Vasodilator drugs for brain

To treat problems with the blood supply vasoconstrictors are used for blood vessels of the brain. The list of medicines is provided below. Such funds are used in combination with widening and strengthening the tissue of the veins and arteries.

Types of vasodilators

For the expansion of the vascular walls, use tools, is endowed with a selective effect, reducing the tone of the tissues of the brain, which have no effect on the vascular system.

Therapy of brain diseases involves the use of such funds:

  • Medications to stabilize blood flow.
  • To strengthen the arteries, improve elasticity.
  • The blood thinners.

In the list of vasodilators head includes such drugs:

  • The calcium antagonists – drugs contribute to the efficient expansion of blood vessels of head, bad effect on the peripheral capillaries, the coronary system.
  • The funds, which include nimodipine.
  • Cinarizin.
  • The ACE inhibitors.
  • Beta-blockers.
  • Antispasmodics are weakening vascular tone, stimulate blood circulation.
  • Aulnoye alkaloids – medium, mildly active, which increases the thickness of the lumen of capillaries for a longer period.
  • Nicotinic acid.
  • Antiagreganty.
Calcium antagonists

To good drugs, leading to tone the blood vessels of the head from the list of antagonists of calcium it is necessary to call Cinnarizine and nimodipine. Drugs in tablets and vials from this category are used to increase arterial vessels of the head, stimulation of neurons to hypoxia.

Cinarizin – vascular means, promotes dilation of the arteries, is used to eliminate the symptoms of ischemic stroke, encephalopathy. These drugs do not affect tone of veins.


The drug nimodipine stimulates the activity of neurons affects the ability of concentration of attention, improves memory. This medicine is recommended to use for patients in old age for the stabilization of brain circulation, improve the strength of nerve cells.

Sometimes, when the mood swings experts advise to use Nimotop tablets.


While elimination of diseases of cerebral circulation is applied antispasmodics that belong to multiple groups. It is not only popular But-shpa, but also other categories of funds have the ability to relax the arteries in the head during spasms.

So acts protivotoksicheskoe the drug Pentoxifylline pertaining to the list of markers of vascular disorders. Medication in the injections or tablets can be found simultaneously in several lists for the stabilization of the metabolism of the head and dilation of blood vessels.

The active components of the drug can regulate the microcirculation. Trental refers to medications including pentoxifylline.

The drug gives you the ability to expand the blood vessels of the brain without increasing gaps in heart arteries. Trental has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, reduces blood viscosity.


Nicotinic acid has a vasodilating effect. Tablets are assigned to veins and arteries during migraine, diseases of the circulatory system in the head, preventing atherosclerosis.

Nicotinic acid in conjunction with other drugs is prescribed for the elimination of ischemic stroke, caused by the scarcity of oxygen. The ability to widen blood vessels allows you to use the funds to strengthen memory, problem solution with ischemia, atherosclerosis.

Tool combination

In the list of combined funds, applying for an extension of the lumen of the vessels of the head, included medicines with the components improving circulation.

To the list of combined medications include:


Have vazobral


What you need to expand the blood vessels?

In the use of vasodilators is necessary to achieve the function of transferring more oxygen to the neurons. You are expanding blood vessels, blood flow becomes less intense. As a result, the oxygen and useful components are transferred to the tissues of the brain, waste substances and carbon dioxide leave the blood.

Properties of vasodilators relevant in such situations:

  1. Artery compressed by the tumor. Therefore, medications are used by patients with low back pain. It helps to normalize blood circulation in the head, regardless of the swelling and the appearance of osteophytes.
  2. A blood vessel becomes clogged by a blood clot or cholesterol. A vasodilator will need things, when the artery is thicker because of inflammation.

All drugs are prescribed for that purpose, act on small and medium-sized vessels of the brain.

Vasodilators are recommended in the development of hypertension. In this situation, the components operate on large vessels. Under the influence of drugs they expand, the volume increases slowly reduced blood pressure.

There is a classification of vasodilators due to the purpose of the application.

These drugs are used to:

  • Eliminate heart disease.
  • Stimulate blood circulation in the head.
  • Elimination of of migraine.
  • Lowering the pressure inside the skull.
  • Vascular pathology in the legs.

All categories vasodilator subdivided into subgroups that affect the same vessels. But the point of impact they are different.

Given these circumstances, experts have developed the criteria of quality control of packing.

They are guided in the selection of drugs these conditions:

  • The purpose of increasing the volume of blood vessels.
  • Specific blood vessels, the elements of which need to have an impact.
  • A chronic disorder.
The principle of action of drugs

The activation mechanism in the body of vasodilators is based on the stabilization of cerebral blood flow, relaxation of spastic arteries.

The selection of appropriate formulations depends on these conditions:

  • Stimulation of blood flow in the head.
  • Ensured the enrichment of the formed elements with oxygen and nutrients.
  • To improve your brain function.

Vasodilators protect against brain hypoxia, eliminates the possibility of cell death.

These drugs contribute to:

  • Stabilization of the venous blood supply.
  • Strengthening of metabolism.
  • Stimulation of blood flow in the neck during degenerative disc disease.
  • Improvement of energy metabolism in neurons.
  • To eliminate spasm of blood vessels.
Treatment of ischemia

The Central nervous system sometimes subjected to oxygen starvation. Ischemia contributes to poor blood supply and brain activity. Without proper medication, recovery is not possible.

Nepool to prevent neurological disease, ischemic insult, spasms, strengthen the work of neurons, to prevent calcium in the tissue. Requires the use of intravenous infusion solution, with the addition of 0.9% salt mixture. In tablet form the means taken for 3 units a day.

Dipyridamole is used to extend coronary blood flow and stimulate the speed of movement of the container contents. The medicine eliminates ischemia, increases blood pressure, helps with blood clots. Daily dose is not more than 25-50 mg.

Enduracin or nicotinic acid increases the fine capillaries, stimulates the blood stream. In atherosclerosis the dosage is 2-3 g per day.

That is used when stroke of the brain?

Blocking of the bloodstream and the lack of oxygen, hypertension and diabetes, lack of nutrients contribute to the development of ischemic stroke. After Prista patients taking medication to stabilize brain activity and pressure.

Ceraxon. Nootropic drug stimulates the regeneration of cells and destroyed tissues. After the loss of memory is not such serious consequences. The drug improves attention, stimulates thinking. When head injury helping to stop the associated symptoms.

Clopidogrel is used in enhanced aggregation of blood clots and problems with peripheral blood flow.

Presternum used in combination with other drugs to improve blood supply to the head of the ischemic type during arterial hypertension. The dosage is 1-2 tablets. Eat recommended in the morning 1 time per day.

Than clean vessels?

You need to prevent the development of vascular pathologies in old age not only for treatment but also for prevention of the disease is often taken vasodilators that stimulate processes in the brain.

Chimes were used to treat problems with the circulatory system, preventing the formation of blood clots. The substance dilates coronary arteries and other vessels, are additionally inhibits progressive atherosclerosis, stimulates blood flow to the heart. A day can be consumed 1 tablet 3-6 times 1 hour before lunch. When a specific coronary insufficiency amount of medication needs to be increased.

Have kardiomagnil protects against bleeding in the brain, used to prevent blood clots, heart attack.

Aminophylline helps to supply oxygen to the blood, stabilizes blood pressure and muscle tone of blood vessels, prevents blood clots. Used in the initial dose of 6-8 mg / kg body.

Prescribed from atherosclerosis?

If you use long drugs to blood vessels of the brain, can improve protection from atherosclerotic lesions, to achieve regression of plaques formed in the arteries. The lumen expands, stabiliziruemost metabolism.

With this purpose used are sub-categories of drugs:

Statins are prescribed for several years or for life, to eat every day. the dosage is determined individually taking into account cholesterol and dynamics of reducing its quantity. Medications from this group, in addition to reducing the amount of atherogenic cholesterol, improves concentration of lipoproteins of high density, loosens the atheromatous plaque, protect from ischemic stroke.

Some drugs help to reduce deposits on the inner walls of the arteries.

Fibrates stabilize the rate of triglycerides in the blood, affect the amount of cholesterol. Used medicines prescribed by specialists in accordance with the specified courses and advanced control for 1-2 months.

Sekvestranty belong to the ion-exchange sopam that are not absorbed from the intestine, but bind cholesterol and triglycerides entering the digestive system of food. Among the common side effects noted diarrhea, flatulence.


Diseases of the venous system in the head also contributes to the problem. The pressure inside the skull often increases. Headache throbbing, bursting. Consequences caused by venous disease and problems with regulation of tone. For this reason, to eliminate a venous plethora use venotonic that improve the condition of the walls of the veins.


The drug has no direct impact on the blood vessels of the head, but decreases platelet aggregation and prevents adherence to the destruction of the endothelium and adhesion. Neurologists often prescribe aspirin for elimination of cerebrovascular diseases. This is one of the few tools likely to influence the results of the therapy of ischemic strokes and ischemic attacks.

Until recently, aspirin was widely used for the treatment of cerebrovascular pathologies. Healthy patients were attempting to use this drug to prevent the development of myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. The use of this drug is open to doubt, because the risk of their use is above all benefits. Today aspirin is prescribed for secondary prevention in patients with infarction, patients with an increased likelihood of complications.

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Medications based on Ginkgo Biloba

This plant is widely used in Chinese medicine. Today drugs with this extract is popular for patients with neurological pathologies.

Cerebral blood vessels are increasing, due to Ginkgo, Bilboa, stabiliziruemost blood flow, reduced aggregation of blood clots, strengthens neurocity is prevented from damage caused by the scarcity of oxygen.

Medicines can be used to treat diseases associated with the blood vessels of the head. You can’t use pregnant women or Allergy sufferers, if they have individual intolerance of such funds.

Disease vessels cause serious disorders. Often problems with the blood supply of the head occur in elderly patients, the walls of their vessels are elastic, so they are often clogged with cholesterol and other substances. Violations recorded in increasingly younger patients. Vascular tools eliminate unpleasant disease.

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