The main myths about what is harmful to pregnant women

The list of what is contraindicated during pregnancy is not small. But part of it is nothing more than myths and prejudices. What exactly?

1. You can not cut your hair and dye

The first is pure myth. You can, if you so wanted, at least shave baldly. With the second – you decide. Modern hair dyes are unlikely to harm an unborn baby, but the result on your head may turn out to be unpredictable, and even the usual dye will give a completely different shade.

2. Do not eat rolls

The installation is very recent. But the point is not in the rolls themselves, but in only one ingredient – fish. If there is no raw fish in rolls and sushi, then eat on health.

3. You must follow a strict diet

Do not eat fat and sweet in large quantities and bypassing fast food is useful to everyone, regardless of position. But to exclude certain fruits (citrus fruits are most often blacklisted) or any other natural healthy products, if you are not allergic, you should not. Even a cup of freshly brewed coffee per day does not hurt. The child and the pregnant woman herself should receive a full range of vitamins and taste sensations.

4. You can’t raise your hands up

Otherwise, the umbilical cord will be knotted. Myth and nothing but. There is no connection between the movements of the pregnant woman and the umbilical cord.

5. You can’t look at the fire and at all about terrible things (including thrillers are prohibited)

Otherwise, the child will be born nervous, ugly and further on the list of superstitions. If you like “terrible” things, do not deny yourself them; there is no direct connection between the appearance, character and other features of the baby and what you saw during pregnancy.

6. Do not swim in open waters (river, sea, lake)

And here it is. Only, of course, not close to the estimated date of birth, for a couple of weeks before the PDD, it is better to refuse swimming. Well, of course, the water should be clean, and the area is allowed for swimming.

7. Do not sleep on your stomach

If this position for a dream is convenient for you – please. But with a decent tummy, you and yourself will not be comfortable sleeping on your stomach. In general, this does not negatively affect the child.

8. Do not take a bath

The consequences of such imprudent behavior, as the “knowledgeable” say, are terrible – right up to premature birth. Horror. But not true. You can take a bath, the water temperature should be 37-38 degrees, and the reception itself in time – 10-15 minutes.

And finally, statements that do not stand up to criticism now, but are still tenacious.

So, during pregnancy you can not:

  • to buy children’s things;
  • talk about pregnancy;
  • knit and sew.

Easy pregnancy and childbirth, and less pay attention to superstition!

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