What is social distancing?

It’s called social distancing and is a key strategy in slowing down the spread of a disease. In 2014, many experts credited this change in people’s behavior for having broken the chain of transmission of Ebola.

Sports teams, concert venues, even churches are cancelling activities to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

Simply put, social distancing is limiting contact between infected people and those who are healthy. By not going to places where lots of people are gathered together, you reduce the risk of exposure to a disease.

“It is incredibly important to slow the spread of coronavirus and social distancing is the most important tool,” says Dr. Robert Citronberg, Infectious Disease expert at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL.  “By slowing down the spread of the disease, we are making sure hospitals and health care professionals are not inundated.  We ask people to understand that taking these small steps will have a major impact.”

Numerous measures fall into the category of social distancing. It ranges from avoiding any locations where crowds gather, to working from home, to eliminating public transportation from your routine. It can also mean leaving lots of personal space in interactions with others.

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