Effective diet for weight loss – how to diet recipes diets for weight loss.

What is the diet? Diet is a power supply system, thereby reducing the amount of food eaten per day or total rejection of some products. Without diet can not do, if you want to lose weight. The diet you can adhere to 1 day or several days in a row. But we must remember that any diet is a serious challenge for the body and if health deteriorates, then diet is stopped.

Effective diet for weight loss. As to diet?

In order for any diet to be effective, requires compliance with certain rules:

1. Should not longer than the period to be on a strict diet.

2. For accurate diet choose the one that includes nice products for you.

3. To accelerate metabolism, diet should be combined with exercise.

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4. After the diet continue to monitor the amount and quality of food, not to have returned to their former weight.

Effective diet for weight loss. Recipes diets for weight loss:

EAST DIET – effective diet for weight loss 4 pounds:

Oriental loss diet they have to follow for 10 days, then it will lose up to 4 kilos. To repeat the course no earlier than 4 or 5 months, because abruptly drop the weight harmful.

8.00 – 1 Cup of coffee or tea with 1 teaspoon sugar.

11.00 – boiled egg, prunes – 8 PCs.

14.00 – 200g of boiled meat (no fat) or dairy sausages with a side dish of cabbage, carrots (you can alternate) and orange or 1 Apple.

17.00 – 30g cheese and 1 orange or 1 Apple.

20.00 – a glass of kefir or yogurt.

Eat strictly on time and quantity. Water is not limited. After 10 days go for 4 meals a day.

Nutrition after Eastern diet:

You need to limit sweet, starchy, salty, fatty. Eat black bread, but no more than 100-150g per day. Try to leave the table slightly hungry.

MILK DIET – effective diet for weight loss:

Milk diet for weight loss requires no stovetop cooking.

1 day. From 8 am to 8 PM, drink 1 glass of milk, 3.2% fat, every 2 hours. The energy value of the diet is 870 calories.

2nd day. Drink 1 glass of milk from 8 am to 8 PM, every hour and a half.

3rd day. 1 Cup of milk to drink every hour.

Drinking more than 2 liters of milk a day, you need to reduce the fat content of milk. For better bowel eat prunes – 10-12 pieces a day, and another glass of milk to replace the fruit juice.
Drinking milk should be very slow, it is better through a straw. If your body can easily tolerate this amount of milk, you don’t have constipation, edema, no urgent feelings of hunger, you can continue the diet on the 4th day.

4-th day. 1 Cup of milk to drink every half hour.

How to eat after breast diet?

Go with a dairy diet on a normal diet: drink milk up to 3 hours of the day. Do not eat anything until 7pm, and then eat a light vegetable salad. On the second day – do the same. On the third day you can go to the usual diet: Breakfast-lunch-dinner.

Milk diet for weight loss valuable because of the milk man gets all the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and not suffering from hunger.

Remember the milk can be included in any fasting diet, just low fat. Milk of any fat content contains the same amount of calcium and nutrients. The only difference is the amount of calories.

BEAUTY DIET – effective diet for weight loss:

Cosmetic diet for weight loss not only helps reduce weight but also to improve the condition of hair, skin and nails.

100g fruit juice, which you can replace with fresh fruit.
1 egg or 30g cheese instead,
a small slice of ham (low fat), with a slice of toasted bread (50g). 1 Cup of coffee or tea with milk.

Second Breakfast:
Salad. Cheese or egg. 1 slice of bread. A little fruit, and fresh and canned (100-150g). 1 Cup green or black tea. Tea can be replaced with a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Vegetable salad with the addition of not refined vegetable oil, and any low-fat meat dish. Fruit or juice.

Before sleep: 1 glass of curdled milk or kefir or warm milk.

Diet should not be used during hard work and during sport activity.

Cosmetic diet it is recommended to use 2-3 times a week or 1 time per month – for a whole week.

Low-CALORIE DIET – effective diet for weight loss:

Low calorie diet for weight loss provides a small amount of food, but it is strictly balanced. Contains sufficient amounts of protein, minerals and vitamins. Diet acts on the metabolism in such a way that eliminates excess fat deposits.
A day should eat 400-450g of protein foods such as lean meat and poultry up to 150g, fish – 150-200g, dairy products – 100-200g. Eggs 1-2 a day.

And also, all vegetables ( except potatoes), fruits and berries (not sweet), you can eat a day 300-400g in all types, but preferably fresh.

Definitely need to 30g of vegetable oil per day in meals.

Bread and rye flour to 100-150g a day.

Cereals: buckwheat, barley, barley. Can be eaten crisp cereal from them, but only at the expense of reduction of norm of bread a day.

Limit intake of salt.

Eliminate alcohol, since it is high in calories and also reduces the control over the amount of food consumed, as well as other products, stimulating the appetite.

There are 2 sample menu low calorie diet:

1 MENU low calorie diet:

The first Breakfast. Salad from fresh cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil (not refined) – 170g, 1 soft-boiled egg, tea with milk (without sugar).

The second Breakfast. Apple.
Lunch. Vegetarian soup – 200 g, boiled fish 150 g, green peas – 50g glass compote without sugar.
Dinner. Cottage cheese, mixed with milk – 100g, casserole carrot – 125g, or boiled carrots.
At night. A Cup of yogurt.
The bread for the whole day – up to 150g.

2 MENU low calorie diet (1635 kcal):

The first Breakfast. Cottage cheese – 100g, steamed carrots – 200 grams, coffee with milk, no sugar – 200g.
The second Breakfast. Salad with sour cream without salt from fresh cabbage – 170g.
Lunch. Vegetarian soup – 200 g of lean boiled meat – 90g green peas – 50g and apples – 100g.
An afternoon snack. Cottage cheese – 100g, tea from rose hips – 180 g.
Dinner. Boiled fish pike – 100g, vegetable stew – 125g.
For the night. Low-fat kefir – 180g.
Bread rye for all day – 150g.

Low-calorie diet according to intensity is divided into 3 options:

1. Basic low-calorie diet. Includes: proteins – 100-110g, fats – 80-90g, carbs 120-150g, energy – 1600-1850 calories. Diet on caloric content corresponds to the physiological norm, i.e. eliminates overeating. For the normalization of body weight, this is often sufficient. But if weight is not reduced, you have more caloric restriction.

2. Moderately limited. Includes: protein and 70-80g, fat – 60-70g, carbs – 70-80g, energy – 1100-1270 kcal.

3. A maximally limited. Includes: protein and 40-50g, fat – 30-40g carbs – 50-70g, energy – 630-840 kcal.


Dermatologist from America offers effective diet for weight loss, which also improves skin condition. This diet consists of two options: 3 days and 28 days.

For 3 days you must completely eliminate from the diet of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, salt, wheat products.

Products that are recommended to eat: salmon, green vegetables, nuts, berries and drink more mineral water. 300ml of mineral water must be drunk before each meal.

This option for 3 days is considered a trial, training. If the patient tolerates it well, then this program should be continued for 28 days.

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