How to improve attention and concentration the student?

“Your child is very inattentive” – a phrase parents often hear from teachers. When the baby starts going to school, it present a new unusual requirements. Training process requires a little perseverance, concentration on the task.

At the time of admission to the school in young children these qualities are poorly developed. But to increase attention and concentration the student is quite possible, the main thing to approach to the child.

What is attention?

Every moment we receive from the outside a lot of information. But only our brain out of the flow focuses only on relevant information, filtering out insignificant. This mechanism is due to the attention. From the point of view of psychology attention is a person’s ability to concentrate on a specific phenomenon or object. The younger children’s attention is not sufficiently developed. And just as the school Matures the child’s attention is getting better.

Psychologists distinguish between involuntary and arbitrary kinds of attention. Involuntary attention is not associated with participation will not require effort from the individual to concentrate on a specific object. For example, parents go with the child on the street. Suddenly behind someone shouting someone else’s name. The child will turn to this cry, though the name was not his. This is an unconscious reaction to an auditory stimulus, a manifestation of involuntary memory.

Voluntary attention involves the use of will. That is, the person should make an effort to concentrate for a certain time on any subject. With this parameter in young children there are difficulties, because volitional is still undeveloped fully. It is very difficult to force a child to perform a task, to sit still, if he does not want. The main objective of teaching is just the same and is in the development of voluntary attention in the child.

The family influence on child development

Small children learn about the world through their parents. It is fair to assume that the inattention of a child may be copying the adult’s behavior. If a parent is absent-minded, disorganized, this behavior is perceived by the child as the norm. Hence, possible problems with the concentration of the kid.

But parents can become a positive example for the child. For example, going to work, to comment on his actions out loud. “Now I collect my bag. I put her notebook, pen, phone – all that I need for work. Check if there’s keys in the pocket of the bag.” The same game can try the child. For example, to speak aloud their actions, going to school. This will help to develop concentration baby.

Any free minute you can spend helping your child to improve his attention. Walking down the street, the parent might draw the attention of the student to different objects and ask them to describe it. “See the house, describe it. What color is the house roof? How many Windows at the building?”. These simple ways will help the child become more focused.

Well-organized day regimen

The key to successful education of a child is a well-organized day regimen. Is easier for the baby to join in the school process, if he has a clear mode of labor and rest. One of the most important aspects of sleep. The younger boy should sleep at night around ten o’clock. Neither of which concentration and productivity may not be involved if the child will come to class sleepy.

Elective classes is fine, but if in moderation. When my parents right after school take a kid from one elective to another – will not benefit. The child is unable to cope with the amount of information and just tired. The child should be free time when he can relax.

Also for the healthy development of the child daily need to arrange walks in the fresh air, lasting two or three hours. By the way, activities can include active play, for example, with the ball. Generally sports very effectively increase attention and concentration. Therefore, the baby can be dancing or in the sports section.

It is very important to organize the working place of the baby home. This can be a separate room or private area in the apartment. Here the student will carry out their task and also store all their textbooks and notebooks. It is also important to teach the baby how to contain the workplace in order. Encourage the child every day to do homework at the same time. In the future, this principle will help the child quickly involved in the process of studying school subjects.

During the execution of the homework of the child, nothing should distract you. It is better to turn off the TV, family members must not speak loudly. The absence of external stimuli will help your child to concentrate better and quickly do your homework.

Special exercises

Effective schooling is impossible without a developed attention and ability to concentrate. With a small attention span, poor concentration, the child makes mistakes in jobs, bad teaching material. For the development of these important skills, use a variety of techniques that could be replicated in the home.

The Activity “Buttons”

For this exercise you will need two sets of colored buttons. The parent and the child sit at the table opposite each other. One set of buttons remains the child, the other set takes an adult. Also each participant is given a piece of paper with lined squares. Then in the middle of the table is partition.

The adult makes the first move he puts on his leaf in a certain order of buttons. The partition is removed. Within ten seconds, the child looks at the location of the buttons, and remembers the pattern. Then the partition is reset. And now the student needs memory to put the same picture buttons on your sheet.

Exercise Beetle

Prepare a sheet of paper lined with cells. The essence of exercise lies in the fact that kid have to mentally imagine how the beetle crawling under the instructions of an adult. So, the parent gives the command. For example, crawling up or crawling to the right, etc. In this case a child must visualize how to move the beetle, not leading to a leaf with a pen or pencil. At some point, an adult says “stop” and the student puts the pencil point in the cell where I was supposed to be a bug.

Proof-reading test

For this exercise you need to prepare an old book or newspaper with long texts. Adult gives the task, for example, all the letter “a” in the text underlined below, and all the letters “o” erase. Then pinpoint five minutes, and the child starts to perform tasks. After a time the child stops the exercise. And then together with the parent checks to see how well it coped with the task and how many letters are missed.

The game can be complicated. For example, one letter is underlined, and the other negates. And then the adult “Attention!” exercise is the opposite of the first letter stroked, and the second stress.

The game “Repeat the phrase”

This game is suitable for students younger and older. Adult says the phrase “I take with me on a stroll bag”. Then repeated the same phrase, but with the addition of a new subject. And so on, gradually increasing the number of items to ten or twenty. The child should repeat the phrases, naming objects in the correct order.

Attention is a quality that can and should be developed. You should not rely solely on school teachers. Spend more time with children, do special exercises together in the form of a game, organize a student routine. All these techniques will soon help to increase attention and concentration from the student.

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