Winter walks with a newborn

For the baby, this is the first winter, the first snow, and his first warm clothes. Therefore, many young parents have a question: how to dress a newborn in winter?

This issue must be approached with great seriousness. What to wear for a walk in the newborn in the winter season, which parts of the body should be protected from the cold in the first place, what rules should be observed in choosing clothes for walking with the baby – all this should be known to newly-born parents.

First of all, you need to make a list of things for crumbs. The list should include clothes to a minimum, as the kids grow very quickly. Read more on baby clothing sizes by month →

Having bought a lot of winter things for a newborn, you will waste money, because he simply will not have time to take them all away, and most of the things will simply become small for him. Since children’s things are not cheap right now, you need to immediately decide which things the newborn will need to spend time at home, and which for walks, both in the warm and in the cold period of time. For this, you will need to make a list of clothes.

Winter list of clothes for the baby

If we recall the advice of our grandmothers, then the baby is tedious to always put a little warmer than himself on one or two layers of clothing. Consider the minimum set of things that should be on your list for the winter time period.

A newborn needs about four knitted vests with sleeves and several flannel ones. Sliders need to purchase more than four pieces, a couple of overalls with buttons along the entire length, three or four light vests, and the same number of vests and bike romper. Four pairs of socks, three little caps and one warm. Nappies are necessary, about six pieces of bike and as many cotton ones are needed.

For hiking with a newborn in winter, you will also need a warm jumpsuit, and a warm blanket. It is better to choose woolen, because it is lightweight, and warms well. You will need a warm envelope, preferably from a natural sheepskin, and knitted overalls in the amount of two or three pieces.

What clothes are better to choose

Once again, recalling the grandmother’s advice on several layers of clothing, it is worth noting that in the old days all clothes consisted of cotton and wool. And to achieve the necessary warmth, the kids were put on several layers of clothing. Nowadays, outerwear for children is made of heat-resistant, high-quality fabrics. They keep the heat perfectly, therefore, to walk with the crumbs at a temperature not lower than 15 degrees, additional layers of clothing will not be needed.

Clothing for newborns must be bought, consisting of 100% cotton. Such things are pleasant to the body and allow the skin to breathe. Also, things should be easy to fasten and unfasten. Riveting is preferred. Clothing should have a wide neck, be easy to care for and not shed during washing.

Winter. Cold. Dress baby to walk

As a rule, newborns who go for a walk in winter are dressed in three layers. The first layer is necessarily a diaper, sliders, a baby’s undershirt, warm little socks and a bonnet. The second layer of newborns put on overalls with closed arms and legs. You can wear pants and a blouse. The third layer you need to wear a winter warm windproof overalls, a warm hat, preferably on a sheepskin and a scarf.

Since the baby does not move lying in a stroller, he cannot control the temperature of his own body. In this case, the baby loses a lot of heat, especially in the neck and head. Therefore, the hat in which the baby will be walking should not only be on a natural sheepskin, but also made in the shape of a helmet. This will allow you to carefully hide the ears of the baby. The arms and legs of young children are also quickly cooled, so they need to be warm.

After the first and second layers of clothing worn over the baby, instead of a warm jumpsuit, you can swaddle a newborn in diapers. There should be two of them. Thin cotton and thick flannel. Then wrap in a warm blanket or a blanket. At the same time, it is also necessary to wrap your head. Then lay the child in a fur envelope. It is preferable to choose envelopes that tighten around the face and shape the hood.

Now overalls for babies are performed with closed piles and legs, there are such models as transformers, which can be easily converted into an envelope, and after the baby grows up, it is easy to make such overalls with open legs and arms.

Due to the fact that the child is dressed in a few layers of clothing, his head may be below the body. Therefore, under the head of the baby you need to put a flat pillow.

Take note

There are several rules that you must follow when dressing a newborn to walk in the winter.

These rules include:

  • Do not put on newborns clothes that have buttons on their backs (they will leave marks on the delicate skin of the crumbs, and the baby will not feel comfortable with them);
  •  All plastic threads and labels must be removed from the baby’s clothes (they badly affect the baby’s skin and create discomfort);
  • If there is clothing with a zipper, it must be worn with a second layer (so that the zipper does not cut into the baby’s skin);
  • Wrapping up the child’s proper to go for a walk, try not to put him in too much clothes (if the clothes are loose, it will be easier for the baby to breathe and move his arms and legs).
Determine if the newborn is properly dressed

Newborn babies quickly overheat, and freeze at the same rate. When there is not severe frost on the street, and the baby is too warmly dressed, at first it can sweat, and then immediately freeze.

Therefore, walking with a newborn in the winter, you must constantly touch his nose. It will help determine the well-being of the child. If the nose is cold, the baby freezes, which means that it was boring to wear a little warmer. Or in the case of a long walk, it’s just time to go into the heat.

When the outside temperature is lower – 20 degrees, it is better to refuse a walk with a baby. Or take a walk of no more than 15 minutes. At this air temperature, the best option would be to dress the baby as well as for a walk, only without a top overalls, and simply ventilate the house by opening doors or windows. But here it is necessary to be attentive to drafts so that the baby does not catch a cold.

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