Teachers, Businesses React To President Joe Biden’s Call For Vaccine, Testing Mandates

The president’s plan addressed the schools, but it does not require vaccinations and face masks in the classrooms. That is left up to governors of the individual states. President Joe Biden’s address to the nation on Thursday might be called the COVID-19 crackdown. Reaction is coming in from across Colorado.

Biden said, “I’m calling on all governors to require vaccinations for all teachers and staff, some have already done so.”

But there has been resistance to mandates for vaccinations and masks in many places in Colorado. The head of the Colorado Education Association, which represents teachers and others, warns such measures are necessary.

“We could go back to that large-scale remote learning. We know in-person learning is best for our students as well as educators,” said Amie Baca-Oehlert, President of the Colorado Education Association.

Biden mandated that businesses with 100 or more employees require COVID-19 vaccinations or testing at least once a week.

James Chavez works for a telecommunications company, “If you don’t have a vaccination, you should get on board.”

When CBS4 asked, “Do you think the government might be too overbearing?” Chavez replied, “No, not at all, I think they are too relaxed.”

Among the other measures, the president announced that the TSA will be cracking down on those without masks with a doubling of fines.

The presidential address ended with two words, “Get vaccinated,” Biden whispered hoping to have the impact of a shout.

The executive director of the Colorado AFL-CIO sent CBS4 the following statement in reaction to the president’s speech: The Colorado AFL-CIO strongly encourages workers to get vaccinated. We also believe workers should have a voice in decisions that impact the workplace. We see today’s announcement by President Biden as part of a larger plan to overcome COVID, along with workplace mitigation precautions and reporting mechanisms for violations where workers can come forward without fear of retaliation.

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