Ceramic veneers give the tooth a natural look

A beautiful and healthy smile is one of the first evidence of your well-being. After all, a person is met not only “by dress”, but also by smile. But, unfortunately, not everyone got good teeth from birth, and even years take their toll.

Sooner or later, most people begin to have problems with their teeth, and in some cases, their teeth suffer very much.

The best way to make your smile healthy and irresistible is to put on veneers. These are microprostheses, which are made in the form of the thinnest scales from special materials. With the help of the installation of veneers, aesthetic problems of teeth are solved – they mask the gaps between the teeth, help to grow damaged teeth, close defects in tooth enamel, including such as white spots or, on the contrary, its darkening.

In modern dentistry, veneers are made of composite materials and ceramics. But ceramic veneers should be preferred. They have significant advantages compared to other methods of dental dental restoration.

First, no stains appear on ceramic veneers. The surface of the veneer itself is smooth and impervious, not changing color under the influence of external factors, such as eating foods and drinks that have a coloring property (tobacco, wine, juices, coffee, tea and so on). Stains appear on many other dentures, but ceramic veneers are free from this feature, and this makes them the most attractive.

Secondly, ceramic veneers give the teeth the most natural look. As you know, natural tooth enamel has transparency. Light, falling on the surface of the tooth, partially penetrates into the enamel, after which it is already reflected from opaque tissue. Many dentures, despite their high quality, do not have transparency. And with the naked eye it is easy to establish that this is not a real tooth, but a prosthesis.

Ceramic veneers are completely transparent. And by this they are absolutely similar to a natural tooth. Light falling on the surface of a ceramic veneer penetrates in the same way in the same way and is reflected already from dental tissues. In fact, ceramic veneer is no different from the “original” tooth enamel. And if a person wants his teeth to look as natural as possible and no one suspects that he has resorted to the services of modern dentistry, it is worth installing ceramic veneers.

It is worth noting that ceramic veneers are very durable and easy to care for. If properly looked after, they will last ten or more years. The teeth must be thoroughly cleaned every day, which will avoid the occurrence of caries and accumulation of plaque.

Also, by installing ceramic veneers, you need to give up any forceful effects on the teeth, whether it is opening the teeth of bottle caps or packages, cracking hard shells, and so on. Since ceramic veneers are quite fragile, force impact can lead to their displacement or damage.

Despite the fact that ceramic veneers are resistant to coloring products, it is better to refrain from excessive consumption of drinks and products that can stain the surface of the tooth – tobacco, wine, tea, coffee and some others. And the veneer will be whole, and health from this will only improve.

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