A bruised tailbone

In winter fairly common injury is a bruised tailbone. The coccyx can be hurt while walking on the street, while driving on ice. Causes of pain in this region is very simple: there is usually a bruised tailbone when falling on the ground and on the ice.

If the injury proved to be weak, it is possible to conduct the treatment at home (do people often use folk remedies or acquire drugs in pharmacies). If you are not lucky enough to break the coccyx (you will hear a crunch in the coccyx), it is likely that you will have to undergo medical surgery and a long rehabilitation.

In this article we will try to understand how to treat a bruised tailbone at home, what to do in case of dislocation of the coccyx how to treat a bruised tailbone, the child’s medications from injury it is recommended to use and how to determine pain.

Which leads to injuries and fractures

In most cases, as already mentioned, trauma to the coccyx in the form of injury appears when you hit the ground during a fall – especially if the person fell backwards and hit her lower region, on the ass or a little higher.

A bruised tailbone in the fall can even occur if the person is at a slow pace to move around the ice surface, often trauma to the coccyx is made when skating.
For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the JOINTS our constant reader uses the increasingly popular NON-surgical method of treatment is recommended by leading German and Israeli orthopedists. Thoroughly acquainted with him, we decided to offer it to your attention.

To prevent coccyx injury can help needs care and proper skill – in the winter it is necessary to move down the street very carefully, slowly and wear comfortable shoes for yourself. During use of boats or sledges are advised to avoid overcome jumps jumps. If wearing skates, you feel insecure – try if something happens to not fall on the surface of the back and to the side of the body.

If coccyx injury could not be avoided, it is necessary to promptly contact their doctor to determine how severe was the injury and prescribe treatment.

What is the coccyx? The coccyx is the lower part of the spine, causing even the most minor trauma is capable of producing the most negative effect on the body.

The coccyx

Symptoms with damage coccygeal spine:

  • Strongly expressed pain in the area of injury, especially when making sudden movements (dislocated coccyx).
  • Swelling and swelling of the coccyx (tailbone bruise).
  • A bruise in the area of injury.
  • The patient feels discomfort, being in a sitting or standing position, sometimes it hurts to walk.

In some cases, the pain occurs immediately, but after a few days after the injury. Even the pain can move into the area of lower limbs type.

How to provide first aid

First of all, when injuries of the coccyx need to go to the surface belly to the blood away from the injured area of the body. It is forbidden to make sudden movements as they can cause great harm to the body. It is important to check carefully the place where the injury occurred, to learn about the possible presence of bruises on the body.

When coccyx injury in the fall or other related injury, you should immediately cool the injured part of the body using the compress, as it will reduce the blood inflow to the injury, reduce swelling, remove the hematoma. If a woman with very sensitive skin fell on the tailbone and hurt it, or hurt my coccyx on the ground, it can lead to serious consequences.

To what doctor to address

At the onset of damage to the coccyx, you need to quickly take all necessary measures. The first thing the patient has to visit the proctologist. If the doctor fails to detect the presence of the disease in his patient, which should be treated specifically to him, the patient will have to go to the Department of surgical or neurological. To treat the tailbone at home with the help of folk medicines only under the supervision of a physician.

Treatment of the injured area of the body

In ordinary cases the particular coccyx injuries do not require treatment. If the patient has hit the coccyx or it was broken, it is recommended to spend less time in a sitting position (especially if a woman with sensitive skin hit the tailbone), and in the first days after the injury, you must ice the injured area of the body, after which it must be warmed. To move sharply should not be, and the place where you are going to sit should be put a soft cushion or blanket. In the case of injury to lie on your back should not, during sleep, the patient should lie on his stomach.

In the process of treatment can not be done

Most importantly, the patient did not take a warm bathroom. In the case of severe injury (bruised tailbone, you can see in the photo, which are often put on medical sites), you can buy a special orthopedic pillow type, is designed in the form of a circle made of rubber. This form of pillow a sick person coccygeal part will not touch the plane of the chair, which reduces the likelihood of unpleasant sensations.

The main goal of medical therapy is to minimise the pain.

How to treat a bruised tailbone most effective? Most appropriate in a given situation can be considered a folk remedy. For the treatment of coccyx need to apply the juice of wormwood. It should be rubbed in a place exposed to defeat. Nice effect bring packs of onion or plantain leaves. You need to remember that to cure himself completely to folk drugs, they can be used only as a complement to medical therapy that is prescribed.

What to do in a situation when the doctor diagnosed a serious fracture of the coccyx?

Broken tailbone

I must say that the coccyx will then be subjected to an operation. This part of the spine can be neither fused nor reduced – injured bone is removed, the operating procedure is particularly painful. When the bone is removed, the victim will have to endure a very long rehabilitation period.

If self-treatment or medical therapy prescribed by a doctor, will go the wrong way, without a visit to the doctor, pain may acquire a chronic form, and will appear with differences. In addition, if the woman hit the coccyx or that the men suffered an identical injury, damage could occur not only oil, but also the spinal part. Such circumstances cause pain in the head, loads on the cervical vertebrae of the type of inflammation in the area of internal soft tissues.

It is important to note also that this kind of trauma is much more common in a small child than a Mature person, because children move a lot.

Treatment of damaged areas of the body with ointments

Treatment of coccygeal part of after trauma begin after will be held the radiograph. This procedure eliminates coccygeal fracture, during which treatment usually differs radically.

To be in the supine position is impossible, because the situation might get much worse. To speed up the healing process, it is necessary to undergo procedure of physiotherapeutic nature. They are very effective in preventing the inflammatory process.

How to treat tailbone with ointments? Non-steroidal ointment for pain in the coccyx has the greatest relevance.

To anti-inflammatory ointments that are used for injuries coccygeal area include:

  • Ibuprofen.
  • Diclofenac.
  • Indomethacin.

Smear the sore spots of the drugs of this type need to avoid further development of discomfort.

Than is better to smear the damaged area? Almost every one of these tools works perfectly. As a result, the inflammatory response becomes less pronounced, that is, reduces the appearance of prostaglandinov, causing expansion of vessels, increase the permeability of vascular walls, as well as stimulating the release of liquid structures in the interstitial space of the sample. Data allow us to understand how to determine the nature of the injury.

No less effective are therapeutic candles rectal type. They are responsible for reducing swelling and removing pain…

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