Cancer Survivor Will Rappel A Denver Skyscraper To Raise Money For Cancer Research

The building is 1670 Broadway, 448 feet tall, but a skyscraper doesn’t scare Cindy Eastman.

“If I can beat down cancer, I should be able to hurl myself off a building,” Cindy told CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh.

This year, the coronavirus pandemic has pushed many nonprofits to virtual fundraising, but it can’t stop one high flying event. On Sept. 10-12, participants will be lining up to rappel down a Denver skyscraper to raise money for cancer research.

Cindy is a breast cancer survivor. It was found on a routine mammogram.

She had a double mastectomy and reconstruction, and she gratefully leaned on family and friends.

“Carpools, dinners, houses to recuperate in, laundry … you name it,” Cindy said.

Sept. 11 will be Cindy’s third anniversary of becoming cancer free.

And it will be the day she says thanks to her “warrior squad” by going “Over the Edge.”

“It’s one of the main events the Cancer League runs every year,” said Jim Hackstaff, event co-chair.

This is the 12th year more than 100 people will rappel down a skyscraper to raise money for cancer research. Hackstaff says despite the pandemic, “Denver Over the Edge” is still on.

“We’re allowed to be 400 feet from each other on the ropes,” he said. “It’s a perfect event for a COVID world.”

And for Cindy, it’s one of her 50 new things to do before she turns 50 in January.

She’s got a team of seven, “Team Gummy Bears,” named after the implant often used in breast reconstruction.

“This is in recognition of the women who are fighting breast cancer during a pandemic,” she said. “‘Gummy Bears’ is a shout out to my mastectomy sisters out there.”

1670 Broadway is 36 floors down, but Cindy has no fear. She is a cancer survivor doing her part to find a cure.

From Cancer League of Colorado website:

Unique to non-profits, Cancer League of Colorado has no paid staff and no offices. All operating expenses are covered by membership dues and our volunteer staff. Cancer League of Colorado now has more than 400 volunteer members who share the commitment to fight cancer and support cancer research. 100% of all donations go directly to cancer research and cancer patient services in the state of Colorado. Since 1985, Cancer League has donated over $16 million in grants toward cancer research and services.

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