Why summer pregnancy is better

We will explain why the warmest time of the year is one of the most suitable to bear a baby.

Pregnancy is not an easy time for a woman: hormonal levels change, external changes make themselves felt, and the external effect on mental balance cannot be denied.

In the conditions of our latitudes, the summer period is considered the most favorable to spend most of the pregnancy enjoying warm days.

It is possible to swim and spend a lot of time outdoors

In late autumn, and especially in winter, the weather is clearly not conducive to long walks: the maximum is to run out to the store for yogurt. It is quite another thing in the summer, when a woman in position can go out of town for almost three months, away from the noise and dust of the metropolis.

One of the advantages of the summer season is the opportunity to swim. For a pregnant woman, swimming can be a wonderful relaxing factor, because no one has canceled the serious load on the joints, which water easily copes with. If you do not have the opportunity to plunge into a natural spring, the nearest swimming pool is at your service, where you can choose a time convenient for yourself.

A lot of greens

Many are waiting for the summer solely because of the huge amount of fruits, berries and vegetables. For a pregnant woman, greens are one of the main elements in the diet. In order not to overload the body, you can cook a small piece of low-fat fish or beef, and make a light green salad on the side dish. Perfect lunch.

Vitamin D

Residents of a large city often lack sunlight, especially in winter. Therefore, any sunny day brings incredible joy.

Pregnant women are not recommended to spend more than half an hour in direct sunlight. To make up for the lack of vitamin in the summer, leave early in the morning when the sun is not at its zenith. If you still have to stay in the sun for a long time, use the sun blocks that are simply necessary in your position.

No need to pack long

Fees of more than an hour are a typical morning for every second girl. However, a girl in a position has to spend even more time, and she has to buy a decent amount of things. The summer months will save you from the need for warm new things, in addition, designers offer a huge selection of beautiful dresses, taking into account your situation, which cannot but please fashionistas on maternity leave.

Vacation time

Most try to take a vacation in one of the summer months and go on a trip with the whole family. This is a great opportunity to take with you the father of the unborn child and arrange a romantic adventure. It is more pleasant to get new impressions under a blue sky surrounded by greenery than in snowdrifts, you must agree.

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