Bad habits that need to be abandoned during pregnancy

Bad habits and bad ones, which cause inconvenience not only to you, but also to others. And for pregnant women – this is just evil! If you decide to have a baby, then you definitely have to give up these addictions.

Smoking during pregnancy

Smoking harms not only an adult, but also casts doubt on the possibility of having offspring. According to studies, smoking parents have a 40% reduced ability to conceive. An smoking mother matures an egg more slowly and leaves the ovary, while a smoking man has every chance of becoming the owner of inactive sperm. Moreover, a certain threat to successful childbirth comes from secondhand smoke.

How to quit smoking during pregnancy 

If you can’t quit smoking yourself during pregnancy, you need to contact a specialist or look for an additional source of the hormone of joy in your life, which is formed during smoking. The level of this hormone rises, for example, during a meal or sex. Another way to get out of the shackles of cigarette smoke is to start playing something: be it chess, volleyball or a game show. This will help to distract from the desire to smoke during pregnancy.


Alcohol addiction is the cause of many ills in people’s lives. But the passion for alcohol will certainly have to be pacified, deciding to become parents. And it is advisable to do this at least 3 months before the planned moment of conception. The use of even a small dose of alcohol during planning or conception of a child can cause genetic mutation, the formation and development of various defects in the future baby. Not to mention the fact that a man with an addiction to alcohol is threatened with impotence and infertility.

Research data shows that drinking alcohol (even in small doses) over the course of 10 years reduces sperm count and quality by an average of 20%.

Unhealthy food

During the planning of the child, the nutrition of future parents should be as useful, healthy and varied as possible. You can not ignore fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, low-fat fish and meat, dairy products.

Future parents need to strictly ensure that the composition of the products on their table does not contain dyes, flavors or preservatives.

One should also take care of the issue of overweight – one of the reasons for the unsuccessful conception.

Passive lifestyle

Moderate physical activity is simply necessary for future parents: forget about televisions and computer games. A sedentary lifestyle is not suitable for those who want to conceive a healthy child, and even the first time.

The choice is huge – go walking, swimming, cycling, skiing or ice skating. But do not forget about sleep and rest. Chronic lack of sleep leads to physical, mental disorders, as well as menstrual irregularities and hormonal disruptions. Sport during pregnancy is also necessary. Just do not need to overwork yourself with physical exercises.


When preparing for the conception and birth of a baby, partners need to avoid stressful situations. Stress hormones alter the physiological processes in the body. As a result: sexual dysfunction in men and problems with ovulation in women.

When planning a pregnancy, it is important for future parents to be in an atmosphere of happiness and joy. Upset is prohibited. And especially, read and listen to negative news related to pregnancy and childbirth. It is important for partners to sincerely support each other and believe that very soon their long-awaited baby will be born.

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