What diseases are associated with the mental state of a person

The reason is that all diseases from nerves are simple – when we get sick even with a commonplace SARS, the nervous system is included in the process. Take the same rise in temperature – it occurs with the participation of the think tank of thermoregulation.

In many cases, a psychologist can help overcome a physical ailment. But turning to a psychologist, be prepared for difficult work on yourself. No one will give you a magic pill that will relieve phobias, aggression or discontent.

Often the truth about yourself, which opens at the reception of a psychotherapist, can be unpleasantly surprising. But then it will become easier for you. Of course, if you give yourself into the hands of a professional.

How to help yourself not get sick or alleviate the condition with existing diseases?

In addition to changing the character, medication may be needed. Today there are many drugs for stress and depression, but we do not recommend taking them yourself. This applies even to “harmless” OTC drugs. Perhaps, without the advice of a doctor, you can drink only B vitamins. They restore the nervous system well under stress.

You can drink herbal teas: peppermint, motherwort, ivan tea or coriander to calm down. Be sure to relax, watch movies, chat with animals, engage in hobbies. Yoga will help well. Take a vacation every six months. Meet new people, visit unfamiliar places. Taste exotic dishes. Take the brain with something useful and fun.

A simple rule is: if there is no oxygen on the plane, first put the mask on yourself, then on the child. In an effort to create comfort for your husband, children and parents, do not forget about yourself. Then you will easily cope with any troubles, including illness. In calm people, immunity works in harmony. In favor of the fact that all diseases are from nerves, says the state of health of people working with overloads. Therefore, police and rescuers quite often by the age of 30 have high blood pressure, there is gastritis, a stomach ulcer. Even a heart attack is possible. Therefore, such dangerous professions involve benefits and early retirement.

Some diseases and their causes in terms of psychosomatics

About 70% of diseases can be cured with a minimum of drugs. If you cannot fully realize the nutritional needs, a stomach ulcer, colitis, and a liver suffers. Change your eating habits and your digestive system will work smoothly.

If you do not have housing, heart and vascular diseases occur, because the need for security is not satisfied.

Sexual dissatisfaction can lead to infertility. Lack of realization in society, friendly contacts causes migraine.

Hostile people often suffer from heart attacks and strokes, as there is an excess of adrenaline in their blood.

Asthmatics are usually closed people, they are “strangled” by an excess of communication.

Oncological diseases arise when a break in significant emotional connections. This happens when a dear person dies, moves or divorces.

An example of a disease whose connection with mental processes has been proven is arthritis. With this disease, autoimmune inflammation in the joints is triggered. But some types of arthritis are infectious in nature, so we recommend that you be examined.

Which authors to read to learn more about psychosomatics?

Louise Hay  and  Liz Burbo  are some of the most famous supporters of the idea that our thoughts and beliefs are the main source of our psycho-emotional and physical ailments. Parkinson’s disease, according to Hay, arises from fear and the desire for control. Adenoids in children appear when they feel that their parents do not like them.

It is believed that psychosomatics plays a leading role in the occurrence of irritable bowel syndrome. It affects 8-10% of adults. The most common complaint in this condition is cramping, which cannot be stopped by anything.

An interesting connection between stress and diabetes. Failure to hold attention to anything for a long time raises blood sugar. If the nervous system is at rest, then the likelihood of diabetes is lower. Therefore, if you have insulin resistance and diabetes in your family, take care of your nerves. And try not to jam the stress sweet. Alcohol, of course, is also not an assistant.

What to do to reduce the impact of stress on health?

However, we do not deny that other factors influence the state of the body: nutrition, ecology, infections, bad habits. For some diseases alone, psychological causes are triggers. Other diseases not listed above are usually triggered by other factors, rather than psychological characteristics. But the severity of their course almost always depends on mental processes.

For example, chest pain, insomnia, headache and weight loss indicate quite clearly that the cause of the disease must be sought in the nervous system. In general, several hundred diseases have been identified, the course of which can be alleviated by working together with a therapist. Body-oriented psychotherapy is especially effective. If tests and studies show that you are supposedly healthy, and the body asks for help, make an appointment with a psychologist or psychoanalyst. You will give the body tremendous support.

In addition, you will have to change your diet. Include more B vitamins, potassium, and magnesium in your diet. The most delicious anti-stress product is banana. Replace cookies with whole grain cereal bars and bread rolls; fried potatoes with oatmeal. Low-fat beef and chicken are healthier than bacon and lard. 400 g of fruit per day is much better than a liter of juice from the bag. If you can’t do without pasta at all, eat them a little and only from durum wheat.

Stress teaches a person to survive, encourages him to take action. But too much excitement is detrimental to health. This protective mechanism is good when it is activated only when necessary, from time to time. Therefore, develop healthy indifference and add more physical activity. But it is better to refuse to watch TV. Something useful is rarely found there. The news of another accident or murder will not add optimism to you.

Build relationships with others correctly: environmental friendliness and resistance to manipulation

If there are manipulators in your environment, avoid their influence. They provoke conflicts, make you nervous. It’s best to respond to any anger and aggression with a smile and not take on more than you can do. And for the happiness of another person, we are able to do not so much if it is not a child and not sick. Perform any requests without prejudice to yourself.

Psychosomatic pain is always difficult to identify as a separate species, to distinguish from pretense, especially in children. The difference between psychosomatics and simulation is that a person unconsciously goes into a disease when he is tormented by some kind of problem.

If your child has asthma, bronchitis, the reason may be in his relationship with you or peers. He unconsciously draws your attention to himself in order to receive love, tenderness and parental care. That is, if you ruled out allergies, and asthma remained, reconsider the relationship in the family, if necessary, change the school.

Health is more expensive than these little hassles

If you notice that after experiencing stress, nervous tension persists, do not hesitate to seek help. The fact that psychotherapy is not affordable for the majority is not true. In specialized institutions, the help of a full-time psychologist can be obtained for free. Novice psychotherapists advise on Skype for little money. Better to cry with a psychologist than laugh with a psychiatrist. All our unrealized emotions, hidden anger can accumulate in the body, causing many diseases, or fueling ailments caused by other reasons. If you forbid yourself or your child to express feelings, then you can easily earn bronchial asthma, even without being an allergic person.

If you don’t share with anyone, keep a diary. In addition, you can go to church if you believe. A meeting with a friend helps a lot, it will strengthen your female energy. No one canceled shopping, in cafes, in the cinema, changing the image, a new hairstyle or manicure. These procedures help restore self-confidence, improve well-being.

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