Headache in right side of head causes treatment

In medicine there are more than 30 varieties of headaches that differ in duration, frequency, intensity and other indicators. Often, the headache we associate with a migraine and take pain medications.

But if the first time medication to cope with the elimination of the pain, in the future do not have the desired effect, and the pain becomes unbearable.

The pain occurs on only one side should be alerted, and with the appearance of a sharp and sudden pain in the right side of the head to be the signal for immediate visit to the doctor.

Causes headaches right hemisphere

The most common cause of headaches on the right side is a migraine.

Strong and painful throbbing headache is mostly accompanied by:

  • high sensitivity,
  • the pain in the eyes,
  • nausea,
  • sometimes zvukovogo and even loss of consciousness.

The percentage of ladies is much more susceptible to migraines, which can be inherited. That is heredity is a major factor in the occurrence of the disease. Also migraine can occur in your life due to the imbalance of substanceswhich take part in the transmission of nerve signals from the brain at the cellular level.

Despite the constant dynamics of development in medicine, the process of migraines has not been studied. But years of research have confirmed the fact that migraine attacks people in the age interval from 20 to 40 years.

A distinctive feature of migraine is local pain, which alternate during acute attacks.

Migraines overshadows the existence of sick of her man, making him totally disabled. However, the pharmaceutical industry is not standing still, and now there are many high quality products, able sick is much easier to endure this disease.

Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania

It is extremely painful and very severe kind of migraine, symptoms of which appear almost daily burning, sharp, even verssimo pain in the temples and forehead. The pain is so strong that it affects the eyeballs.

Visually observed redness of eyes, pupil constriction, lacrimation, and in some cases even the ceasing of the eyeball.

As this disease is a migraine, it is also mainly to bring severe discomfort to women. The only difference is that the disease affects women who have reached adulthood.

Cervical osteochondrosis

Disease overtakes people who do not watch their diet and lead a sedentary lifestyle, mostly “sedentary”. Mostly the disease occurs in people who have reached the age of 40 years and older.

Cervical degenerative disc disease affects the discs between the cervical vertebrae, resulting in increased load, there is a spasm of the neck muscles and blood circulation.

Therefore, a constant companion of this disease is the migraine right or left of the head, which increases when moving the eyeballs.

Also patients marked symptoms, such as:

  1. noise in the ears
  2. regular dizziness,
  3. pain in the neck.

In the presence of cervical degenerative disc disease headache is almost impossible to eliminate using analgesics, should be addressed directly to the main treatment of the disease, using the services of a masseur and with drugs such as warming creams, compresses.

Cluster headache

If the migraine occurs mostly in women, cluster headache prefer a strong half of mankind.

A distinctive feature is the sudden appearance without any previous signs of a wild and cutting pain, focusing solely on one part of the head.

During attacks:

  • increased blood pressure,
  • the feeling of bursting and crushing process in the eyes,
  • vessels on a protein burst
  • you receive a stuffy nose,
  • lacrimation on the affected side of the head.

The main method of treatment is peace and quiet in a darkened, well-ventilated area, as the drugs it is not removed. According to some seizures predominate in spring and autumn and last for about 20 minutes every few times per day.

The tumor

Headache right side of head caused by the tumor, accompanied by:

  1. dizziness,
  2. nausea and even vomiting,
  3. epileptic seizures.

Tumor size does not affect the dynamics of pain, and sometimes inversely proportional to their manifestation. Mostly hurts right part of the head in the early morning hours and during the day only intensified. The increase in pain sensations have a strong influence stressful situation.

Pain qualifies as stupid arching, but in a few cases, as strong shooting.

If there is a brain tumor patient:

  • rapidly losing weight,
  • suffer excruciating headaches right hemisphere,
  • suffers from painful seizures.

Therefore, in those cases when, for unknown reasons, a headache on the right should immediately visit a clinic.

It is worth noting that the presence of a headache on the right side does not mean the presence of tumor formation from this side. Tumors pose a serious danger to human life, but today there are different techniques and innovative technologies, able to effectively fight the disease.

Intracranial bleeding

Intracranial bleeding may be the result of injury or be a consequence of congenital malformation of brain vessels. The development of bleeding from the ruptured vessel head provokes an increase in size of hematoma.

Due to increased pressure inside the skull occurs:

  • retardation of the patient,
  • lost clear thinking,
  • is disturbed it
  • nausea and vomiting.

The appearance of a sharp and sudden headache develops incrementally dynamics.

To deal with this serious illness is assigned to urgent surgical intervention.


The disease is a mild form of traumatic brain injury in which no bone fractures.

First marked appearance of signs such as:

  • dull pain with pulsating character in the temple of the right side of the head,
  • noise in the ears
  • dizziness,
  • weakness,
  • nausea and vomiting.

When shaken mild severity the corresponding symptoms will pass in a few hours, in severe cases, the pain will remain for a few days. The patient must comply with bed rest, as in the various movements of the condition worsens and to take painkillers. To reduce the pain is recommended to ice the injured hemisphere.

Syndrome Costena

In many cases, the headache is directed to the right hemisphere, in the region of the ear and around it, in the nasal sinuses, which increases with movement of the jaw as Kostenski syndrome – disease of the temporomandibular joint. In this disease there is an increase in salivation and mouth is present a burning sensation.

One of the indicative signs is the inability to normally open the mouth. In this case, the treatment consists of prosthetics and occlusion correction.


Often the predecessor of headache is inflammation in the sinuses or the tonsils. Pain can be both point and cover all of the head. When inflammation of the nerve endings are irritated Toxicological effects, because that causes shooting sharp pain in front or back of the head.

Disease of the oral cavity

If the pain in the right side of the head did not pass and the apparent cause is not seen, should visit the dental office.

Perhaps the reason for not passing headache lies in the problems of the oral cavity. It may be unhealthy teeth, and malocclusion.

The pain is sudden, sharp and shooting, but in this case it is perfectly amenable to medical exposure. After you disappear the problems of the mouth, headache will disappear.


Glaucoma is increased pressure within the eye that contributes to the appearance of acute and unbearable headaches, when you dilate, the pain becomes more intense. The pain is localized in the fronto-temporal region is mainly the right hemisphere.

Thus, we can conclude that if it hurts the right side of the head, should visit a doctor soon to rule out the possibility of a serious disease or to begin immediate treatment.

It is also necessary to distinguish between the headaches, such as signs of increased intracranial pressure, because they are very similar.

Time to provide treatment can help avoid complications and prevent further development of diseases.

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