Stabs in the right side in the abdomen: causes, what to do at home

If pricks in the right side in the abdomen, is attentive to their health and to seek medical attention. Tingling in this area can have a variety of causes, ranging from inflammatory bowel disease to serious surgical pathologies. They should be promptly diagnosed and treated, otherwise it may develop severe complications such as peritonitis, bleeding, cramping and death of the internal organs.

Why hurts in the lower abdomen on the right

In this area of the abdomen is the ascending Department of the colon, loops of small intestine, Appendix, peritoneum, part of the ureters. If the stabbing pain appeared in the right side increases suddenly and is likely to have an acute pathological process:

  • appendicitis (inflammation of Appendix);
  • renal colic (a pain attack that develops because of through the urinary tract stones, urolithiasis);
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • the withering away of part of the intestine due to thrombosis of mesenteric vessels;
  • the cramping of the internal organs in inguinal hernia repair.

If the abdomen on the right hurts periodically, so is the suspect the following diseases:

In addition, to cause intermittent tingling in lower abdomen can the presence of adhesions, which are usually formed where there is inflammation or surgery. To prevent the development of adhesions patients establish drainage, it is recommended not to stay after surgery to in the stomach is not stagnant inflammatory fluid, prescribed a special medication and physiotherapy.

Causes of tingling in right side lower abdomen in women

All of the above causes tingling in the right lower abdomen can occur in women. However, the fair sex has its own specifics related to the fact that in this region they are located the uterine appendages (ovaries and fallopian tubes). Unpleasant sensations arise when these organs become inflamed. Most often this inflammation is chronic, so patients complain that they periodically sipping and tingling on the right above the pubis. In addition, pain in the right side of the bottom can manifest a cyst of the right ovary, polycystic, malignant neoplasms of the appendages.

Burst pipes in progressive ectopic pregnancy, and apoplexy (violation of integrity) of the ovary are diseases requiring emergency surgical care. At the right lower part of the abdomen may also feel tingly, but only in the early development of pathology. Very soon the pain becomes unbearable, there are other symptoms – dizziness, drop in blood pressure etc. If the tingling in the lower abdomen occurred in normal pregnancy, it is necessary to eliminate the threat of miscarriage.

Tingling in right side lower abdomen may be accompanied by ovulation occurring in the right ovary. Normal painful sensations should not be, but if the inflamed ovary, its capsule is thickened, which can complicate the process of leaving the egg. Therefore, if the tingling occurs in the middle of the cycle continuously, it is advisable to visit a gynecologist and undergo ultrasound. Even slight discomfort may indicate that the uterus something wrong.

Why cleave to the right lower abdomen in men

Men as well as women may suffer inflammatory bowel disease, disorders of the digestive processes, urolithiasis. However, for men more than for the fairer, characterized by the development of inguinal hernia. This is due to the anatomical characteristics of the male body, and excessive exercise, which often carry men. In addition, men have to give in my lower right abdomen can pain in pathological processes in the prostate and bladder. Ache the lower abdomen on the right may be due to the stretching of abdominal muscles after sports training and weight lifting.

What to do at home

Main rule – do not try to treat the tingling sensation, if you do not know the cause of this discomfort. Enemas, laxatives drugs, pain pills, heating pads can only do worse, especially if the tingling is sudden, and before such was not.

If the stomach hurts for a long time, you need to lie down and evaluate how the pain is intense, what is the reason for its appearance, no other symptoms (nausea, fever, diarrhoea, or constipation, disorders of urination). Women it is important to remember what day of the menstrual cycle if there are latency periods, if not preceded by the occurrence of tingling sexual intercourse. Also worth checking vaginal discharge – whether on linen blood. All this information will help you navigate what health problem can take place, to what expert it is better to turn or time to call “ambulance.”

Not to wait for a scheduled doctor’s advice, and call an ambulance necessary in the following cases:

  • If the tingling becomes stronger, acquiring the outlines of the pain attack, and interfere with daily work or sleep.
  • If the pain is accompanied by vomiting, fever, extreme dizziness or loss of consciousness.
  • If strongly hurts the lower abdomen to the right of the expectant mother.
  • If the background of the tingling in my stomach was having bloody diarrhea.

To what doctor to address

Routine visit to the doctor should pass if:

  • Tingling is repeated periodically.
  • Appeared tumor formation in the groin.
  • Except for a stabbing pain problems with the bowel or bladder.
  • There is a connection between the occurrence of unpleasant sensations in the stomach and eating, drinking some drinks, intimacy, physical stress.
  • The pain is negligible, but persists for more than 3 days.
  • Women on the background of tingling in the lower abdomen appeared pathological vaginal discharge (blood, pus admixture, etc.).

When the tingling sensation starts after eating, you should consult with a gastroenterologist. Women with pain in the abdomen it is advisable to seem to the gynecologist. If the tingling occurs constantly in the same place and has a relationship with physical activity, accompanied by the formation of protrusions in the groin, you need to visit the surgeon. The localization of pain more back (from the waist) is required to consult nephrologist or urologist.

Zubkova Olga, medical observer, medical epidemiologist