Gov. Polis Launches Mobile Vaccination Site In Eaton

Guijosa said his small town doesn’t have convenient access to the vaccines, forcing those who want it to travel more than 30 minutes each way to nearby cities like Greeley or Fort Collins.

“It’s not as convenient to drive a half hour, to wait a half hour or hour in line, just to get a vaccine in five minutes and drive another half hour home. It is more convenient in a community like this,” Guijosa said.

Many residents in the remote northeastern town of Eaton received their COVID-19 vaccines on Friday, thanks to the state’s first vaccine clinic on wheels. Gov. Jared Polis was at the clinic as technicians administered Johnson & Johnsons vaccines to rural Coloradans in the Eaton Rec Center parking lot.

“It is kind of surreal,” said Javier Guijosa, a life-long resident of Eaton. “Today I got my COVID-19 vaccine.”

Gov. Polis told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas the mobile vaccine clinics promote vaccine equity in underserved communities.

“We just want to make sure it is as convenient as possible,” Polis said. “Especially to medically underserved communities and people who may not have a home hospital or home pharmacy.”

Those wanting a vaccine through the mobile clinic can sign up online at COCovidVaccine.org or call 877-CO-VAX-CO (877-268-2926.) Or, they can attempt to walk-up if availability is open.

Guijosa said the process was simple.

“I filled out a paperwork, and within a minute or two I felt a pinch and was able to walk off the bus. The whole process maybe took 10 minutes,” Guijosa said. “One time and done.”

Polis said the vaccination busses, which will soon be four in total, are helping Coloradans return to normal life.

“You’re safely vaccinated, and then you can resume more or less your normal life without having to worry about this deadly virus,” Polis said.

Guijosa said he felt a sense of relief, especially when he noticed he can now feel safer going home without fear of getting family or friends sick.

“It is crazy to see how we can come together and figure out a solution to get things back to normal, hopefully,” Guijosa said.

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