Colocolostomy cellulitis: symptoms and treatment


Cellulitis colocolostomy is a serious illness that threatens the patient’s life. It is a diffuse purulent inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, localized in the maxillofacial area, and healthy tissue is not distinguished from affected. If you suspect the development of cellulitis require immediate hospitalization of the patient in a specialized Department of a hospital to conduct a comprehensive (including surgical) treatment

Colocolostomy cellulitis: symptoms and treatmentCauses of cellulitis colocolostomy

Colocolostomy cellulitis is a severe pathology, which in most cases has odontotaenius character, i.e. it is a consequence not promptly cured diseases of the oral cavity (including complicated caries).

There are also osteogenic oculoselective cellulitis. They are the result of odontogenic osteomyelitis, and significantly complicate the course of the underlying disease.

Among other causes and precipitating factors:

Infectious agents that trigger the development of colocolostomy abscesses are anaerobic bacteria. pallidum, as well as a number of varieties of streptococci and stafilokokkom. The specific structure of the veins and lymph nodes of oral litsevoy the region contributes to the rapid penetration of infectious agents in deep structure.

Colocolostomy cellulitis: symptoms and treatment

Classification of pathology are in accordance with the localization of the source.

Possible consequences

Colocolostomy abscess threatens the spread of infection in the mediastinum (mediastinitis) and meninges (meningitis). If svojevremeno not taken adequate measures is developing sepsis (blood infection) leading to death of the patient. Other dangerous complications include asphyxia and obstruction of facial veins purulent masses.


The main clinical manifestations are:

  • severe General condition;
  • the total rise in body temperature;
  • fever;
  • difficulty opening mouth.
  • severe swelling of the face and neck;
  • dysphagia (problems with swallowing);
  • hypersalivation (increased salivation);
  • the asymmetry of the maxillofacial region.

Colocolostomy cellulitis is characterized by acute onset; prodromal period is very short. Initially, the patient feels General weakness and increased utomlemostew, but soon begins a period of increasing fever and local manifestations of the inflammatory process. Since the center is not separated from the healthy surrounding tissue, rapidly increasing symptoms of intoxication. The patient has a severe headache, dramatically decreased appetite (up to anorexia). The patient can’t sleep, and the overall body temperature quickly rises to subfebrile and febrile digits.

Acocella abscess externally, is a painful diffuse infiltrate. In his projection marked inflammatory swelling of the mucosa and hyperemia of the skin. If not promptly taken adequate measures, there is a seal infiltration. In the Central it Department, where the most pronounced purulent fusion of tissue, is determined by the zone of fluctuation. Local clinical manifestations are less pronounced in deep localization.

Please note

Pain syndrome increases with palpating study.

The clinical blood tests showed elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate and leukocytosis, and serum detected characteristic of inflammation C-reactive protein.


The basis for diagnosis are anamnesis, patient’s complaints and data of external examination. Laboratory data (blood tests) allow to assess the severity of the process and the treatment process to determine its effectiveness.

Usually revealing colocolostomy abscesses, located superficially, is not difficult. With a deep localization of the abscess often requires the puncture of.

Differential diagnosis is carried out with inflammation of the parotid and submandibular lymph nodes, suppuration cysts of the cervical region, as well as boils and carbuncles in the early stage of development.

Treatment colocolostomy phlegmon

Cellulitis, localized in colocolostomy area, are the absolute indications for the comprehensive treatment.

At an early stage (early formation of a purulent focus) in rare cases it is possible to conduct conservative therapy.

If detected, the zone of fluctuation (rolling fluid on palpation of problem areas) it is mandatory surgical intervention. It involves the opening of a purulent focus, his careful antiseptic treatment and drainage to ensure the outflow of purulent discharge.

At the same time appointed of the massive antibiotikoterapia and desensibiliziruyuschee and desintoksicazionnaya treatment. The patient who underwent this pathology, shows a tonic, as well as immunomodulators and Immunostimulants.

After the cessation of drainage of pus to promote healing of the wound is assigned to a physical therapy – microwave therapy, magnetic therapy, the effect of ultrahigh-frequency currents and ultraviolet irradiation.


With timely diagnosis and immediate start of treatment the prognosis is quite favorable. A few weeks later, the patient is able to return to their normal lifestyle. When putrefactive phlegmon colocolostomy and secondary complications the prognosis more doubtful.

Plisov Vladimir, dentist, medicinski obogrevateli