Applause Breaks Out At Commissioners Meeting

The move to lift all county-wide restrictions went into effect on Wednesday and comes a week earlier than expected. The orders were intended to be lifted once cases and hospitalization rates decreased and vaccination rates reached 60%. According to Eagle County Public Health and Environment, the county achieved those milestones last week.

For the first time since, March 12, 2020, there are no local public health orders in effect in Eagle County related to COVID-19. The county was one of the first locations in the state to see an outbreak of coronavirus.

ECPHE Director Heath Harmon said right now the county has its “lowest disease incidence since October of 2020.”

When the measure was approved at an Eagle County Commision meeting, applause broke out, according to a report by the Vail Daily newspaper.

People in the county will still have to follow state and federal public health requirements, including some circumstances where masks need to be worn. That includes inside schools through the remainder of the school year, for indoor events with more than 500 people and when using public transportation.

As a result of the rescinding of the local health restrictions, the 5 Star Business Certification program in the county has come to an end.

Harmon thanked residents of the county for “their efforts to stay safe over spring break and get vaccinated.”

“While this news may be welcomed by many, it may also cause some anxiousness for others. It is very important we all play a role demonstrating empathy and respect to help bridge the differences and focus on our common ground as a community,” Harmon said in a prepared statement.

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