Pick The Right Nail Polish Color Based On Your Zodiac Sign

But, what happens when you find yourself in a sticky situation and have to wear a new color? The universe comes to your rescue. The stars can actually make you choose your colors. Next time, when you find yourself spontaneously picking your nail color, just thank your stars.

What if we said that the color of your nails could be decided by your birth stars? When you get a mani-pedi, the only thing that daunts you is the choice of nail paints. It’s really nail-biting! And to make it worse, the nails artists at the salon confuse us with a floor-to-ceiling kind of collection of nail paints.  Did you say you wanted red? Dark red, velvet red or bright red? Yeah, life isn’t easy. And maybe that’s why we stick to some go-to colors.

Just like people have distinguishing personality traits, colors too, have certain characteristics. They have the ability to enhance a person’s appearance or make them seem repulsive. Chromotherapy, that uses the visible spectrum of colors to cure diseases, is one such proof of the power of colors. And just like that, colors have the ability to calm us down. They reflect our moods greatly. But, our moods aside, we have some personal favorite hues that we swear by because our zodiac signs draw us towards them. Here’s the list of colors that match your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

There’s no way you can miss the polish that an Aries sports. She’s all about energy and adventure. Bright colors are what Aries are drawn to. This compliments Aries’ daring, undeterred, and, outgoing personality. Purple, red, magenta, and violet color make Aries’ nails happy.

2. Taurus

A Taurus girl is all things cool, collected, and calm. She knows how to balance things out and is often the sensible one among her friends. Her nail paint colors are shades of green that depict tenderness and freshness or  you could even spot lighter shades of pink. Just as in life, the Taurus has an affinity towards the finer hues.

3. Gemini

If you’ve got a funky, interesting, and an unusual color in your color basket, the Gemini will be the first one to pick it up. Monotony repels them, and they like to spice things up a little bit everywhere they go. So, having said that, bright and peppy colors like yellow and orange are your best bet. But, remember not to go too gaudy.

4. Cancer

The Cancerians are the reserved types. They are closet lovers. They are emotional but hate to show it. But, they are full of warmth. To put a stop to their backseat shenanigans, they should choose colors like silver, metallic blue, and subtle shades of sparkle. This will help them crawl out of their shell of shyness.

5. Leo

Leos drown themselves in solipsism. When they occasionally do venture out of the spotlight, they find solace in channeling their inner lioness through their appearance. And that one thing that keeps them shining even when the spotlight is off is their sparkling nails. So, gold, bronze, sparkly ivory, and all things elegant yet majestic are the perfect shades for a Leo woman.

6. Virgo

Virgos are the humble and selfless souls. They don’t like the spotlight, but they like looking perfect. They are demanding and reserved, but they often get tangled in their own pool of insecurities and low self-esteem. To boost them up, the best colors are bright shades of red, maroon, chocolate brown, or royal blue.

7. Libra

If there’s one word a Libra can do justice to it’s got to be the word “sophisticated”. They don’t like being too over the top, but they are not the ones to follow the herd either. A Libra woman likes to keep it simple, yet classy. Nudes and pastels pump them up. But, if they are feeling a little adventurous, bright blue should totally be their new poison.

8. Scorpio

The most passionate signs among the list are the scorpions. They love showing themselves off and like to turn heads when they walk into a club. Bright and peppy shades like pink, a deep and rich shade of brown or trendy neons compliment their personality. If you find a scorpion woman sporting sober colors, you should know that something’s up with their mood.

9. Sagittarius

If you’re a Sagittarius, then you are a free-spirited person. You love to be on the move and you love travelling. Your friends love you for your positive outlook and the never say never attitude.

You love to have fun, so go crazy with dramatic purples, or the bold black.

10. Capricorn

On most days, you will find Capricorns with no paint on their nails. Because these ambitious beings have their plates full and have no time for nail paints. They prefer to keep things minimal. So, all the neutral colors are for them. Gray, brown, or soft blue. The lighter shades enhance their personality.

11. Aquarius

Neon colors are their thing because they are the star of the show, and they enjoy being that.

Whether it’s going to be a pop pink or electric blue? It will just make an Aquarius woman really happy!

12. Pisces

Soft pinks and purples glorify their emotional side. Also, all shades of grey are a good choice too. Creative and dreamy, that’s what a Pisces girl is all about. Artistic and eye-catching pinks are what a Pisces’ top picks are.

So pick the colors accordingly to make sure you’re always elated. If you are not a believer of the zodiac signs, just let your heart take a call and begin the nail polish game. What’s your Rashee? And what’s your favourite colour? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Did you say you wanted red? Dark red, velvet red or bright red? Yeah, life isn’t easy. And maybe that’s why we stick to some go-to colors.

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