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Aluminum is an amazing metal that is found on Mars and the Moon, and is also actively used on Earth. KIT-MARKET specialists will tell you a lot of interesting things about the benefits and features of operating cast aluminum furniture.

Aluminum is truly a magical metal. Almost everything is made from it and its alloys – from household appliances to the lining of the Buran spacecraft. It is important for human health. According to doctors, for every adult, the average daily requirement for aluminum is 2.45 milligrams.

Maybe that is why cast aluminum furniture is perceived by us as something familiar and cozy. After all, this metal is also found in our body.

Facts only

In ancient times, aluminum was valued above gold and silver. Therefore, items from it were mandatory attributes in noble houses. And even now, furniture covered with gilding or silver, for the most part, is considered a kind of bad taste, too obvious demonstration of pathos. But the interior made of cast aluminum looks very stylish, so in the homes of many celebrities there is always something from this unique metal.

Amazing features

Metal, indeed, provides designers with a huge field for experimentation. And not the fact that metal furniture must be heavy. There are fishnet models, very light, that look incredibly airy. And the combination of two styles – massive cast metal structures and openwork nets is considered one of the most fashionable trends today.

A special fabric is even made of aluminum, which quickly warms and cools depending on the surrounding environment.

Source of inspiration

So, where is the cast aluminum metal furniture used now? As explained by the experts of the KIT-MARKET online store, most often they acquire such furniture in order to create a unique atmosphere of coziness on the balcony, in a country house, on a garden plot and even in an apartment or cafe and restaurants.

Real find

Aluminum furniture is a great option for adverse weather conditions. Firstly, the aluminum frame is always very strong and stable. It is not in vain that even multi-story buildings are erected from such frames.

Secondly, in addition, a special polymer spraying is applied to the aluminum profile, which reliably protects the structure from the negative effects of moisture and the sun. Another property of the unique coating is the ability to transform the interior item by changing its color and even texture.

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