Hexoral or, drug choice

Hexoral and Lugol are drugs with antibacterial action. Lugol treats inflammation of the oral cavity, pharynx, nose, ears, and skin. The analgesic effect of Hexoral manifests itself instantly, compared with Lugol. Hexoral can cure a sore throat, as well as solve some dental problems, such as bad breath, stomatitis, periodontal disease.

The active substance of Lugol is a strong allergen, but if accidentally swallowed, it does not harm, compared with Hexoral, the ingestion of which is undesirable. Both of these drugs can not be used by young children, both have an unpleasant taste.

Inflammation of the throat or mouth causes great discomfort. Over the past 10-15 years, sprays have taken a leading position among medicines that help overcome throat diseases . The form of application of the drug is convenient, and the active substance is applied precisely, forming a protective film, and begins to act instantly. The most popular in this line – Hexoral and Lugol have high efficiency, long competing with each other. Each of these drugs has its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the methods and field of application.

What is Hexoral

Hexoral, thanks to the active component hexetidine, has a powerful antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral effect. Helps to combat pathogens that multiply during the illness on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat. The antimicrobial effect is enhanced by essential oils, and levomenthol, which is part of the composition, reduces pain.


Hexoral can quickly relieve pain and destroy the infection. It is practically not absorbed, it is retained on the mucosa for up to 12 hours, that is, it is enough to use the drug twice a day. Suitable for adults and children from three years. The drug is effective for the treatment of ENT diseases, is widely used in dentistry.

What is Lugol

Antiseptic with a local irritant effect based on molecular iodine. It is used to treat inflammation and infections of the ENT organs of adults and children. The therapeutic effect occurs with repeated use of the drug, at least 4 times a day. Due to the locally irritating effect, it improves blood supply to the area of ​​inflammation and reduces the severity of pain.


Lugol suppresses bacteria, pathogenic fungi, staphylococcal flora. When using the drug in recommended doses, iodine is slightly absorbed. The adsorbed part of iodine accumulates in the thyroid gland. With caution, you should use Lugol with sensitivity to iodine, an unhealthy liver, kidneys, and some other diseases.

What is convenient and in what cases to use Hexoral

Hexoral has several forms of release: aerosol, rinse solution, lozenges.

Hexoral Aerosol works in several ways: it fights viruses, destroys bacteria, fungal flora, while providing an analgesic, enveloping and hemostatic effect, removing inflammation in the oral cavity and pharynx. Effective for 12 hours. It is sprayed into the oral cavity for 1-2 seconds twice a day.

  1. Hexoral Aerosol for the whole family has four colored spray nozzles. To avoid the transmission of infection from one family member to another, everyone will use an individual nozzle. Family packaging is designed for 55 doses for spraying. Applying, according to the instructions, 2 times a day, to a family of 4 people, packaging is enough for a full course of treatment (on average 5-6 days).
  2. Hexoral Tabs – tablets for resorption with chlorhexidine, capable of rapidly reducing the number of bacteria in the oral cavity. The local anesthetic benzocaine in the composition of the tablets relieves pain and eliminates perspiration after 15-30 seconds from the moment of resorption. The drug retains antibacterial action for up to eight hours. This form of treatment is much more pleasant for children. In addition, tablets can be taken with you to school or for a walk. You can use the tablets from the age of four. The maximum daily dose is no more than eight tablets.
  3. Hexoral Tabs Extra are intended to relieve acute pain. These pills differ in the content of lidocaine, a powerful anesthetic that can cope with excruciating sore throats. The analgesic effect lasts a long time. Antiseptic substances of its composition fight infection. There are tablets with the taste of lemon, blackcurrant, orange, honey and lemon. A convenient form to take with you to work or study. Children can use these pills from the age of twelve. The duration of the treatment course is 5-7 days.
  4. Hexoral Rinse is a liquid with a mint aroma of red color. Contains a powerful antiseptic hexetidine, the same as in an aerosol. Fights against pathogenic bacteria, reducing the inflammatory process in the oral cavity and pharynx. Adults are recommended to gargle for 30 seconds after eating twice a day. For children from three years of age, the solution is applied to the affected areas with a tampon to prevent accidental swallowing of the drug. The solution cleanses the mucous membrane from pathogens, providing easy anesthesia.

Hexoral is a powerful drug. In order not to overdry the mucous membrane and not provoke even more irritation, the dosage should be strictly observed. To make the drug effective, it should be used after meals, after rinsing the oral cavity with warm boiled water. It is necessary to refrain from eating in the next 30-60 minutes. The solution cannot be swallowed, and when using an aerosol it is important to hold your breath.

Hexoral is prescribed for children over 3-4 years old and adults with diseases such as:

  • Pharyngitis.
  • Angina.
  • Tonsillitis.
  • Stomatitis.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Tumor formations of the oral cavity and throat.
  • In dental and ENT practice.

Despite the high effectiveness of the drug, it can not be used to treat children, since a small child cannot consciously hold his breath when sprayed, and when rinsing swallows the solution. Hexoral tablets for children under 4 years of age are also not intended. Benzocaine, which is part of the composition, can cause disturbances in the operation of vital systems, especially with frequent, not dosed use.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers directly Hexoral is not contraindicated. However, it should be used for treatment only in extreme cases. The World Health Organization prohibits the involvement of pregnant and lactating women in clinical trials. Thus, the effect of the drug on this group of patients has not been studied.

What is good Lugol

Lugol is used in the form of a solution of brownish-orange color with an iodine flavor. It is produced in two types: in bottles with a dropper or with a nozzle for spraying. Lugol is also found with glycerin, but it does not have any special properties, since glycerin in the composition of Lugol acts as an auxiliary substance. A big plus of the drug is the lack of addiction, even with prolonged or frequent use.

Lugol helps in the treatment of diseases such as:

  • Angina.
  • Laryngitis.
  • Pharyngitis.
  • Tonsillitis.
  • Purulent otitis media.
  • Boils.
  • Trophic ulcers.
  • Burns.
  • Skin lesions.

The solution is used for external application to inflamed skin, mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and ear cavity. For the treatment of mucous membranes, a swab moistened with a solution is used. Spray is used up to 6 times a day. With otitis media, the spray is alternately sprayed into the external auditory meatus 1 time per day every other day for 2-4 weeks.

To get rid of the tingling, burning or tickling sensation that occurs after treatment with Lugol, it is recommended to rinse the throat with a decoction of chamomile or calendula after some time.

Lugol is contraindicated for people with an excess of iodine in the body, as well as for those who have thyroid disorders. An excess of iodine can also have a negative effect on the developing fetus due to a sharp violation of the hormonal background. When using Lugol, pregnant women need to be careful not to swallow the solution or get the aerosol inside.
The average price of drugs
  • Lugol aerosol 50 g. – 130 rubles.
  • Lugol solution with a dispenser of 50 g. – 85 rubles.
  • Hexoral Aerosol 40 g. – 340 rubles.
  • Hexoral Aerosol for the whole family of 40 g (4 nozzles) – 372 rubles.
  • Hexoral Rinse 200 ml. – 270 rubles.
  • Hexoral Tabs resorption tablets 20 pcs. – 173 rub.
  • Hexoral Tabs Extra lozenges 16 pcs. – 208 rub.

Using Lugol will help save a family budget. However, if the pain is severe, Hexoral will cope with it faster and more effectively. Children over 4 years old can be treated with Lugol only under the supervision of adults, while Hexoral, having several alternative forms of release, can be used by the child on its own. Both drugs can cope with throat diseases, but Hexoral is also an antiviral, acting as an antibiotic.

Thus, without special contraindications, it is worth stopping the choice on Lugol, since it is less expensive. If emergency measures are required to alleviate the pain syndrome and defeat the viruses, Hexoral will better cope.

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