How to build resiliency in the time of COVID-19

So how do we deal with it all? Experts say building resiliency will help.  That’s the ability to adjust in crisis to ensure we can sustain over the long run.

It appears that life will be different for a long time due to  COVID-19. All of us will be challenged, both in our work and personal worlds.

Worries over your health, family and finances can be incredibly distracting.

Here are some tips that can help.

  1. Accent the negative emotions you’re feeling. They are natural and distracting
  2. Routinely clear your mind. Look out a window and reflect
  3. Pay attention to your health. Take time to make it a priority
  4. Define a new routine. Families need structure and stability, even if it is different
  5. Connect with loved ones. Relationships build resilience

“So many things are out of our control right now,” says Reverend Kevin Massey, Advocate Aurora Health’s vice president of mission and spiritual Care, Advocate Aurora Health.

“To build resilience, there are things you can control. If you pay attention to these tips to take good care of yourself, it can help you move more easily through the days ahead.”

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