Homeopathy for cystitis

One of the common diseases of the bladder cystitis is considered. Homeopathy cystitis is used along with other medicines. The inflammatory process can appear after exposure, abuse of spicy or acidic foods or under the influence of pathogenic bacteria. Treatment of cystitis is best done in the complex, as used Antibacterials, uroseptic and homeopathic medicines.

The positive qualities of homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies from cystitis, you can accept all categories of patients, including children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women. They have no contraindications, do not cause allergic reactions, because made from natural raw materials. The duration of intake does not cause side effects. These funds can be used even as a preventive measure, the price allows it to do.
Frequent urination, especially at night, it is recommended to take the drug with borax, if the disease is caused by the fungus Candida. Painful sensations in the bladder, in which there is a delay of urine output, taking the drug on the basis of the horsetail. This tool is recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation.

Tiger Lily is recommended for those patients who by the nature of its activities have a long time to be in a cool room. This medication relieves pain that occurs during urination. Staphysagria helps to cope with urinary tract infection occurring after intercourse.

Spanish fly is used in inflammatory processes that are accompanied by an unpleasant burning and cutting pains. This preparation is particularly recommended to those patients in whom the disease causes severe nervousness and irritability.
Barberry is often prescribed for those who suffer from acute burning pain. Emetic nut is indicated for spasms in the bladder causing pain with urination. Treatment this tool requires finding the patient in a warm room, during this period, it is not advisable to lead an active lifestyle.

You can prepare a medicinal decoction yourself:

  1. This will require 2 tbsp. of dried crushed Heather and Althea.
  2. Add 1 tbsp. l. rosehips, and pour 0.5 liters of water.
  3. Collection boil on low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Then the broth leave to infuse overnight.

Drink prepared broth 2 tbsp before each meal. Homeopathic remedies are palatable, have a pleasant smell and does not cause addiction. Taking homeopathic remedies in addition to basic medical treatment, the patient accelerates recovery.

They have excellent anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effect on the body of the patient. If after about 2 days of relief of the condition is not observed, treatment should stop and seek the advice of a physician.

How to take the drugs

Inflammation of the bladder brings the patient a lot of discomfort. Unpleasant sensations are observed in the lower part of the belly, and accompanied by frequent urination. To suppress the acute phase of the disease requires urgent medical assistance and antibiotics. At the first sign of cystitis should always see a doctor.
If the disease becomes chronic, then at this stage it is important to affect the entire body. Homeopathic medicines in this case will help to strengthen your body and normalize the functioning of all internal organs. The receipt of these funds facilitates the patient and accelerating his recovery.

Homeopathic medicines start to operate in approximately 4 hours after administration. A couple of days the patients reported marked improvement. But even if unpleasant symptoms disappear, stop taking drugs is not recommended.

If chronic cystitis occurs without complications, will take about 3 months to take homeopathy to prevent exacerbations. Running treatment cystitis can last much longer.

Apply homeopathic medicines to pick them up only after consultation with the attending physician and the relevant recommendations of the homeopath. Specialists designate certain funds only after determining the cause of the disease and characteristics of its flow.

It is important to find out what time of day the pain appear, and the situation in which they are amplified. Out and the presence of comorbidities. And only after a complete analysis of all laboratory results of blood and urine, the doctor will help you choose the best drug.

To the treatment was high quality, and recovery occurred faster, the patient is recommended to exclude from the menu all the spices, herbs, meats, coffee and alcoholic beverages. You can not abuse salty, sour and pickled food.

Recommended per day to drink at least 2 liters of fluid.

In addition to water, you can drink fruit drinks made from cranberry or cranberries in the water you can add a slice of lemon. At the time of treatment will have to abandon sex. In acute course of the disease need to be on bed rest.

Independently take any homeopathic medicines is not recommended, so as not to cause complications of the disease. It is necessary to consult with your doctor. Homeopathy does not replace the main treatment drugs, it can act only as a Supplement to it.

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