Headache in the forehead and eyes causes treatment

Headache in the forehead and eyes the most common in patients. Like pain known to many. This unpleasant symptoms can occur in healthy people. Therefore, surveys need to identify the causes of pain.


According to the statistical data after the tests the doctors determined a few major factors causing the headache located in this region.

Such symptoms provoked by:

  • Injuries.
  • Vascular disease of the head.
  • Infectious processes.
  • Inconvenient location of the head and neck.
  • Noncompliance with the regime of the day.
  • Frequent stressful situation.

People often have a headache in the forehead and eyes after a long intellectual loads on the background of nervous overvoltage. There is a feeling of tightness in the head, nausea, the body becomes weak. The systematic appearance of disease symptoms in the front of the head may indicate specific illness or improper lifestyle. To determine the causes and ways of avoiding painful feelings in the area of the eye and forehead, you need to study their details.

List of diseases with these symptoms:

  • Migraine.
  • High increased intracranial pressure.
  • Hematoma inside the skull.
  • Pre-stroke conditions.
  • Vascular aneurysm.
  • Meningitis.
  • Glaucoma.
  • The tumor in my head.
  • Sinusitis.
  • Cluster pain.

For the rapid determination and elimination of causes debilitating headaches it is advisable to seek help from doctors. Therefore, for the different cases can be prescribed several types of medication sometimes breaks the nasal sinus.


Headaches can contribute to eating food that has harmful ingredients:

  1. Nitrates. Meat products after heat treatment contain nitrates too many. The use of such food need to limit.
  2. Tyramine triggers the headache. This substance is found in nuts, different varieties of cheese.
  3. Histamine is contained in alcoholic beverages. In small doses such components are useful, the immune system is strengthened. The excess concentration of histamine is a cause of migraine.
  4. Caffeine has a positive effect on the brain, but the abuse causes headache in temples and eyes.
  5. Monosodium glutamate in large amounts in the products are bystrogo cooking or exotic dishes. If there are too many of such food, the head will hurt often.

An important factor in the course of preventive measures is adherence to the diet. Many patients refuse to have Breakfast. After waking up the stamina in the body is small, you need to eat.

Better to eat less food at a time, but often. For dinner have to eat the minimum number of products. To prevent dehydration, triggers migraines, you need to drink more clean water, salads, vegetation.

The tumor

Different neoplastic processes characterized by specific symptoms in the later stages of the disorder, when the operation to hold anymore. In the primary stages the only symptoms may be weakness, headache, localized to various places with moderate intensity and high duration. There are times when the symptoms does not stop. Observed other signs: change of behavior occurs, memory problems and disorders of attention, have problems with movement coordination and deteriorates the sensitivity.


Unstable blood pressure can cause pain in the forehead and eyes. For disorders characterized by increasing intensity in combination with nausea and overall weakness, often before the eyes flashed black flies, noise in the ears. Often the increase in blood pressure parameters was observed after intense physical stress, stressful situations, metrological conversions. The transformation of arterial pressure using a tonometer enables to get rid of other causes of headache. To eliminate bouts of hypertension applied nitroglycerin drotaverine.


Fatigue and intellectual work are the most frequent cause such symptoms. They manifest themselves in the 2nd half of the day after hours of work at a computer or a complex intellectual exercise. To get rid of these symptoms, you need to provide yourself a little rest.

Despite the fact that such pain does not require therapeutic procedures, the danger is still there.


The disease is often seen in young girls. The causes of the disease not fully understood. The disorder has a chronic form, from time to time escalates. Complaints of people for this disease vary. Symptoms can be aching or manifest in cramping, often patients can’t breathe, worsens palpitations, vomiting and nausea, stomach ache in different places weakly or very strongly, discomfort in the muscles. A single effective method of removing vascular dystonia does not exist. Allowed to use only medicines that relieves specific symptoms.


Common pathology with distinctive symptoms of intoxication, pain around the eyes and cheekbones, the forehead starts to hurt when the patient bends over. When sinusitis is increasing temperature, there is discharge from the nose. Sometimes there are situations when chronic disorders besides the common cold and migraines, patients don’t care.


Increased intracranial pressure can occur because of numerous ocular pathologies. Sometimes glaucoma develops gradually and imperceptibly for the patient until the formation of light spots and the deterioration of visual acuity. Often the pathology is manifested in the form of attacks.

When the symptoms is resumed, there is a sharp pain in the frontal section and the eyes, deteriorating vision, appear of the spot light. Often, this symptomatology is accompanied by retching. Specific features can be defined by an ophthalmologist. All procedures for the treatment of the disease need to be performed in the presence of a specialist.


The disease is characterized by inflammation in the frontal Mazuch localized in the region of the frontal bone above the nose. Often, frontal sinusitis refers to symptoms of respiratory disease and the result of viruses.

Pain in the forehead often accompanied by such signs:

  • Malaise, increased body temperature.
  • Stuffy nose where pain.
  • In difficult situations the sense of smell is deteriorating, there is irritability from the action of light rays.

Sinusitis and pain around the forehead and eyes is often manifested in the form of influenza infection. The patient is often marked by swelling due to problems with blood flow.


This category of headaches is manifested in the result of metabolic disorders with prolonged stay in one position. The deterioration of blood circulation in the head becomes a cause of metabolic disorders. This body of people will react to the painful symptoms. Often the patient concerned about bursting or aching pain. Changes the overall picture does not occur. To eliminate the painful symptoms enough to get some fresh air. When there is insufficient ventilation or physical workout, self-massage of the head and neck, you can use painkillers.


This kind of headache applies to people with permanent irregular HELL. Figures vary blood pressure monitors, depending on the weather, fatigue and stress. Painful symptom may spread to the whole head.


Hypertension pain in neck and forehead. Maybe that is radiating to the eye area. Similar symptoms can be called oppressive, at the head of the patient wears a wrap that squeezes her in a circle. Diagnosis can be carried out by additional symptoms. She is accompanied by nausea without vomiting.

Face gets red in the cheeks and forehead. Often there is swelling on the face. Painful symptom is aggravated in case of strong tension.


Migraine pain moves to forehead, nose, eyes, numbness of limbs, sensitivity to light. When you see these symptoms, you can use analytic or drug group NSAIDs.

How to cope with pain at home

When cephalalgia formed single and has no related symptoms, it will be able to handle yourself. You need to provide yourself a rest, a walk, treatment with traditional medicine. In the absence of such effect it is necessary to go to the medication.

For pain relief you need:

  • Drink tea with lemon, water and ascorbic acid.
  • Massaging the head and collar area.
  • Drink milk and honey.
  • To drink herbal tea with chamomile, lemon balm and mint.
  • RUB essential oil, menthol.
  • Sometimes doctors recommend Advil.

Patients suffering from AP difference, you need to hold still. If there is increase or decrease, you need to take medication.

The sinuses become inflamed

In humans located cavity filled with air, performing the function of resonance during speech and warm air from the atmosphere. Inflammation can cause germs that get there.


  • Headache.
  • Pus.
  • General condition worsens.

Headache occurs in the eyes or forehead and is seen when the frontal sinusitis, etmoidit. When cold is prolonged, you need to visit the audiologist. To address this inflammation requires preventing infection in the skull. Comprehensive therapy involves the use of antibiotics, decongestant drugs.


Symptoms wouldn’t manifest if you keep a healthy lifestyle, to secure a normal diet, not to abuse the resources of the organism, to observe measures of prevention of the above diseases. Should abandon tobacco and alcohol, which are harmful to the work of blood vessels. Certain foods can cause cephalgia. The list includes many industrial processed food and food with preservatives and other chemicals.

You need to follow the order of the day, often sleep at night, relax in the day time, often there are unpleasant sensations. Permanent displays of migraine in the forehead, near the eye, it is undesirable to pass by. To solve the problem will succeed even in a situation when pain occurs on the background of fatigue. If this is not done, the situation will get worse.

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