6 Bedtime Drinks To Lose Excess Weight

But, isn’t bedtime supposed be the time meant for your body to get some rest? Yes, but it’s also the time when your body can effectively burn fat. Surprised? Wait till we let out a few more facts about bedtime and fat loss.

And not just that, we’re also going to give you a list of simple bedtime drinks to melt that fat away while you snore to glory.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to lose weight with one simple drink, that too, while you’re asleep?

First things first – your sleep pattern influences your metabolism greatly. Inadequate sleep can lead to the severity of obesity and weight gain. It’s all connected. Now that we understand the importance of sleep in weight loss, we need to focus on the next element – the drinks that help us lose weight while we are fast asleep (Sorry, alcohol isn’t a part of this list, guys).

What you sip before you let yourself venture deep into the slumbering land has a huge effect on your fat-burning process. So, here’s a list of super easy drinks that you can whip up for yourself before you hit the sack.

1. Milk

Our mothers pestered us to drink that tall glass of milk for a reason. And the reason is a good amount of vitamin D and weight loss. If you think you can get your dose of the sunshine vitamin from the sun, then, that’s your call. But, we would really not miss out on the opportunity to lose weight with this calcium loaded drink.

“And how exactly?” one might ask. Well, researchers aren’t sure about how exactly milk aids weight loss, but theories suggest that ingestion of more calcium leads to removal of fat via the stool. So, drink a glass of milk with cinnamon before you slip into your blanket, as it catalyzes the weight loss

2. Kefir

This yogurt-like substance that is rich in probiotics is well known to improve digestion. It can burn the calories quicker, and help get rid of the fat. Kefir helps in absorption of minerals and vitamins. Drinking kefir increases the healthy bacteria in the gut.

And here is some icing on the cake – a research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine says that the probiotic-rich beverage improves sleep and also increases the exercise performance. So, it’s a win-win, right? You get to sleep and also work out, so that’s how you lose the fat

3. Soy Protein Shake

Let’s talk a little science here. Soy, either in milk or powdered forms, is loaded with the amino acid, tryptophan, an essential amino acid that the body can’t make.

This is important for the body because it acts as a precursor of serotonin (the happy hormone) and melatonin (determines the sleep and wakefulness) – both important for the mind to be like fresh daisies. Additionally, tryptophan decreases cortisol levels in the body that burn belly fat. It’s a gold mine in a glass full of soy protein shake. We would totally judge you if you refused this drink even after understanding its vitality.

4. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been used as a natural beverage to relieve stress and anxiety for almost what seems like since the beginning of time. But, guess what, a hot mug of this tea can induce sleep too! If that’s not enough, it also increases your body’s level of glycine, the neurotransmitter that relieves stress and calms your nerves (we’re guessing we need to up these levels to stay immune to the current world situation).

And to top it off, it also controls the glucose levels in the body and improves the efficiency of weight loss. Take our word for this! Chamomile tea is a great healthy replacement for all your apparent detox teas and caffeinated beverages

5. Grape Juice

No, we’re not sleep talking. We are actually suggesting a fruit juice before bed to help you burn fat. This is the road we’ve been told off, in the world of health. But, 100 ml of pure grape juice, without sugar, can aid you in losing excess fat.

Researchers suggest that insulin secretion caused by grape juice can regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. The International Journal of Obesity found that resveratrol – an antioxidant in grapes – converts the bad fat into good fat. So, grab that drink (but don’t mistake wine for grape juice. That’s a strict no-no!).

6. Cherry Aloe Vera Drink

By now, you must have understood that the primary factor in burning fat while you dream is the proper sleep attained. If you don’t sleep enough, the body can’t function to burn the fat, which will leave you feeling tired all day. And this becomes a vicious circle of stress and stress eating.

Cherry is known to have properties that can tackle insomnia and increase melatonin levels. And the powerful vitamins and minerals in aloe vera trigger weight loss. So, say aloe to cherry drink, guys!

We are getting good at this weight loss business, aren’t we? We can legit sleep our weight away!

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