Parents Should Consider Continuing To Wear Masks To Support Children

Plenty of people and businesses are still confused after the CDC abruptly announced people fully vaccinated for COVID-19 no longer need to wear masks. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida said he believes a phased approach might have been better during his weekly question and answer session on CBSN Denver.

“I think that if you would have set a date, maybe four weeks now or mid-June, it might be more appropriate and certainly easier,” Hnida said.

He explained part of the problem is the number of people who are not fully vaccinated, those who are waiting for a second dose or are just now getting access to the vaccine.

“The pandemic is not really officially over,” Hnida pointed out. “We still have more than 500 Coloradans in the hospital at this point in time. You can’t flip a switch and say, ‘We’re good.’ I think a more phased in approach would have been a little bit more appropriate and certainly more helpful.”

Hnida said the change doesn’t just put businesses wondering how to deal with the changes but also young children who are not yet eligible for the vaccine.

“Frankly, I just think with what just came out, the CDC, local and state government actually made society a little less safe for children.”

Hnida did say COVID in children does tend to be less severe but parents need to consider underlying conditions like childhood asthma.

He said being outdoors without a mask is safe for the vast majority of people including children, but other places like retail and grocery stores require more thought. If a child needs a mask, Hnida said parents also wearing one is a good idea.

“It’s been a rough time for adults but it’s been an especially rough time for children. I think as supportive as you can be for your child, the better.”

Hnida did say we could see vaccinations for those younger children by the end of the year.

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