Sexual life after cesarean section

After childbirth, many women face the question of how to find complete harmony in intimate relationships, and how to start conducting full-fledged sexual activity. Do not be shy about this desire, because these are understandable needs, since any person needs closeness and understanding, and the sexual relationship of two loving people is a natural physiological process.

If a woman feels that she is not yet mentally ready, then intimacy should be postponed. No need to worry, because this fear is a temporary phenomenon, it just takes some time to adapt.

The opinion of gynecologists

As a rule, gynecologists advise for some time to abandon sexual activity after cesarean section, and they suggest starting it no earlier than 7-8 weeks after giving birth. That is how much time it will take a woman’s weakened body in order for all internal organs to recover.

The fact is that at this moment the uterus looks like an open wound, and therefore young mothers, for one or two months after giving birth, are persecuted with blood discharge, or, as they call it differently, lochia. After a while, they form a kind of diluted blood. It is believed that until these same secretions have passed, it is completely unsafe to start an intimate life, and their presence will most likely not contribute to sexual desire.

Moreover, there is a chance of introducing the infection into the uterus, only therefore you should abandon the intimate life immediately after cesarean section. According to doctors, the most appropriate solution is considered to be 1.5 to 2 months after delivery. It is best to consult a doctor and ask for “permission” to have sex.

Psychologists advice

According to psychologists, many young mothers who underwent surgery such as cesarean section are often accompanied by fear of having sex with a partner for some psychological factors. After such an operation, a scar forms in the lower abdomen, which makes young mothers feel insecure. To all this, you can add the not yet completely “gone” stomach, cellulite and stretch marks formed from the effects of pregnancy. It seems to the young mother that this scar greatly disfigures her, and she lost all her attractiveness and interest to her husband.

In addition, any woman fears that after a cesarean section, intimacy will only bring pain and disappointment. It also happens that newly minted mothers, from severe body fatigue after surgery and daily care for their baby, feel a little bewildered and for intimacy they simply do not have enough energy or time.

Psychologists recommend that you do not force yourself to begin intimacy if there is no desire or there is some fear. However, this can greatly offend her husband. In order to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings, you need to talk with your loved one and try to explain to him the reason for refusing sex. In addition, no one has canceled love preludes. Your husband will be very pleased with your touch and affection, because sex is not only sexual intercourse.

Pain while having sex

Most women, after a long abstinence from sex during pregnancy, after giving birth, are in a hurry to start their sex life. However, you should not rush here, as pain or other uncomfortable sensations can occur during sex after a cesarean section.

There are times when the pain did not go away even after 4-5 months. In this case, you must make an appointment with a doctor who can give advice on what exactly will be better for your body.

Over time, all the discomfort during intercourse will pass. The main advice – do not overdo it, increase the time of foreplay and try to make your movements very slow, smooth and gentle. Thus, the likelihood that you will injure those organs that have not yet returned to normal after childbirth will be small.

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