How to make honey massage in osteochondrosis?

In folk medicine, honey massage in osteochondrosis is considered the perfect remedy for this common ailment. While conventional medicine doesn’t want to recognize the efficacy of this method of treatment.

Problems with the spine start to worry in the elderly, but there are cases of disease in young people. It is characterized by the patient a sudden strong pain in the back. So do not delay with treatment.

To treat ailments of the spine should be very carefully, because there is a risk of irreversible effects and complications. Need to find a qualified practitioner massage therapist.

Features and precautions

Given that honey is a key element in this procedure, care must be taken that it was natural, without impurities and additives. The composition of natural pure honey contains many nutrients and trace elements. Thanks to them, it has on the human body antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Honey has a crystal structure and contains vitamin D, which is rarely found in nature and is of great benefit to man.

The advantages of the method

This method of treatment of the spinal disease regenerates tissues damaged intervertebral disc, strengthens blood flow to the affected area and improves metabolism. The change is particularly noticeable after a long course of honey massage. This treatment with regular use greatly improves the health of the patient. It eliminates the pain and discomfort in the cervical spine, relieves migraines and headaches that occur because of the constant stress of the neck.

Honey massage is used for any type of low back pain. The technique involves massaging the back down. Each session the doctor massaging a certain area of the back, having an area of not more than two palms. If you increase it, the procedure time may be long delayed, the masseur will get tired hands and the massage itself is made well enough.

Possible contraindications

Is strictly prohibited to use the med, if the patient is allergic to it. It will be seen by the presence of irritation or rashes on the skin during the massage. Then, immediately stop the procedure and to go to the hospital to the appropriate doctor.

Contraindications to the use of honey massage are the following:

  • broken blood pressure;
  • ovarian cysts in women;
  • tumor;
  • diseases of the blood and thrombosis;
  • uterine fibroids in women;
  • breast in women;
  • arterial disease;
  • venereal disease;
  • gangrene.

In the absence of the above contraindications, you can safely do massage with honey. But, during the procedure need to follow a specific course of nutrition and lifestyle. It is not recommended to exercise and to eat very spicy or overly sweet foods. Worth doing regular use of a contrast shower, use the sauna or steam bath and eat natural food.

How is the procedure?

The principle of completing this process does not differ from the classical massing. Before proceeding, it is necessary to shave the area of the procedure and to get rid of excess hair to honey did not stick to them.

Honey massage consists of several stages – preparation, initial impacts and complete the procedure. In the preparatory stage of the warm up venue massage with hot compress. There is a preparation of honey. If it is too thick, it is diluted with a little clean water. Need to buy med center. If it is crystallised, then just carefully heat it in a water bath. It will not destroy the beneficial properties of honey. The initial stage consists in depositing on the palm massage around 1 tbsp. of honey and a uniform distribution on the area of massaging. The doctor slowly tapping and presses his hands on the seat of the disease. Because of this muscle in the pain region warmed up and ready for intensive therapy.

Stage of action is the massage with honey. When the liquid is already distributed, and the muscles warmed up, the therapist starts to perform the procedure. Every doctor is different, but there are common elements. First the doctor firmly presses his hands to the patient’s body to the site is strongly heated, and honey soaked. This stage is accompanied by a slight burning sensation, redness, and held until fully absorbed liquid.

Once the honey becomes whitish or gray substance, the therapist removes his hands and gives the skin some rest. Grey weight on the hands shows that all the dead cells and slag waste successfully excreted out. Completing the doctor carefully washes his hands and wipes the area of the back, reserved for treatments, wet warm towel. Then the procedure you need some time to hold in heat. For this patient, wrap the blanket or cover the back of the polyethylene, because the honey has not yet completed its action.

One session takes 20-30 minutes, depending on the severity of the condition. A full course usually consists of 7 daily treatments. Time relax your body between courses of treatment for degenerative disc disease is 2-3 weeks. If one week for treatment of the disease was enough, you still should spend a couple of courses as a prevention.

The use of honey massage is still the most effective method of addressing degenerative disc disease. But the treatment this procedure should be approached carefully so as not to provoke complications.

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