Plants have a positive effect on health

We have gathered the five best representatives from the plant world, which will not only refresh the room, but also have a beneficial effect on overall well-being.

Of course, I want to decorate the bedroom or living room with a beautiful and original plant, but each flower affects our health in one way or another, so you need to be conscious in choosing a green friend.


Not all of us are lucky to enjoy the clean air, especially if you live in a noisy metropolis. In this case, your ideal companion, like Leon from the movie of the same name, will be chlorophytum.

This plant acts as an excellent filter, it even copes with formaldehyde, which is found in plastic items, furniture and tobacco smoke. Several pots with chlorophytum can clean up the atmosphere of a room in a few days. In addition, the plant is quite unpretentious: you only need to carefully water it so that the leaves do not completely dry. Take a closer look!


Widely known as indoor geranium. Plant enzymes positively affect the nervous system of residents. As many flower owners say, sleep becomes better if you put a pot of plants on a bag or window sill. And if you are tormented by constant headaches, the flower will try to cope with this problem.

It’s all about the ability of the plant to normalize the level of humidity in the air. Caring for a flower will not require serious efforts – even a person who has never dealt with floriculture will cope.


In an apartment where the floor is covered mainly with linoleum, it’s nice to put this entertaining plant. It is able to quickly reduce the level of synthetic fumes in the air, by the way, the cause of such fumes often becomes linoleum, which is typical in most cases for offices, so the plant is one of the most popular items of office decor.


An incredibly beneficial plant for people with respiratory problems. Substances that eucalyptus is rich in help to facilitate breathing. They relax the bronchi, neutralize spasms. Very often, doctors advise people with asthma to buy a eucalyptus tree in the bedroom to be sure of a good night’s sleep without coughing.


No, bay leaf is not only seasoning, but also a powerful antiviral agent. Laurel is not bad at all, helping to make life easier for people with cardiovascular problems – just one or more pots in different rooms is enough.

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