If you have pimples – take tests for parasites

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. It is well studied, in the world is produced a huge amount of funds, one way or another aimed at fighting acne. But meanwhile this problem worries people more and more, and questions – Where do acne come from? How do you get rid of them?

Do not cease to be heard in the offices of cosmetologists and dermatologists, in pharmacies and cosmetic forums. Let’s try to answer them.

Acne is the name of the plugs that block the exits from the sebaceous glands. An inflamed rash on the face is known as acne. The disease, which is characterized by the appearance of acne and acne, in medicine is diagnosed as an acne, or acne. The word “acne”, which is often replaced by not very euphoric acne, is the Latin name of their own – acne vulgaris, which means “acne vulgaris”.

As they arise, Irina Sergeeva, a doctor-dermatovenerologist of the highest category of the medical center “Zdravitsa”, described: “The appearance of acne is associated with four main causes: blockage of the sebaceous gland due to excessive formation of duct cells; the development of bacteria that cause acne, in the sebaceous gland itself; an increase in the sebaceous gland in the volume and as a consequence – inflammation of the surrounding skin. “

The cause of the appearance of acne itself can not be determined by a person, ideally two people should work here – a cosmetologist and a dermatologist. “An experienced cosmetologist can determine the appearance of acne with the kind of appearance, localization, dynamics of appearance,” says Ekaterina Lebedko, a cosmetician at the center of beauty and health of Sante Esthetique. – To determine the cause, it is necessary to pass tests: probing, revealing parasites, checking hormones.

In our locality, the issue of parasites is especially relevant – they are often responsible for the appearance of acne in people who have left adolescence. “

That is, acne, which is also sometimes called adolescent, can be observed in people of any age. But more often they appear really at the age of 15-20 years, and also at women to 30 years when there is some hormonal reorganization.

According to the doctor, in adolescence, acne is a normal phenomenon. More should worry the total absence of acne – in fact at the time of growth there is a large release of testosterone responsible for the operation of the sebaceous glands, and therefore, the lack of blockage of fatty channels can talk about hormonal failure. But hope that even if the rashes are very strong, then they will pass together with the end of the transition period, it is not necessary – an active inflammatory process signals a malfunction in the body, and it should not be run – most likely, it will not stop. Already in adolescence, you need to start making professional cleansing and using cleansing home make-up to make it a habit.

Is it worth masking pimples? According to the stylist-make-up artist Victoria Panafidina, in no case can one use tonal funds on a fat basis – they even more provoke inflammation in the sebaceous ducts, already filled. However, the desire to hide the acne is understandable, and to do it best with a light tonal means – mousse, fluid (well with antibacterial effect) and powder, not forgetting the daily cleansing.

What kind of cosmetics to use for cleansing and care? The assortment is very large: it is a means for washing, and tonics, narrowing pores, and lotions that regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, and masks for deep cleansing – most often on the basis of therapeutic mud. Although there is no need to talk about the one hundred percent effect, but as support procedures without a palette of funds you can not do. Cosmetologist Ekaterina Lebedko advises to apply to professional means for home care, but also to massmarket means for purification is condescending:

“The advertised products have the necessary components: salicylic acid, plant extracts, zinc. But they can help if the rash is small, there is no special hope of curing a serious illness for popular inexpensive cosmetics.

In any case, if you choose between soap and a special cleanser, then of course you should use the second, if only because it is more sparing. ” In addition, even very oily skin needs moisturizing, so you should not give up moisturizing creams, serums or gels. The main requirement for these cosmetics is a low-fat basis. As for the drugs, Irina Sergeeva believes that skin rashes in the form of acne should be treated under the supervision of a dermatologist by special means that affect the sebaceous gland. Of pharmacy drugs are in demand and well-proven “Zinerit”, the gel “Curious” (300 to 500 rubles), but they are quite aggressive, very dry skin, and when the drug is withdrawn most often the problem returns. Why?

“We must remember that the problem of acne should not be solved at the external level. Eruptions on the skin – this is a consequence of problems in the body, and if you throw all the forces to eliminate external causes, then the result will not be achieved – violations within will make themselves felt, – Ekaterina Lebedko is sure. – Cleaning, care, use of funds will help only if the cause that caused inflammation is eliminated. But without them in any way: the consequences – acne and acne – also require personal intervention. ”

Perhaps, you will not be able to get rid of acne right away, but you do not need to lose hope: if the problem is solved in a complex way, the skin will respond with gratitude.

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