Manifestations and therapy stretching of the neck muscles

The cervical spine refers to the most fragile structures of the spine. It consists of seven vertebrae, held neck muscles. It is located deep under the skin and provide movement of the neck and head area. Stretching the neck muscles – quite common and very painful injury which deprives the entire area of mobility.

Causal factors

A sprain is a tear of muscle fibers. Each muscle has a certain reserve, more to stretch him, he can’t.

Such injury occurs for a variety of reasons:

  • a sharp act of committing a motor head and a neck, often there is the sport;
  • drop in any position with the simultaneous damage to the neck;
  • metabolic disorders metabolism, leading to the formation of osteoarthritis;
  • household injuries (e.g., during a sudden getting out of bed);
  • the consequences of an accident.

Sprains occur during threat of injuries – sprains, bumps, etc. Due to the mechanical effects there is a reduction of misalkan, spasm, which leads to rupture of the fibers. In the damaged region starts acute inflammation, accompanied by pain sensation and redness.

Symptomatic picture

Clinical manifestations are visualized immediately after injury. the basic symptom is a sharp pain that prevents the patient to fully carry out motor actions.

They are characterized by the following:

  • Primarily involved the back plane of the neck, intensification in case of any attempts of turning the head.
  • Involvement in the painful process of the limbs and shoulder area. Sometimes there is a loss of sensornet because inflamed muscle fibers compress narokoroko carrying their neural impulses to the limbs.
  • On the first day of injury and the duration of treatment and the patient’s recovery plagued by cephalgia (especially in the occipital area).
  • Some patients complain of a worsening condition, frequent mood swings, lethargy or aggression.

In parallel with the muscles may sprain ligaments of the neck that is considered more serious injury because the ligament fibers are not as flexible and slow to recharge. It turns out a partial tear of some fibers, but the ligament remains intact. The patient visualized the typical swelling in the neck region, the development of the inflammatory process with characteristic pain.

First aid

In practical traumatology, there are a number of rules that are aimed at provision of medical care in the event of stretching of the muscle groups of the neck. In the absence of timely treatment for the qualified help it is recommended to relax the muscles and prevent injury to new tissue.

You’d need third-party support person:

  • To take the supine position, using a soft cushion, it is possible without it. In parallel to control their own feelings, should not feel pain.
  • If only that incident the injury allowed the relief of pain by a method of applying a cold compress (hot water bottles with ice).
  • The use of an anesthetic ointment. This should be in every home medicine Cabinet, it is available in any pharmacy network. In the case of persistent pain, you should consult a doctor.

It should be noted that under banal painful syndrome can masquerade as another, more serious pathology.


In most of the specialist puts the diagnosis on the basis of the physical examination and polerowania. In particular embodiments, especially if it is a fall from height, road accident, it is necessary to perform additional diagnostic procedures:

  • X-ray study;
  • CT, MRI;
  • ULTRASOUND investigation.

This complex will allow you to perform a comprehensive examination of cervical tissue and to differentiate a sprain from other kinds of damage. In the case of the disputed issue that instrumental method of examination is necessary.

Therapeutic approach

This injury is subjected to conservative treatment, however, the course may last up to several months duration depends on the extent of damage.

The basic methods used in the traumatizing:

  • medication (cream, ointment, gel);
  • massage;
  • Exercise;
  • physiotherapy;
  • people’s methods.

Of the drugs most commonly used are the NSAIDs. In the initial stages should not apply preparations on the basis of warming substances. In addition to the base current component these may include extracts of eucalyptus, pharmacy mint or menthol to give a cooling effect.

Among the popular methods good zarekomendovala the therapy. Cosmetic clay is widely distributed in pharmacies and perfumeries, relieves pain and swelling, relieves inflammation and cools the skin. It is produced in powder form, which should be mixed with water to a pasty consistency, apply on the problem area. The procedure continues until dry to form a solid crust.

Therapeutic massage must be carried out exclusively by a specialist. He massage movement promotes relaxation of muscles of the cervical and dorsal region, thus there is no impact on the surface of the neck and back.

The main condition of healing – creation of rest injured muscles. To do this, in the initial stages is shown wearing the hard collar, providing immobility of the cervical pozvonocna Department, with periodic removal of the sleep period. The treatment course consists of 1-2 weeks. It is further recommended gradual way to extend that time and start the stretching exercises the muscle fibers.

The basic goal is to regain their mobility and elasticity. The patient should perform slow motor acts the head, providing microstegium impact, but the pain in this case should not arise. The process should be slow and gradual in order to avoid additional injury to the damaged miuwolko.

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