Myths and the truth about pregnancy “for 30”

Let’s drop prejudice, stop thinking about the opinions of others and just start to study what needs to be considered if pregnancy is planned after 35 years. Especially if she is the first.

Is pregnancy after 35 dangerous?

If we discard the lyrics and discussions in society about this, then pregnancy after 35 is not a feat and not a jump into the unknown, but the same physiological process as pregnancy at any other age. With that, probably, only a reservation that future parents will have to understand the matter a little deeper. Moreover, more in order to less panic and get upset.

With the phrase “a woman of Balzac age,” many people see the image of a lady over 50 or so. In fact, the Balzac age is 30-40 years. The expression appeared after the release of the Frenchman Honore Balzac’s novel “Thirty Years Woman”.

A little patience

“The biological clock is ticking” – this is one of those very sore words. Yes, ticking. Yes, there are less and less active eggs every year. And many other “yes” related to medical data, statistics and human physiology.

But you do not try to breathe less often, knowing that this reduces the amount of oxygen around? Just choose a place where there is more. So with pregnancy after 35. Two things should not be done: to focus on statistics and completely discount medical research.

Most likely (but not necessarily!) Before the long-awaited pregnancy, if you are 35+, more time will pass than if you would be up to 30. Maybe this period will stretch for a year or two. But on the other hand, think that since this is your first pregnancy, neither you nor the doctor will be able to guess how long this process would take you if you were 10-15 years younger. So in no case do not begin to reproach yourself for allegedly lost time.

Tips for planning pregnancy after 35 years

1. Sports and weight loss

Take care of your appearance. But without fanaticism. If you have a dozen extra pounds, it’s not necessary to get rid of everyone (you still get it during pregnancy). More important is your overall physical fitness. But then again – without fanaticism, it is not necessary to become kmc. Just more physical activity (walking, swimming 2 times a week). Firstly, the general tone will lift your mood, and secondly, it will wake many dormant processes in the body.

2. Normalization of the cycle

Nowhere without it. You can, of course, do this in parallel, when you have already moved from the stage of reflection “Is it necessary?” to practical implementation. But then the wait may stretch for a longer period, which will affect your peace of mind.

3. Ovulation tests

Someone will consider this not the most romantic impulse for conceiving a baby, but it’s better to beat it for the maximum for sure. Special pharmacy tests, basal temperature charts – choose what suits you best. Just do not trust the calendar method of calculating ovulation. It is the most unreliable both for protection from pregnancy, and for its onset.

4. Hike to genetics

Do a genetic analysis with a couple. We will not scare you with statistics on genetic diseases, the risk of which increases if the first pregnancy occurs after 35. The doctor should warn you personally about all the risks so that you do not spoil your mood with negative thoughts about what, in principle, you can not be afraid of.

5. Trust the doctor

Pregnancy, regardless of the age of the future mother, causes an incredible amount of questions for a woman, since for her this is, although desirable, but a non-standard condition. Do not disregard any alarming symptom, be sure to tell your doctor about them. And it is extremely important to trust a specialist. Take the time (and if you are observed only in the usual, district women’s consultation, then what else to hide, and patience) and find the doctor whom you will trust both professionally and psychologically.

6. Do not count months and do not set deadlines

Of course, you want the pregnancy to come as soon as possible. And you, most likely, will begin to get nervous if the expectation has crossed you (only you!) The set time threshold. Believe me, this does not in any way stimulate the process of pregnancy, but will only spoil your mood.

7. Get vaccinated

Get vaccinated right up to the flu shot, even if you’ve never done it in your life. Of course, before the practical phase of pregnancy planning begins.

Pregnancy after 35: it is time to act!

Expert opinion:

Maria Belokurova: obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, ultrasound diagnostics doctor, MD, Center for Reproductive Health “SM-Clinic”: Before planning a pregnancy at any age, and especially after 35 years, a married couple needs to be examined. A standard gynecological examination includes: smears for sexually transmitted infections, a smear for the vaginal flora and cytological examination of the cervix. It is necessary to examine the hormonal profile of the girl, obligatory for women over 35 years of age is the determination of blood levels of LH, FSH, estradiol, as well as anti-Muller hormone (which reflects the supply of eggs in the ovaries) and TSH (thyroid hormone). It is also necessary to determine the presence of antibodies to rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes and toxoplasma in the blood. In addition, ultrasound of the thyroid gland, pelvic organs and abdominal cavity, as well as mammography, is recommended. Standard clinical examinations, such as ECG, a general blood test, a biochemical blood test, a coagulogram, a general urinalysis are also necessary, as they reflect the basic processes that occur in the human body. For patients of older reproductive age, it is recommended to determine the karyotype (i.e. the structure and number of chromosomes) and consult a geneticist. When pregnancy occurs, the geneticist will recommend an invasive genetic diagnosis of the fetus or determination of its karyotype by the mother’s blood (determination of the so-called fetal DNA). ”

All risks that you, and not women in general, may have at your age, you will be warned by the doctor as necessary. No need to study lists of genetic diseases, descriptions of complications during childbirth after 35 years. You don’t know (and hope you don’t know) how likely it is to face these risks. And too much negative information will not contribute to the fulfillment of your desire. So just act, and soon the long-awaited baby will appear in your family.

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