Short frenulum of the penis

Frenulum of the penis (its second name – frenula) is a small longitudinal fold, strand on the rear side on the crown, dividing the crown. Sometimes due to innate characteristics, inflammatory or traumatic injuries it is too short, inelastic, causing the man pain in the voltage of the penis.

Short frenulum of the penis

Congenital abnormality is detected immediately, but only in adolescence (5% of boys), then you want its elimination. The acquired form can occur in men of any age, if is a corollary of the causal factors.

The foreskin and frenulum

Risk group

The reason for the development of the short frenulum of the penis can be one of three reasons:

  • prematurity;
  • trauma of the penis or burn;
  • local inflammation (e.g., balanoposthitis).
The function of the bridle

Despite its small size, the frenulum plays an important purpose in the body of a man and his private life:

  1. It returns to its original position the foreskin after exposure of the head.
  2. Adjust its tension position of the head of the penis.
  3. Tension causes stimulation of the body.
  4. It strengthens pleasant sensations due to the large number of nerve receptors in it.
The problems that arise when short bridle

If frenula short, it pulls the head of the penis, preventing it straightening. At the same time:

  1. Difficult the introduction of the penis during sex.
  2. Reduces the time of sexual intercourse.
  3. Penile enlargement is accompanied by pain.
  4. During sex, the possible rupture of the bridle, accompanied by profuse bleeding.
  5. Fissures can recur, in the area of the frenulum is formed a rough scar, further impairing organ function.
  6. A man has the fear of a new injury, which reduces pleasure during intercourse, and may further lead to impotence.

All these features make a short frenulum indication for plastic surgery (frenulotomy). Treatment of short frenulum of the penis does the urologist.

In some cases (mild shortening) adolescents recommend to try a non-invasive method to eliminate this condition. The use of specific exercises based on stretching of the skin folds. However, it should be noted that their effectiveness is extremely low. Therefore, it is better not to waste time, but to prepare for the surgical treatment.

Contraindications to surgery

Some General and local conditions can be an obstacle for plastic surgery of the frenulum:

  1. HIV and AIDS
  2. Acute infectious diseases (influenza, parainfluenza, pneumonia, etc.).
  3. Diseases that affect blood clotting (hemophilia, thrombocytopenic purpura, thrombocytopenia, hepatitis, etc.).
  4. Cancer.
  5. Chronic liver pathology.
  6. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. Acute inflammatory diseases of the urogenital area.
  8. Pathology of the skin of the penis.

The local contraindications, caused by the adhesions and scar processes are often the choice of a surgeon falls not on the plasticity of the frenulum, and circumcision is circumcision of the foreskin.

What is the preparation for frenulotomy

Before surgery the patient undergoes routine screening to the exclusion of operative and postoperative complications:

  1. Chest x-rays.
  2. Blood for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis b and C.
  3. The analysis of urine.
  4. Ultrasound of the kidneys and liver.
  5. ECG.
  6. Examination of the prostate gland.

The tearing of the frenulum is accompanied by copious bleeding, therefore, it is necessary to take in addition to General laboratory and biochemical analysis of the blood to assess clotting time, the value of the prothrombin index and fibrinogen concentration (this test is called coagulation).

Before the operation it is necessary to shave the hair on the genitals and the pubic area.

Children up to 12 years old is practiced intravenous General anesthesia. Adult surgery is done under local injection anesthesia.

Methods frenuloplasty

Plastic bridle on an outpatient basis.

To extend frenula foreskin can accommodate a variety of surgical interventions.

  1. The traditional method is simple and effective. The duration of such an operation 15-20 minutes. Its essence:
  • the frenulum is cut cross-section;
  • the incision is stretched in the form of a rhombus, whose sides are folded and sewn longitudinal seam;
  • the seam is overlaid with a cotton swab to stop bleeding;
  • swab cover the foreskin.

Scheme frenulotomy

  1. V-Y plasty involves the creation of triangular skin flaps, lengthening the frenulum. The method gives a good functional result, but:
  • it is not aesthetic ― it turns out the broad ugly scar;
  • sometimes the seam is guilty of phimosis ― infringement head over suzukaze foreskin.

V-Y plasty

  1. The laser method has one distinct advantage ― cauterization of the wound surface by the laser beam eliminates bleeding.
  2. The radio wave method is also a bloodless method of dissection of the frenulum by radio waves, when it is not required suturing.

The last two options have a common drawback associated with the property of the penis to change volume of tissue: tensile sealed beams seam diverges, it is necessary to constantly monitor his condition, maybe sutures in the postoperative period.

This leads to the formation of a rough seam, making the discomfort during intercourse.

Another unpleasant consequence of the laser or radio-wave frenulotomy can become damage the urethra due to difficult to control the depth of penetration of the beam.

The postoperative period

An hour after plasty short frenulum of the penis, if there is no bleeding, the patient is allowed to leave the clinic. Hospitalization is not required.

The patient should:

  • to monitor the condition of the sutures, which are removed on the 7-10th postoperative day;
  • daily rinse with antiseptic solutions (furatsilina, potassium permanganate, chlorhexidine, dimexide, hydrogen peroxide 3%) to wash out the operating wound, the foreskin and the head;
  • abstain for 2-3 weeks from sexual activity and Masturbation.

With pain a man can take pain medication according to your doctor recommendations.

If surgery is performed in a timely and technically correct, then later the sexual life of men is no different from men who have never faced a similar problem. Thus, surgery is a radical method to eliminate this anatomical features of the penis. However, its success largely depends on a favorable course of the postoperative period. Therefore, the patient should follow the local condition of the wound and General status. With the appearance of suspicious symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.

These signs include:

  • redness of the wound;
  • swelling of the wound;
  • sharp pain;
  • pus;
  • the increased bleeding from the wound;
  • odor;
  • the increase in body temperature.
Possible complications

Undesirable consequences can occur when the wrong choice of method of operation, infringement of technology of its implementation, as well as improper post-operative management of the wound.


  1. Bleeding.
  2. The wound infection.
  3. Swelling of the penis due to inflammation.
  4. Phimosis.
  5. Postoperative adhesive structure of the foreskin.
  6. The pain during intercourse.
  7. Low aesthetics of the seam.

This rarely happens. Serious problems are eliminated by the operation of circumcision.

How much is the surgery on the frenum of the penis

The cost of surgery for short frenulum varies within very wide limits. It depends:

  1. The medical evidence (available on the clinical situation).
  2. Individual peculiarities.
  3. Type of plastic bridles.
  4. Status of the clinic chosen for the operation.
  5. Clinic locations (Central or peripheral).
  6. The categories and the title of surgeon.

The primary advice is from 600 to 2 000 roubles; re usually costs less. Prices directly on operation start from 5,000 and can reach 20000 RUB Additional services and treatment of complications require additional costs according to the price list developed by each clinic. The scope of intervention and the simplicity of its implementation allow the patient to focus on their own material capabilities.

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