Vaccination Status Is ‘Everybody’s Business’ With New Mask Guidance

The Centers for Disease Control now says people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to wear masks but implemented no system to verify vaccinations. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida said he worries the “honor system” may not provide reassurance during his weekly question and answer session on CBSN Denver.

“Generally, I believe the majority would in fact be very honest about this,” he said, “but unfortunately there is a small but significant portion of the population who I don’t think would have any qualms about lying.”

Hnida pointed out there are a number of Americans who say they are simply not going to get the vaccine under any circumstances, and he went on to say he’s not sure there is any incentive to get vaccinated without verification.

“I do think that the answer that would be helpful at this point in time is some sort of verification of vaccination. There are people who say, ‘Well you can’t do that because it’s really none of your business.’ Actually, this is a giant pandemic that has turned our country completely upside down over the last 15 months. We’ve had 580,000 people die from COVID so it is everybody’s business.”

Hnida pointed out when it comes to privacy concerns, saying the concern doesn’t seem to exist for a driver’s license, a Facebook or Twitter account or having a cellphone.

“I applaud small businesses who are actually asking for vaccine verification and proof of vaccination. I think that’s great,” he said. “For larger businesses, larger retailers for example, I really love those companies who are saying, ‘You know, we can’t tell who’s vaccinated, who’s ot so for the time being, we’re going to continue to do a mask mandate.’”

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