That can put pressure on the bladder

When pressure on the bladder in women, it can be as one of diseases, and manifestation of a physiological process. If the pathological process is not specified in the bladder, will need a more thorough checkup of the whole body to determine the cause of this symptom. The sensation of pressure may be the cause of various diseases, including cancer, all the adjacent bodies.

Physiological causes

The most common reason for this symptom is pregnancy. The gradual increase of the uterus with fetal growth leads to compression of the bladder. Constant pressure on the body causes a frequent urge to urinate, there are times when a woman can not restrain this feeling, and there is involuntary urination. To avoid such situations, pregnant women should empty the bladder.

Not less common reason for feelings of compression is a significant degree of obesity. The excess fat puts pressure on the bladder, causing the need for frequent urination.

Pregnancy is often accompanied by feelings of pressure on bladder

Pathology-causing pressure on your bladder

Pain and feeling of full bladder, often occurs when inflammation or stone formation. In the first case, the patient experiences frequent urination and severe cramps in the end of the act. Cystitis can be recognized by the following signs: frequent urination, pain grow to the extent of stretching of the body wall and enter the peak to the end of urination and immediately after it, and then subside and begin to grow again as filling. Cystitis is accompanied with fever and General signs of intoxication. In the urine detected by the Goy, by visual inspection of the urine is cloudy or cereal.

When pushing on my bladder in women, may be the result of diseases such as urinary and reproductive system. Therefore, examination of the patient about the complaints of feeling of heaviness and frequent urination performed by a gynecologist and urologist at the same time.


pain in the bladder comes out on top, cramps occur with exertion and are not associated with the act of urination, difficult to effect of painkillers.

Kidney stones in men the ureters gives to the penis.

Stones in the bladder can cause not only pain, but a feeling of pressure

Cancer processes of the bladder

A small tumor may cause only a feeling of a crowded bladder, in the process of proliferation emerge and intensify pain. When you join secondary cystitis on a background of the cancerous mucosa pain reach high limits and become intolerable.

When diseases of the uterus affect bladder

When the uterus affected with fibroids, it also affects the condition of the bladder. If the tumor is on the outside and has a leg, it can grow into the bladder wall, causing the clinical manifestations (pain, feeling of pressure and frequent urination).

Large fibroids cause a feeling of pressure on bladder

Nodules fibroids that have reached larger sizes contribute to the increase of the uterus and displacement of it from the physiological state. Growing uterus is able to put pressure on the bladder. With the growth of the uterus (due to the increase of nodes) is increased compression of the bladder.

Symptoms that suggest uterine fibroids:

  • severe pain in the critical days;
  • increasing the amount and time of bleeding during menstruation;
  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • heaviness and feeling of compression in the abdomen;
  • persistent back pain;
  • frequent constipation, as well as reproductive disorders (miscarriages and infertility).

At diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe treatment depending on the stage of the disease. To identify and address the causes of temporary relief will bring a relaxed state lying down and receiving antispasmodic drugs. The frequency of urination affect handy methods will not work.

When the pressure in the bladder may be the norm

Given that the pressure on the bladder in women of different age may be the norm or pathology, you should understand when you need to go to the doctor for help, and when to accept the situation and wait out the required time or to abandon habits, causing negative symptoms.

In addition to pregnancy and obesity, increasing the overflow of the bladder, causing the feeling of pressure can become:

  • age-related changes. In the process of natural wear on the body threshold can change as the internal processes. Cause a feeling of heaviness and urge to urinate may be the loss of elasticity of the bladder. That leads to incomplete liberation of the body and the amount of urine gradually increases, may require artificial abstraction by means of a catheter;
  • the diuretics or foods that increase urination.

In any other case, a feeling of heaviness or pain in the bladder in women should serve as a signal for treatment to a specialist. The doctor will determine the cause and prescribe proper treatment.

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