How to choose the size of the mattress – the nuances, peculiarities, recommendations

When the size of the bed and mattress are a perfect match, we don’t notice it, sleep in comfort, Wake up refreshed. But it is necessary to choose the size of the mattress is not square in the bed and it instantly affects the quality of sleep.

A big mattress is going unpleasant folds and small not cover the whole area of the bed. Given that today’s range of mattresses is represented by products of various sizes, his choice should be approached very carefully. The purchase of a mattress solely on external characteristics may lead to the fact that the high-quality, orthopedic product not to Your expectations and will bring a lot of trouble.

Features of the size range of mattresses

In different countries for bedding, use a different marking system. It concerns the European countries and America – in Europe it is customary to measure the length in centimeters, and the US uses inches. Thus, choosing a bed is a European brand, remember to select the mattress the American manufacturer is impossible.

Note: American size mattress King size : length – 80 inches, width – 78 inches. In accordance with the European standards of work of irregular figures – 203,2 198,1 cm and cm This product is not suitable for any beds European brand.

How to choose a mattress that matches the size of the bed?

Experts suggest three possible solutions to the question:

  1. choose the bed and mattress one manufacturer is the most reliable method in which You will be able to organize for themselves the most comfortable sleeping place;
  2. to select all of the sleeping equipment European manufacturer or American;
  3. order the production of the mattress according to individual standards.

Note: the eminent, expensive manufacturers produce mattresses of the two dimension rulers – European and American, so You can easily pick up the product with the relevant standards.

Classic mattress sizes

All the mattresses are divided into two categories: adults and children. In each there is a standard range of sizes, which greatly facilitates the selection process.

Mattresses for adults

Length products of a rectangular shape is 190, 195 or 200 cm, but the width of these mattresses vary.

The number of beds Dimensions Note
Single product 80х190 (195, 200) The optimal size of a mattress for one person – 80х190 cm, height above 175 cm, you should choose products with a length of 200 cm.
Single product 120х190 (195, 200) This mattress is the best solution for bed which sleeps one parent with a small child.
Double product 140х190 (195, 200);

160х190 (195, 200);

190х190 (195, 200);

200х190 (195, 200)

The most common size of mattress for two is 160х190 cm, if the parents sleep with the baby, you need to choose a mattress not less than 190х190 see
Round mattresses Represented by three groups:

a small – diameter 200 cm;

– the average diameter of 220 cm;

– large – diameter – 230 or 240 cm

Today to pick up a mattress for round bed is not difficult, they are widely represented in the catalogues of all the major manufacturers.
Children’s mattresses

The size of the mattress in the crib for the baby also meet certain standards. Usually choose a sleeping newborn accessory long 120 cm and width 60 cm. Children three to four years required the mattress a little more – width of 70 and 140 see Also in the category children’s mattresses are products of a width of 80 cm and 160 cm long.

Of particular importance is the thickness of the children’s sleeping facilities. Products in the construction of which no springs are manufactured with a thickness of 6 to 13 cm sprung mattress is slightly thicker – from 16 to 18 cm.

Note: famous manufacturers of cots in the data sheet of the product to necessarily indicate optimal dimensions of the mattress.

How to choose the size bed mattress

The main criterion for the selection of bedroom accessories – bed sizes. Correctly chosen mattress will fit perfectly in the perimeter of the bed, both in length and width. Each product specification shall conform to the parameters specified in the technical passport of the bed, this also applies to the thickness of the mattress.

How to properly take measurements
  1. The measurements are carried out on the inner perimeter of the bed.
  2. No need to take the measurements from your old mattress, as in the operation of the product is compressed and deformed.

Example: suppose the inner perimeter of the beds is 159 cm in width and 200 cm in length. Feel free to buy standard mattress size 160 x 200 cm margin to one inch, both width and length of the product. If the error will be more than two centimeters, will have to look for a mattress of appropriate size, or request a bedroom belonging to individual measures. If you round down the obtained results in a big way, there is a possibility of premature wear of the upholstery.

Choose the length of the mattress

The most popular length is 200 cm, this mattress comfortable to sleep person with any growth, however, for people below 175 cm is quite suitable length 190 cm

Note: there is a standard scheme selection of the product by the length of the man’s height + 15 cm.

Select the width of the mattress

Width classic mattresses are divided into several categories:

  • single – 80 and 90 cm;
  • semi-double – 120cm – fit for the person who appreciates comfort, but also for healthy, comfortable sleep for one parent and kid;
  • double from 140 to 200 cm in increments of 20 cm, the standard is considered to be a width of 160 cm, which is the benchmark in sewing of bed linen sets;
  • the diameter of the circular shape mattresses varies from 200 to 240 cm
Choose the height of the mattress

As a rule, in this respect, the choice of product depends on the individual preferences of the buyer. However, when choosing an orthopedic model should take into account that it should be above the lateral part of the bed. Also the choice depends on a person’s weight – the more mass, the higher should be the mattress.

With regard to standard thickness:

  • mattresses without springs – classic is considered to be a height of 16 cm, however, the thickness varies from 15 to 24 cm;
  • the sprung mattress – classic thickness ranges from 20 to 22 cm, but you can also find the product thickness is from 18 to 32 cm.

Note: release mattresses small thickness – from 2 to 10 cm – they are used as mattress covers. Bedding thickness is more than 50 cm are considered elite.

If you want to choose a custom mattress

Quite often, parents want to please yourself or the baby sleeping place of unusual shape, in this case, you need to take care of the mattress the appropriate form. For bed oval or diamond shape to find the mattress hard, but there is a solution to make the individual standards. Factory will take pleasure in the operation of such order, and the customer can choose upholstery, filler, number of layers, the presence of springs in the mattress.

Note: the fee for exclusivity bedding range from 5 % to 10 %.

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