Lessons Learned While Blending Families

There is no lack of obstacles awaiting those people that have undergone separation as well as still reject to surrender on love. If, like me, you are fortunate enough to discover the love of your dreams, a totally brand-new collection of obstacles probably awaits you.

If you and/or your beloved already have children, you will have to figure out just how, when, and also possibly even if you can mix your brand-new companion into your existing family members.

We were sure that we were suggested to be together– NOW. We felt certain that, equally as we had actually strangely drawn in each other, we would certainly call forth the conditions as well as scenarios required to create and also share one house for our particular love.

Can we Really Expect Love to Conquer All When Blending Families?

When Juli’s and also my love was suddenly disclosed 4 years earlier, we located ourselves in a brand-new world of simplicity as well as chance. Old assumptions and also limitations were changed with limitless possibilities that required us to reconsider virtually every element of our lives. Our expected schedules for participating in brand-new, dedicated relationships no more made sense within the context of this love.

However not so quick … the seemingly unlimited power of our love was no match for the on-the-ground realities of what it would certainly require to mix our kids as well as our houses right into a stable, supportive, and also mentally healthy whole.

While our love produced a cosmos all our very own, Juli and I additionally shared universes with our kids, who could not be expected to realize (not to mention welcome) this new love and this new person that had so strongly and also suddenly stroked into their moms and dad’s life.

blending families

Being apart from each various other was unthinkable as well as at times nearly intolerable, yet whenever we tried to accelerate the process of integration, we only seemed to produce even more bitterness and also resistance. We loved each various other as well as we enjoyed our children, and also we could not jam them entirely into the natural whole we so desperately desired.

Excellent Beginnings, Happy Endings

4 years later, Juli, her kids, and also I are sharing a residence as a family members as well as enjoy a life filled with giggling as well as connection (my very own little girl is still locating her area in our household and in the world). My stepdaughter, who sobbed frantically when Juli informed her about me because she really did not want to share her mom’s love, currently bounds right into my office as soon as she obtains house from school, eager to neighborhood, attach, and also combine our experiences of the day.

My stepson passionately calls me “Troll,” harasses me day-to-day to take him to play basketball as well as matches me set for established with weights at the gym. And my beloved other half delight in the household she constantly desired– as well as currently has– as we have spread and shared our love beyond ourselves to those we like one of the most.

Lessons Learned When Blending Families

Love is constantly gone along with by its share of secrets, as well as we can never wish to know every one of the elements that added to my effective combination into Juli’s family members. Yet we can find out and also share from each other’s experiences. Therefore, I would offer these 3 secrets to our success that Juli as well as I have determined:

  • Confidence in our dedication
  • The contamination of our love
  • Unrelenting patience

I will be reviewing each of these success factors in upcoming blog sites beginning with self-confidence in our dedication. I invite you to share these messages with any of your close friends that might be encountering this frequently challenging obstacle of bringing brand-new love right into existing family frameworks. As well as remember, you remain in this circumstance due to the fact that you have an “humiliation of treasures,” a wealth of love for both companion and children. As well as this love wants absolutely nothing more than to share itself in fullness and unity within a single happy household.

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