Derinat or Grippferon, drug choice

If we talk exclusively about the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections, then both drugs are effective in this. Only a few nuances can play in the appointment.

In childhood, both medicines are suitable. However, Derinat has a scientific justification for the safety of its use for children: it not only suppresses viral infections, but also helps to normalize and strengthen natural immunity. To such conclusions researchers of the Russian National Research Medical University.

But a woman in a position will be prescribed Grippferon.

Grippferon only helps to block the possible development of pneumonia, therefore, even with its presence, Derinat will be prescribed as an adjuvant.

If a cold is accompanied by diseases of the oropharynx, Derinat will be more effective in this case.

In the presence of diabetes it is better to use Grippferon. When choosing a particular drug, an individual intolerance to the components of one of them also plays an important role.

Derinat and Grippferon have good reviews from specialists. However, despite the fact that they have few side effects and are well tolerated, you should not purchase them without consulting a doctor. They can not be used uncontrollably, as they can cause the opposite effect and deprive the immune system of the ability to cope with viral diseases on their own.

Immunity constantly needs support. Even if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, the ecological environment can weaken the immune system. The fragile organism of children is especially exposed to harmful external attack. They are most often prone to acute respiratory viral infections and influenza. In such situations, Derinat or Grippferon may be prescribed. However, these drugs are different. Which one is more effective?

Derinat and Grippferon belong to the group of immunomodulators. They have antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects, enhance the immune system, suppressing foreign agents. They are used to combat acute and chronic viral respiratory diseases.

However, drugs differ in active ingredients, so they have different therapeutic effects. And although they are often called analogues, but in some cases they are not interchangeable. In which situation is Derinat better suited, and in which Grippferon? What is their difference?


Derinat is an immunomodulator that promotes the regenerative process of tissues, stimulates immunity, suppresses anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory processes and reduces the concentration of toxins. The drug has such an effect due to the activation of cellular and humoral immunity. The active substance is sodium deoxyribonucleate. The medicine also has antifungal and antimicrobial effects.


Indications for use:

  • Treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections.
  • Diseases of the oral mucosa.
  • Diseases in gynecology (vaginitis, cervicitis).
  • Soft tissue diseases (burns, trophic ulcers, frostbite).
  • Genital infections (chlamydia, ureaplasma).
  • Hematopoiesis (apply a solution).
  • Ulcer and erosion of the stomach or duodenum (solution).
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (solution).
  • Diseases of the lungs (solution).

Derinat is well tolerated, does not accumulate in the body and is addictive. It can have some negative effect on the body: with topical application, rejection of dead skin occurs, but this is accompanied by the restoration of a new one, and with the injection, pain is present and the temperature may slightly increase.

Release Forms:

  1. Drops nasal and ophthalmic 0.25% in a bottle with a dropper of 10 ml.
  2. Spray 0.25% in a bottle with a spray nozzle of 10 ml.
  3. Solution for injection 0.25% in 10 ml and 20 ml.

The pharmacy can be purchased without a prescription.


  • Diabetes mellitus (using intramuscular injections).
  • Increased intolerance to the components.

There is no exact data on whether it is worth using the medicine during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, before use, consult a specialist.


Grippferon is an immunomodulator with antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. Aims to fight against viral respiratory infections. The active substance is interferon alpha-2b human recombinant. Strengthens the immune system, inhibits the synthesis of mediators that cause the inflammatory process.


Indications for use: treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza.

As a rule, Grippferon does not need to be combined with other medications for treatment (for example, antipyretic or vasoconstrictor). It inhibits the development of complications associated with sinusitis, pneumonia and bronchitis. May cause an allergic reaction.

Release Forms:

  1. Drops of 5 ml and 10 ml in a bottle with a dropper.
  2. Spray of 10 ml in a bottle with a dispenser.

Usually it is not addictive. An overdose is unlikely.


  • Hypersensitivity to the components.
  • Allergic diseases.

Leave from pharmacies without a prescription.

Similarities of immunomodulators

Derinat and Grippferon are called analogues. In general, there are many similarities between them:

  • Both have an immunomodulatory effect.
  • They are aimed at combating viral infections in acute respiratory viral infections.
  • They do not accumulate and are rapidly excreted from the body.
  • Not addictive.
  • Not contraindicated in children.
  • They are released without a prescription by a specialist.
  • They have a small list of side effects.
The difference between immunomodulators

Means fight similar diseases, but have individual differences:

  1. Different composition – Derinat has the active substance sodium deoxyribonucleate and two additional components, and Grippferon has interferon alpha-2b and a wider list of excipients.
  2. Derinat has a wider spectrum of action than Grippferon, so it is prescribed not only for acute respiratory viral infections.
  3. Derinat has a lower dosage for treatment, however, Grippferon can be used from 5 days, and the second from 1 week.
  4. Grippferon can be used by pregnant and lactating women, while a doctor must be consulted before using Derinat.
  5. Grippferon can be stored 30 days after opening the bottle, and Derinat – 14 days.
  6. Derinat treatment will be a little more expensive.

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