Belly dance for women’s health

The body, as it were, makes natural self-massage, which helps to cope with most female diseases. Also, in the process of training, the general tone increases and the elasticity of the muscles of the back and lower back returns.

At home, you can do three basic warm-up exercises. Do not be afraid of the new! Belly dance is a great way to become more confident, healthy and beautiful.

But first, let’s deal with the workout. Obligatory warm-up before belly dancing is also articular gymnastics, which enhances blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The muscles of the abdomen knead the internal organs of the abdomen and pelvis (it is here that stagnation is most often observed).

Warm up
Pelvic exercises

Place your feet parallel to each other, slightly wider than your shoulders, bend your knees slightly and make alternate movements with your legs, as if you were walking in place. Heels from the floor, while not tearing away, and the pelvis sways in time with the movements. Then add soft circular movements of the pelvis, trying as much as possible to make the pubic bone forward and up, and the tailbone to take back. The upper part of the body is not involved in the exercise.

Thoracic Exercise

Stand straight, relax your neck and shoulders. As far as possible, move the chest to the right and left so that the shoulder line remains parallel to the floor, and the head does not lean. The movements should be smooth and at first may seem complicated, but you will certainly get comfortable.

Exercises for the abdomen

Stand up evenly and comfortably, pull your stomach in as far as you can and stand until you feel uncomfortable (the more trained your muscles become, the longer you can stay in the desired position). Then relax your stomach, push it forward. Repeat the exercise several times (start four times daily, and, over time, you can go up to 12 or more times). Try to be in each position for at least 2 seconds. At the same time, breathing is not necessary.

Health Benefits of Belly Dancing
Improves bone density

Belly dance is a fun and effective workout. But did you know that he can work miracles with your bones and muscles? Belly dance, which is essentially a body weight training, helps increase bone density in the body, preventing osteoporosis.

Improves digestive system

Most of the movements that are involved in the dance of the abdomen, occur in the abdomen or trunk, thereby providing a pleasant and relaxing massage for the internal organs located in this area. Movements in the belly dance, such as swaying the hip joints, help stimulate digestion, and also improve bowel function.

Helps to lose weight

Belly dancing really helps to lose weight, but the number of calories that can be burned in one session depends on your physical fitness and energy of the dance. Therefore, if you are tired of daily fitness classes, and jogging seems boring to you, sign up for belly dance.

An interesting fact: in one hour of belly dancing, you can burn about 300 calories.

Helps relieve stress.

According to several studies, belly dancing helps get rid of not only extra calories, but also stress. Everyone knows the positive impact of physical exertion on the psychological state. And in the case of belly dancing, you can also meet and make friends with interesting people, which is also very useful.

Gives confidence

Belly dance is a fun and energetic form of dance that helps you get out of your comfort zone and look at your body differently. There is a myth that belly dancing requires a certain type of physique, but this is not so. The advantage of this type of dance is that people of any age, shape and size can learn and even fully master this art.

Establishes a sex life

Belly dance is sexy and sensual. Many of the movements help strengthen the muscles that work during sex, helping you get and improve your orgasm. Belly dance is sensual and passionate at the same time, which is why many can not take their eyes off the performance of the dancers.

Improves posture

One of the biggest benefits of belly dancing is that it helps improve posture by fighting spasms. Dance movements help strengthen the muscles of the back, and thanks to the constant twisting of the abdomen and the spinal cord as a whole, the body releases a natural lubricant called synovial fluid, which contributes to the normal functioning of the joints.

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