Competitive People Have Higher Risk for Using Drugs

However, the research does confirm that there is a really strong relationship in between a character characterized by hostility and also competition and also usage of prohibited substances, such as cocaine, marijuana and hallucinogens.

A brand-new study from Spain recommends aggressive as well as competitive individuals are most likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

” There are still several concerns to respond to however what we found is really significant,” mentions Dr. Rosario Ruiz Olivares, head scientist at the University of Cordoba (Spain). Olivares stated that what might be called an addictive individuality “does not exist.”

Detectives think that individuals who hold your horses, less hostile, and not competitive have a much reduced chance of being drug users. “This type of individuality is a safety variable for medication usage as well as is specifically purposeful in the case of alcohol and cigarette,” Olivares said.

In the research study, socio-demographic and personality surveys were completed by 3,816 youths in the province of Cordoba between the ages of 18 and also 29. “In the future, we would like to widen the example to a national degree and study habits patterns according to the person’s gender,” states Rosario Ruiz.

These outcomes represent a vital step in the field of protecting against drug intake amongst young people, since it can concentrate especially on people that show aggressive and also competitive attributes.

Furthermore, it will certainly not only assist in prevention, but might also aid clinicians considered that people who have these qualities can locate it more difficult to overcome their addiction. Early detection of substance misuse can cause particular mental therapy created to work on the personality type that influence substance abuse.

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