A-Basin Offers COVID Vaccines For Hundreds Of Visitors

Late spring skiing at A-Basin is a vibe. It’s not unusual to see tank tops and ski boots, but Sunday having those “guns” out served a dual purpose.

A-Basin along with Summit County Public Health held a vaccine clinic right on the slopes to help end the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is kind of the culmination of one of the most challenging years we’ve had,” said Tony Cammarata the Director of Operations for A-Basin. “Getting to this point, to me this is more of a celebration of where we have been and where we’ve come to.”

Jake Wilson is a Colorado native and Frisco resident. He says when he found out this was going on he changed his Sunday plans.

“I was thinking about going to going to Mary Jane’s closing day, but I woke up a little bit hungover and thought I would go to old A-Basin, the legend, to get a vaccine today.”

Wilson says it’s the key to his summer plans.

“I want to be able to go to concerts. I want to be able to go to Water World. I want to do all the fun stuff with my family and friends,” he said.

He and the couple hundred people who got vaccinated aren’t suffering a poke in the arm for not. On top of getting the lifesaving state-of-the-art vaccine they are also getting a ticket for a free drink at the bar.

Although, Wilson may need more than one to celebrate his recent immunity.

“What are you going to get? Beer or bloody mary?” asked CBS4’s Michael Abeyta.

Wilson answered, “Probably both. Multiple shots afterwards.”

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