How actually “rejuvenate” the birth


After two children with a difference of 1.2 years, health waved and went into the sunset!

I have:

  • Thyroid problems.
  • Teeth are crumbling.
  • In the mornings and nights I can’t get on my feet, give way and hurt in the heels.
  • + 30 kg overweight.
  • Vision has fallen.
  • Stomach and pancreas problems.
  • The chest sagged, the stomach and sides were all stretched out.

There is no time for doctors, and the husband says: “You changed and were sexier before pregnancy!”

# 2

Postpartum hemorrhage

How much blood discharge after childbirth is considered normal? What are the “companions” of great blood loss? What are the causes of bleeding in the early postpartum period? Is there any danger in using postpartum pads and is there a prevention of postpartum hemorrhage? Let’s try to figure it out…

My #motherhood is a hellish back pain that goes to the leg. Before giving birth, I did not even know that my back could hurt. I am 24. I can not get up, walk, even roll over to the other side. I lie and roar from powerlessness… and next to my little beloved little man who needs a healthy mother, and not this ruin. Treatment requires strength, money and time.

# 3

What is migraine, I learned after the birth of the first child. Then, at 23, I had a microstroke. Until now, its origin has remained a mystery to doctors…


Second birth, 34 years. Why does no one warn that the hair falls out where it should grow and grow at a frantic rate on the chest and face? Yes, yes, I feed the baby with hairy breasts!


Childbirth rejuvenate? Who invented this at all? At week 25, I could not get out of bed in the morning. So I found out what symphysitis is… After – crazy weeks of baby blues, a few months of hypertension, low vision. But, despite this, I am already thinking about the second…

# 6

I’ve been watching my dental health all my life. I went to scheduled examinations, drank calcium during pregnancy, eat cheese, and cottage cheese. I breastfeed for 2 months. Today, the demon beguiled, I wanted to bite a nail, and a piece of my front tooth fell off on a flat spot!

# 7

After childbirth, vitiligo settled for me forever – white spots throughout my body devoid of melanin. I burn under the sun in bright areas before burns. I look like a leopard. Fat leopard with tow on his head!


Episio and all the great consequences! Six months of sex with tears, then it doesn’t hurt, but the vaginal orgasm departed.

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