tin tube);
  • It does not have antibacterial and drying properties.
Means under the diaper “Our mother”

The main function of this domestic cream is protective. The manufacturer claims that the composition used sea buckthorn oil, extracts of calendula, chamomile and vitamin A. These components soothe irritations on the skin of babies. Cream under the diaper “Our mother” can be purchased on average for 150 rubles.


  • good composition;
  • relatively low cost.


  • lack of zinc oxide in the composition;
  • too greasy consistency;
  • inconvenient packaging – a jar, not a tube, which is not entirely hygienic.

Sanosan cream “From diaper rash”

This German product can be used from the first days of a baby’s life. The composition of the product contains olive oil and zinc oxide. These components help to eliminate, soothe irritations on the skin, prevent the secondary appearance of redness and diaper rash. Sanosan diaper cream can be purchased in Russia for about 250 rubles.

The tool has established itself among consumers. Only some mothers note its shortcomings – too dense texture, uncomfortable application and poor absorption. However, these properties cannot be called disadvantages, since zinc products usually have a thick consistency. Their role is not to moisturize the skin, but to protect, forming a special layer.


  • structure;
  • affordable price.


  • unhygienic packaging (can).
Means under the diaper “My sun”

This product contains zinc oxide, jojoba oil, lactic acid, dexpanthenol. Domestic cream under the diaper “My Sun” protects, moisturizes, softens the skin. The tool is suitable for most babies, but some parents note the occurrence of allergic reactions in their children after its use due to the presence of perfumes, paraben (Methylparaben). The cost of the product is relatively low – within 50 rubles.


  • copes well with its functions;
  • low cost.


  • the content of substances that can cause allergic reactions.
Product from Babyline

Babyline diaper cream contains zinc oxide, which works to prevent diaper rash, and chamomile extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Country brand – Germany. You can buy a drug in Russia for about 200 rubles.


  • performs the declared functions;
  • pleasant unobtrusive smell.


  • too thick;
  • poorly distributed over the skin;
  • inconvenient and unhygienic packaging (can).
What to choose – powder or cream?

Powder is a powder product with talc, zinc and starch in the composition. It effectively fights diaper rash, has a drying, protective effect. You can not use powder for a long time, you can dry the skin. Therefore, in the arsenal of mom should be both means.

Powder is a powder product with talc, zinc and starch in the composition. It effectively fights diaper rash, has a drying, protective effect. You can not use powder for a long time, you can dry the skin. Therefore, in the arsenal of mom should be both means.

Pediatricians recommend alternating them. In case of severe diaper rash, powder will help. If redness is observed in the swaddling area or you want to soften the skin, you should choose a cream.

When choosing a product, you need to focus on the individual characteristics of the skin of the child. If in the fight against diaper rash, powders for a particular baby help better than cream, give preference to this remedy.

Regardless of the cost of the product and brand awareness, each diaper cream for a particular parent has its own strengths and weaknesses. When choosing, you should focus on the skin of a certain baby. If it is sensitive, irritations and diaper rash often appear, preference should be given to a highly effective cream with many properties (antibacterial, drying, softening, restoring). Allergy-prone skin may not be suitable for organic products. When choosing such products, it is necessary to conduct a test.

For most children, a normal protective cream, including zinc, dexpanthenol, is suitable. It is important to carefully observe the hygiene of the baby’s skin. Severe diaper rash and irritation that do not go away for a long time is an occasion for consultation with a specialist.

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