Treatment of scoliosis in children

Asymmetry of bones in children causes diseases of large vessels, lungs, liver, heart, stomach, kidneys. Girls in the future may have problems not only with conception, but also with the bearing and birth of a child.

Physicians are unanimous in the conclusion: timely treatment of scoliosis in children is very important. There are classic, new and revolutionary methods of treatment.

“They do not die from scoliosis,” said V. Dikul, doctor of medical sciences. But if it is not treated, the curvature of the back will lead to disability.

What Statistics Say

Specialists of the World Health Organization pay attention to the growth of diseases associated with the development of civilization. This number includes scoliosis, which, with the improvement of quality of life and the growth of well-being, does not recede, but spreads more and more.

This is evidenced by the following facts:

  • 80% of the world’s population has spine diseases;
  • in Russia, scoliosis was found in every second child;
  • deformity of the spinal column is most often detected in adolescents from eight to fourteen years old;
  • in children of school age among orthopedic diseases, scoliosis ranks first;
  • girls are prone to pathological deformity of the spine more often than boys;
  • every tenth scoliosis is congenital;

City residents are subject to scoliosis twice as much as rural.

Scientists on the topic of what can cause scoliosis in children, there are about a dozen theories of pathological changes in the intervertebral disc.

Here are 5 opinions of scientists:

  • The disease depends on the incorrect posture.
  • Scoliosis of I-II degree does not require treatment, because it is not a pathology.
  • Pathological deformity does not lend itself to conservative treatment.
  • The authors of revolutionary theories: scoliosis is associated with heredity and has an innate character. The requirement to develop a correct posture is a harmful myth.
  • The shape of the spine is determined by the female and male sex cells at the time of their fusion.
5 tips for self-diagnosis at home

In infancy, with congenital scoliosis, it is impossible to detect a disease without the help of doctors. To carry out self-diagnosis at home, parents will be able to in the period when the child will stand on the legs.

You can detect changes by the following features:

  • The shoulders are asymmetrical.
  • The angles of the blades are located in different positions.
  • On the abdomen there is a lateral fold: deep – on the one hand and absent – on the other.
  • Sacral dimples are at different levels.
  • When tilting on the spine, a side arch arises.
Three mandatory steps for parents

If a child is in a risk zone or has a scoliotic deformity of the spine, you need not panic, but perform three mandatory actions:An effective remedy for pain and for the treatment of joints has been found:

  • natural composition,
  • without side effects,
  • effectiveness, proven by experts,
  • quick result.
  • to study information about children’s scoliosis from authoritative sources;
  • seek help from doctors who will carry out diagnostics, including visual examination, hardware and laboratory studies;
  • consult at least three experts on the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

These measures will avoid mistakes. Particular attention should be paid to families whose relatives had scoliosis.

Therapeutic methods

Pathological deformation of the spine has many species, united in large groups: scoliosis is congenital and acquired, structural and non-structural. Analysis of the causes, manifestation of pathology, and the progress of the disease serve as the basis for the use of conservative or surgical treatment of childhood scoliosis. The main factors are timeliness, persistence, integrated approach.

Usually, the progressive development of the disease occurs during the growth period of the child from five to fifteen years. Parents associate the appearance of the disease with an incorrect posture. This is a misconception.

Recommended for:

Incorrect posture is a symptom, and only in some cases is the cause of scoliosis. The main goal in his treatment in children is the return of the vertebrae to the desired position. Particularly severe cases will lead to surgery.

At the initial stage, the curvature of the spine is easy to fix. Treatment of childhood scoliosis is associated with the degree and type of the disease. Conservative methods were developed over the years and successfully applied by orthopedists.

Wearing a corset

The method of orthosis requires wearing corsets, belts, insoles. Chief physician of the orthopedic orthopedic center “Orteka” A. Kabychkin believes that the corset fixes the vertebrae, but does not fix it. Take a correct position will help a complex of therapeutic activities, and only then will need a corset.

Corset Chenot is designed to affect the arc of deformation and fixation of the trunk. When curving with an angle of 15-20 degrees, the corset is worn in the daytime or worn at night. With the cessation of growth corset is not needed. Special bandages are used to fix the axis of the spine, intervertebral discs.

Its shortcomings: a long period of wearing adversely affects the blood supply of the waist, leading to tissue atrophy.

With a curved spine, the leg length difference is compensated by orthopedic footwear or special insoles. Their wearing in this case does not have a therapeutic effect, is a preventive remedy, is used to visually eliminate the defect.

The technique of Soviet times with the use of plaster beds and hard boards for sleeping in the treatment of childhood scoliosis underwent adjustments. They are now used only in extreme cases. Adolescents with a problematic back are advised to sleep on the boards during the growth period. In other situations, the mattress of medium stiffness is used.


When you go to the clinic, doctors are required to prescribe vitamins and restorative medications besides the basic methods of scoliosis treatment. With pain, analgesics are used, and light hormone therapy is used. Professor V. Dikul recommends using a new drug called Arthropant, which copes well with scoliosis.

He explained the effect of the remedy in this way: problems appear with a lack of glucosamine and chondroitin in the bones, which strengthen the elasticity of the vertebrae and retain moisture. The arthropant, made according to the ancient recipe of Siberian inhabitants – Selkup, removes the pain, fatigue that has appeared.

Medical massage

Therapeutic massage is used at all stages of children’s scoliosis to reduce the arc of curvature, relieve muscle tension, tone the stretched or shortened muscles. A set of techniques relieves pain, restores blood circulation, restores the mobility of joints. In isolation from other measures it is not considered an effective way to treat a curved spine.

Disadvantages: massage is contraindicated in case of pain syndrome, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, internal inflammatory processes, tumors.


With the help of special medical equipment, the focus of the disease is exposed to point action on biologically active points. The main focus in scoliosis is on the muscles. Physiotherapy removes inflammation of the tissues, gives elasticity to the fibers.

There are no shortcomings.

Gymnastic Exercises

The author of the revolutionary method of treating scoliosis in children, V. Chentsov, candidate of medical sciences, believes: it is impossible to straighten the spinal column. Therefore, all actions should be aimed at revealing the reserve capabilities of a specific spine. A doctor of the highest category, a member of the International Federation of Manual Medicine named the only sure way – is physical education.

The doctor pays special attention to gymnastic exercises, which develop the flexibility of the spine. Gymnastics and swimming will save children from treatment in osteopaths, stretching, using corsets, gypsum beds, etc. Especially useful is swimming on the back and style of crawl.

According to the scientist with 23 years of medical experience, it is pointless to try to reduce the curvature of the spine. It is better to spend money on the pool and sports sections, which directly affects the health of the child. The complex of exercises, taking into account the degree of deformation, will be made by a doctor with special training.

Scoliosis of I-II degree should not cause special anxiety. It is enough to engage in gymnastic exercises that develop the flexibility of the spine and increase the amount of motion between adjacent vertebrae. It trains and increases the muscles of the back.

III-IV degree of the disease affects the work of internal organs. Physical exercises and therapeutic swimming exercises remain the main methods of rehabilitation in the treatment of scoliosis with the obligatory supervision of physicians.

Surgical intervention

Pathological deformity at an angle of more than 45 degrees requires surgical intervention, which is assigned individually by the specialists of the clinic. The expediency of a surgical operation is connected with the causes of the development of the disease, the psychological and physical condition of the patient, his age. Indication is the degree, type of curvature, the results of the application of therapeutic methods.

Surgery pays special attention to the treatment of children’s scoliosis operative methods. The standard of classical surgical treatment for scoliosis was recognized by the French surgeons Dubusset and Cotrel.

The complexity of surgical intervention is as follows:

  • In operation, the deformed spine is straightened to a certain angle with the help of special metal structures;
  • the portion of the spinal column that has undergone intervention becomes immovable;
  • fixing requires the use of medical hooks, plates, rods and screws;
  • To give the necessary form to the spinal column, to expand the vertebrae and improve consolidation, bone grafts are used.

Complex cases of childhood scoliosis will require repeated operations.

New methods of treating scoliosis in children

T. Matskeplishvili, candidate of medical sciences, orthopedist of the diagnostic center of the Research Institute of Pediatrics, considers the use of innovative equipment and a comprehensive approach involving qualified doctors, authoritative methods, and modern methods of treatment with the guarantee of effective treatment. The prospect of getting rid of childhood scoliosis became encouraging with the advent of new techniques.

Among the most advanced technologies are:

  • Hardware technique. Innovative discovery in the field of electrotherapy synthesizes knowledge of medicine, mathematics, physics, the theory of harmony, musicology. In the treatment of childhood scoliosis, high-tech therapy is used on the innovative apparatus of the brand HiTop184. The result of treatment provides a cascade of intracellular biological, physical and chemical reactions. The modern decompression system DTS Triton is used for stretching the vertebrae, increasing the distance between them, giving the desired shape to the spine. Important technology is used to improve blood circulation, strengthen the muscles around the spine.
  • Pharmacopuncture. The technique is considered an effective modern analogue of acupuncture. With scoliosis with the help of pharmacopuncture medications fall immediately into the problem area of ​​the disease through biologically active points.
  • Molecular orthopedics. A new method of treating scoliosis in children allows to influence the cells of the body through the introduction of peptide drugs. Purposeful action of the drug gives joints and intervertebral discs the necessary elasticity. Cells restore the ability to retain moisture.
Prophylaxis of childhood scoliosis

Prevent child scoliosis will help initially correctly created orthopedic regimen and several rules. The orthopedic regime assumes the exclusion of the prerequisites for the appearance of scoliosis and control by the parents for the formation of a symmetrical muscular corset.

6 Simple Rules
  1. Do not rush to put the child on the legs and teach to sit. The child will make the first attempts independently, when the child’s axial system is ready for the load.
  2. Do not allow to carry the bag on one shoulder.
  3. To equip a place of study, having sustained recommendations: at a level of a solar plexus to place a desk or a table, to fix a chair, light to direct from the left side.
  4. Purchase an orthopedic mattress.
  5. To go in for walking, physical education and swimming.
  6. Once a year to undergo a medical examination from the chiropractor.

The child’s organism has a high chance to cope with scoliosis with the use of time-tested therapies. Modern technologies and conservative therapeutic methods can be highly effective in the treatment of childhood scoliosis. Combating child scoliosis requires an integrated approach – it is more effective and reliable than any separately applied procedure.

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