Foot massage could help menopausal women kick fatigue by aiding restful sleep

Menopausal women could gain an extra hour of sleep each night – with a simple foot massage.

The massages increase sleep and reduce fatigue and anxiety by stimulating the nerve cells in the legs, the North American Menopause Society reported.

It follows a study by Cankyry Karatekin, TC Amasya and Ynonu universities in Turkey, which analysed 70 women.

Half had a massage every day for seven days. The massage group slept an hour more each night.

The authors recommended the massages alongside methods such as HRT for ‘anxiety, fatigue, and sleep disorders’.

A foot massage each night could help menopausal women get an extra hour of sleep. A third of women across the UK, around 13 million, are estimated to be premenopausal

A third of women in the UK –around 13million – are estimated to be menopausal.

Dr Stephanie Faubion, NAMS medical director, said: ‘Sleep disturbances, fatigue, and anxiety symptoms are common during menopause.

‘This small study in Turkish women shows how a simple, inexpensive intervention such as foot massage can improve these bothersome symptoms in postmenopausal women.

‘Although additional study is needed to confirm these findings in other populations of postmenopausal women, there is little downside to recommending foot massage as a non-hormone option to help relieve symptoms.’

SleepFoundation.org states that sleep disorders affect 39 to 47 percent of peri-menopausal women and 35 to 60 percent of post-menopausal women.

The most common sleep problems reported by women going through menopause include hot flashes, insomnia, sleep-disordered breathing, and other mood and sleep disorders, the media company states.

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