A sporting lifestyle, everyone needs

When the weather outside is not pleasing, and the beach holiday is still far away, it’s time to take care of yourself. Do not think that training without dumbbells will not work. Yes, you will not grow bulky buttocks, but they will get a neat shape due to the strengthening of existing muscles.

In this material, we draw up a training plan and talk about contraindications to classes.

Cardiovascular system

Start with articular gymnastics: warm up, starting from the bottom up along the movement of the lymph, as doctors advise. After charging, start brisk walking or running for 5-10 minutes. During cardio, the muscles will warm up and become more elastic, which means that after training you will not feel uncomfortable stiffness in the body due to pain in clogged muscles.

Consider contraindications: running is prohibited with excess weight (20+ kilograms), diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular or respiratory system, as well as the common cold and its forms.

Training process

It is easier to deal with the fresh air in good weather: the body cools quickly, which is why fatigue comes later. Start with squats: place your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your elbows and lock. Get down to the parallel with the floor, your hands will be a counterweight to you to maintain balance.

After 3-4 approaches, start doing a burp: jump in place and clap your straightened arms over your head while jumping, then lower your hands to the ground and jump to the bar. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 20-25 times. After doing push-ups 10-15 times from the floor on straight arms until the chest touches the floor.

Finish your workout with simpler exercises, such as lunges in motion. Stand straight, step forward with your right foot and bend both legs at the knees so that they are at an angle of 90 degrees. Rise and step forward with your left foot – repeat the same. Follow 3-4 approaches until you feel tension in the back of the thigh and buttocks. Finish the session with lunges to the side: put your right foot a step to the side and do a squat, then straighten up and put your left foot to the right.

Workout completion

If you practice in the evening, we recommend that you finish the lesson by jogging for 30-40 minutes at a pace that is convenient for you. While running, a lot of energy is spent, so after training you will feel pleasant tiredness in the body and will quickly fall asleep. Do not forget about the hitch – stretch your muscles after exercise.

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