Are your sniffles triggered by hay high temperature, a cold or Covid?

If you’ve suffered a bout of the sniffles over the past fortnight, you can be forgiven for thinking it was simply a cold.

Or you could easily have actually pointed the finger at hay fever if you’re particularly vulnerable, offered Britain has actually consistently been damaged by a plant pollen bomb.

As the pandemic has actually used on, Covid itself has ended up being much milder.

As well as with the infection once again sweeping the country, it means the signs that leave you stuck to the couch with a box of cells may have really been activated by Covid.

So, offered all three diseases can blight individuals in a similar fashion, below is the utmost an overview to inform what’s really behind your runny nose, cough or aches and also pains.

Graph shows: Common (green tick), periodic (orange circle) as well as never (red cross) symptoms of the acute rhinitis, hay high temperature as well as Covid

Covid infections have virtually increased in a fortnight in England, rising to concerning 1.4 million in the most recent week

Covid symptoms


High temperature
Loss of taste or scent

Sometimes Frustration Dripping or blocked nose Sneezing Fatigue Aching throat Pains or pain
Lack of breath
Nausea and throwing up
Loss of appetite


Itchy, red or watery eyes


At the beginning of the pandemic, individuals were informed to look out for three indication of Covid: a loss of preference or smell, a constant coughing and a high temperature.

As brand-new variations advanced and also vaccinations and also repeated waves blunted the virus’s risk, the official symptom listing proceeded to expand.

The NHS currently acknowledges 12 symptoms related to Covid.

According to the ZOE symptom-tracking study, the most generally reported indicators of the virus are currently a runny nose (66 percent), sore throat (65 percent), migraine (64 percent), persistent coughing (63 per cent) as well as tiredness (62 per cent).

But because of the series of signs and high frequency of the infection, Professor Tim Spector, an epidemiologist at King’s College London who leads the research study, motivates people to obtain an examination anyhow.

The infection is presently in its 5th wave in Britain, driven by the bachelor’s degree.4 and also bachelor’s degree.5 sub-strains of Omicron, which are thought to be a lot more contagious yet equally as moderate as their ancestor.

Covid’s the majority of one-of-a-kind attribute is the loss of smell or preference totally, known as anosmia, which is rarely reported in colds and hay fever.

Harvard University researchers released a study in Science Advances in July 2020 revealing the virus attacks capillary cells as well as stem cells in the nose that supply energy to the nerves that send a sense of odor to the mind.

Omicron is much less most likely to create the loss of taste or odor since the variant multiplies deeper in the lungs rather than in the nose, professionals believe.

Of the newer signs and symptoms listed for Covid, only diarrhoea and nausea or vomiting or throwing up are special to the infection and also not also triggered by either hay high temperature or colds. It recommends if you have these as well as a coughing, it might well be Covid.

NHS guidance instructs individuals to remain at house and prevent call with other people if you have signs and symptoms of Covid– as well as to take a PCR examination. People are no more legally required to test if they are symptomatic, neither do they have to separate if they declare.

Hay fever signs Typical Dripping or obstructed nose Sneezing Itchy, red or watery eyes


Loss of taste or odor
Lack of breath

Never ever

High temperature
Aching throat
Pains or discomfort
Looseness of the bowels
Nausea or vomiting and throwing up
Anorexia nervosa

Hay high temperature

Sky-high pollen degrees over the last number of weeks have actually left millions suffering from hay fever.

Professionals think staying indoors more than common during the last 2 years of the pandemic has left numerous unexposed to plant pollen, making their reactions to it this year more powerful.

Unlike colds as well as Covid, hay fever is an allergic reaction to plant pollen– rather than an illness brought on by an infection.

This suggests signs are triggered by the body’s immune system panicing to a foreign body it views to be a risk– in this instance plant pollen.

Having a drippy or obstructed nose, experiencing and sneezing with itchy, watery or red eyes are one of the most usual indicators of the allergy.

However watery eyes is, in theory, the only distinct function that isn’t also a minimum of a periodic attribute of Covid or colds.

The body naturally attempts to clean plant pollen out the body, triggering the tear ducts to start generating fluids to aid relieve the visibility of the plant-produced powder.

The eyes additionally end up being aching as the body creates swelling, called sensitive conjunctivitis– when a thin, clear membrane layer cover the whites of the eyes and also the insides of the eyelids.

Histamine produced throughout the reaction likewise irritates the nerve endings, creating itchiness, while the capillary swell and also dilate to eliminate off the irritant, leading to inflammation.

Unlike the various other two ailments, hay high temperature doesn’t trigger higher temperature levels, Marc Donovan, primary pharmacist at Boots, said, so it is secure to dismiss the allergy if that is your symptoms.

Mr Donovan claimed: ‘Hay high temperature doesn’t trigger a heat and also many people do not feel unhealthy.

‘Symptoms include sneezing, a dripping or obstructed nose, scratchy red watery eyes or a scratchy throat.’

He said to make use of barrier balms, such as petroleum jelly, around the nostrils to trap pollen and also use wraparound sunglasses to maintain pollen out the eyes to maintain signs in check.

Antihistamine tablet computers as well as nasal sprays can also be utilized to help battle symptoms.

Cold signs and symptoms


Aching throat
Runny or obstructed nose


Aches or discomfort
Loss of preference or scent
Loss of appetite


Nausea or vomiting and also throwing up
Shortness of breath
Itchy, red or watery eyes


The common cold, while much less typical in summer season, can affect individuals all year round, as well as is particularly widespread during celebration periods when people return from real-time occasions having combined with thousands of individuals.

2 years of lockdowns have actually reduced individuals’s resistance to colds, while the hundreds of thousands that mosted likely to Glastonbury recently will certainly have inevitably been revealed to infections in the jam-packed problems.

Coughs, aching throats, dripping or obstructed noses and sneezing are one of the most typical signs and symptoms triggered by the hundreds of infections that trigger acute rhinitis.

Pains and pains, high temperature, headaches, exhaustions and a loss of appetite can likewise be telltale signs, while shedding taste or odor is also an occasional signs and symptom.

The lack of swollen puffy eyes might be a sign you are in fact experiencing a cool rather than the seasonal allergy.

Having diarrhoea, nausea or shortness of breath on top of the prior symptoms might suggest it is in fact Covid rather than a straightforward chilly you are experiencing.

Symptoms are triggered when any kind of among 200 viruses different infections create swelling of the membrane layers that line the nose and throat.

They are not actually triggered by winter, but the body is a lot more prone to infection when the immune system is weak– which can be triggered by a decrease in temperature.

Mr Donovan stated: ‘Colds can still happen throughout warmer months, and also usually include sneezing and coughing, in addition to an aching throat, migraine and also occasionally a loss of preference as well as scent.

‘You can take into consideration taking pain reliever to help reduce aches or relieve an obstructed nose with a decongestant nasal spray or decongestant tablet computers.’

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