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The modern colonoscope has a length of the working part of about 145 centimetres in diameter, tube up to 1 cm Due to the presence within special channels in the course of the procedure may impose additional fixtures, which are held by diagnostic measures and even a mini-operation in the removal of polyps.

Also internal channels required for submission to the lumen of the intestine to smooth the walls.

Without a colonoscopy is often extremely difficult to make a correct diagnosis when it comes to problems with the intestines. Many are afraid of the name of the procedure that is immediately associated with pain and substantial discomfort.

Colonoscopy is designed to study the condition of the mucous membrane of the body digestive system. Modern fibrocolonoscopy greatly exceeded the equipment and instruments that were used in the last century. Today, equipment based on cold light sources and fiber optics, therefore completely eliminates the possibility of burns to the mucosa.

When the indicated procedure?

Colonoscopy without anesthesia or with sedation is used in the following situations:

  • Detection in the stool of the pathological impurities in the form of mucus, blood.
  • Bad heredity (in relatives diagnosed with a tumor of the large intestine).
  • Was surgery on the colon.
  • After the x-ray, ultrasonic or other survey, not a clear picture of the condition of the intestine.

It is usually recommended for people over 50 years of age, which increases the likelihood of developing colorectal cancer.

To get the desired results, conducted pre-trained, which is as follows:

1. A couple of days before the studies excluded from the diet provokes flatulence products.

2. The day before your procedure begin the colon cleanse. For this purpose special preparations (for example, Fortrans) or cleansing enema.

3. The night before organized a light dinner (it is important to colonoscopy remained at least 9 hours).

4. On the day of examination in the morning you can drink only still water in minimum quantity.

What is a colonoscopy?

The study takes no more than 20 minutes. Depending on the wishes and at the discretion of the physician provides pre-anesthesia (possible options are discussed below), followed by the introduction of the endoscope into the anus. At this stage there is often discomfort not only due to the presence in the rectal hole, and then the intestines, a foreign body, but by reason of the discharge into the gut of the air, provoking a feeling of fullness. As you move the endoscope in the colon and rectum, the doctor constantly controls the process by probing from the outside through the abdominal wall.

Description with the report issued immediately after the procedure. After some time, you may experience mild swelling of the intestines, to get rid of that helps the reception of the absorbing gases of the enterosorbent.

A simplified version becomes endoscopy virtual colonoscopy, is a noninvasive method of examination in the form of computed tomography that provides a less informative overview in contrast to the classical method. The cost of both types is almost similar.

The use of anesthesia

To facilitate the condition of patients provides pain relief. Often use a local anesthetic, anesthetic lubricating the tip of the colonoscope. But still there is a certain discomfort, so many are attracted to the procedure in my sleep. It is possible as a partial sedation and complete loss of consciousness. Sedation is like sleep, a feeling of anxiety and fear is completely gone, is the maximum blunting of all senses. Of the drugs most commonly used Propofol and Midazolam. The most rapid awakening will be choosing the first option.

Some of the clinics offered a colonoscopy during drug sleep with a full shutdown of consciousness. However, in this case, there is the risk of anesthesia complications, therefore, to carry out the procedure only in a fully equipped operating room. Another disadvantage of General anesthesia becomes the impossibility of the doctor’s evaluation of patient’s condition.

The performance

Reviews about the procedure of colonoscopy are given to understand that the study provides a clear clinical picture. Applying the classical endoscopic technique, it is possible not only to diagnose, but to remove education in the form of polyps, eliminating the need for abdominal surgery. This option is not available if you select the virtual option.

There are the following disadvantages:

  • Not visualized polyps whose size does not reach the centimeter.
  • Due to the use of x-rays the irradiation of the body.
  • It is impossible to conduct a biopsy to assess the nature of the formations.
Alternative options for the diagnosis of intestinal

If the classic colonoscopy is contraindicated due to cardiopulmonary failure, hemophilia or other violations, may apply alternative ways:

1. CT scan and MRI. It is a virtual procedure, which by means of a thin tube of bowel filled with air, and then starts scanning.

2. An x-ray. Allows us to identify polyps and tumors, to diagnose disorders of bowel function. If a barium enema, the intestine, the injection of contrast medium, then there is an x-ray. When irrigography along with contrast in the colon air is supplied. Because of the low informativity of the possible false positive results.

3. Capsule endoscopy. The study is conducted with the help of videocapsule swallowed, moves through the GI tract and making color images that are transferred to the reader.

The cost

By studying the reviews of the people include average prices for the procedure:

Name of service Price, RUB
Classic colonoscopy 5 000
Biopsy 1 000
Intravenous pain medication (sedation) 2 000
Virtual 6 000

The price of the classic and virtual method is virtually identical, but it should be remembered less information content to the second option. If the colonoscopy is shown in connection with suspected serious pathology, it is better to decide on a traditional survey, receiving a 100% result.

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