Depression. Signs of depression test. How to deal with depression.

The causes of depression. The types of depression. Signs of depression. A test for depression. Autumn (seasonal) depression. Micro depression: a bad mood, what to do?

Depression is a violation of the biochemical processes in the body, a psychological disorder that is accompanied by anxiety, boredom, apathy, and currently very common and now considered a disease.

The causes of depression are different problems in his personal life, excessive workload, financial difficulties, fall season with short daylight hours, women have cyclical changes in the body, genetic predisposition. Depression can recur many times.

Types of depression: Depression is divided into 3 types:

  1. Functional depression occasionally occurs in mentally healthy people, and in 50% of cases is apparent, the imaginary depression.
  2. Pathological depression in people with serious mental disorders.
  3. Imaginary depression – when the man just seems that he’s depressed, and he inspires it to themselves and others.

Depression. Signs of depression:

* Depression often manifests itself in the form of ailments: headache, pain in joints and back, in the region of the heart. Heart palpitations after waking up a few minutes my heart is palpitating, and then itself subsides.

* Changes in blood pressure.

* Disorder of the gastrointestinal tract – appetite and taste sensations, especially in the morning, the person loses weight.

* Fear and dizziness when riding in a transport.

* There is no desire to go outside.

* Reduced sexual desire.

* Insomnia: a person wakes up in the morning in 3-4 hours, could not sleep, and then it is time to work, and it is difficult to climb.

* Work with depression people’s ability to work, household chores makes through the power and only in the evening it rises vitality, when everything is going to go to bed.

* Other signs of depression: fatigue, lethargy, violation of the chair. Such depression is called “masked” because of years struggling with chronic illness, as is depression.
* Recognize depression is difficult, but during any depression remains a persistent bad mood that lasts longer than 2 weeks.

If these warning signs you do not, then most likely you are a natural autumn mood swing. To fight it is enough simple and accessible means.

Depression. A test for depression:

A simple test for home diagnosis of depression:
The main symptoms of depression:

– low or sad mood,
– lack of interest and pleasure,
– fatigue.

Additional symptoms of depression:

– decreased concentration,
– low self-esteem, self-doubt,
– guilt
– no hope for the future,
– suicidal thoughts or actions
– sleep disturbance,
– a violation of appetite.

When severe depression is identified 3 osnovniye and 4 additional.

With depression of moderate severity – 2 core priznaki 3 additional.

During mild depression – 2 main and 2 additional lines.

Depression. Like yourself cope with depression?

To cope with depression comprehensive measures are needed:

– change the lifestyle

– change the order of the day,

– change diet. In the diet to reduce the fat and increase the amount of carbohydrates (sugar and cellulose). To get enough b vitamins (cereals, brown bread) and folic acid.

More walk in the fresh air

– exercise,

is to take special medication. Definitely need to take drugs-antidepressants.


Every fifth person on earth reduced mental immunity, so once a year they suffer from autumn depression (seasonal), autumn mood swings, with it, women more often than men.

Autumn (seasonal) depression. Causes of depression:
  1. The main cause of seasonal depression is the short daylight hours from late October to early March, and we most of the days are in twilight. In short, the brain does not produce enough the hormone melatonin, which regulates biological rhythms in the body and positively affects emotions.
  2. From the sharp autumn cold not only outside, but also in the apartment, do not want to do, and we are sad warm summer days, knowing that the summer flew by quickly and the cold, slush and dirt will long last.
  3. The autumn mood fluctuations largely depend on hereditary predisposition.
  4. Stress at home or at work can also serve as the beginning of seasonal depression.

Autumn (seasonal) depression is manifested by lack of desire, to do anything, communicate with people, to enjoy life. Depression leads to various diseases. Therefore, we need to develop a positive attitude in the fall. There are many ways to lighten the mood when autumn depression.

Autumn (seasonal) depression. How to deal with autumn depression?

* LAUGHTER therapy for depression. Psychologists say that 10 minutes of laughter a day will not only elevate mood, and increase adaptation of the organism, headaches, fatigue, normalizes blood pressure, sleep, digestion, improves metabolism and rejuvenates the body.

WEATHER IN the HOUSE and depression. Maintain a good psychological climate in your home. Kind words and actions toward native will make your life much happier, and them too. Refresh your feelings to your marriage companion, show him your love with care, affection and attention. Invite your beloved husband on a romantic date, in theatre, in cafe, arrange a memorable dinner – autumn Blues retreat.

A kind word and attention to your neighbors also will get back to you when You need support. Give people the warmth of your heart and don’t skimp!

* SPORTS AGAINST DEPRESSION. During operation of muscles and the rapid destruction of epinephrine and norepinephrine – stress hormones. It relieves tension and the person forgets all the trouble. Do morning exercises – it will provide you with cheerfulness and good mood for the whole day. Every day do run. If possible, visit the pool – water has on the nervous system relaxing effect, swimming gives exercise to the muscles. In a bad mood, it is recommended often take a shower quickly are negative emotions.

* BEAUTIFUL THINGS and depression. Every woman knows to cheer you up, you need to buy yourself some new clothes: nice dress, skirt, blouse, shoes, perfume or something else. If it is not possible to buy, at least go shopping and look at beautiful things, and the mood will improve.

* EXCITING BUSINESS and COMMUNICATION. Go on a visit to the theatre, chat with friends, make repairs in the apartment, do some knitting, learn a foreign language, draw, write poems, etc. to the discouragement of time. Invite guests to yourself and arrange for them a festive evening with an interesting program, delicious food, gifts. Only do not turn in on itself! Share with the people their problems, help them cope with their difficulties, then you will not overcome the negative thoughts.

* TO GET UP EARLY. Autumn day is short, the sun appears rarely, but if you Wake before lunch, it will be even shorter and you are more likely to be depressed. But to go to bed too early need up to 24 hours, since the sleep before midnight is more beneficial in summer and in autumn and winter. On a cloudy day you should use a bright light in the room, it helps to ward off dark thoughts. Replace dark curtains of light.

If You’re at work, the lunch break go out in the sun, even the weak rays of recharges You with energy.

* DEPRESSION – SLEEP. Sleep is the best medicine for many diseases. While depression often sleep is disturbed, which further worsens the mood, fatigue accumulates. Help aromatherapy – take a bedtime bath with essential oils (lavender, fir). Read something interesting, look at Comedy, listen to the music with sounds of nature. After that, most likely, your sleep will be deep and lasting. If the specifics of the work you can not get to sleep 8 hours a day, adipates weekend.

* WALKS IN THE FRESH AIR. Don’t sit at home every day walking in the Park, in the woods. Psychologists say that bright autumn paints the antithesis of depression, relieve eye fatigue and tiredness. Learn to enjoy any time of the year, admire the beauty of nature and thank God for it, then you will find peace of mind.

* DIET for depression. In the autumn will not bring joy to low-calorie diet for weight loss. Bleak autumn is not the best time for diets. The lack of carbohydrates and permanent restrictions will drive you into depression. If you really want, you can eat a slice of cake or other sweets 150-200g, it’ll make you stronger. In the morning treat yourself with a piece of dark chocolate. Chocolate and ice cream and bananas contribute to the production of serotonin – the hormone of joy, thereby boosting mood.

But be careful! Excessive consumption of sweets, fat and flour dishes in the fight against depression may not only spoil your figure, but also lead to other serious issues. Because of slagging of the body, reduced immunity, begin frequent colds, difficult digestion, which affects the skin. And then in the mirror does not want to look, what kind of mood.

* VITAMINS for depression. Eat more fruits and vegetables that will not only maintain your figure but will also enhance the immune system. Take also a complex of various vitamins.

* Depression and ALCOHOL. It is not recommended to get rid of autumn depression with alcohol. Alcohol may intensify depressed mood, lead to mental disorders and long-lasting sing.

* Depression TEA, COFFEE. It is necessary to exclude strong tea and coffee, with inclination to depression. In their composition (and other beverages), includes theobromine and caffeine, which tones and exacerbate emotions, including negative. The nervous system produces adenosine to calm down, and caffeine and theobromine displace it from receptors in the brain.

* EAT FOODS CONTAINING IODINE. These include: cauliflower, sea fish, oysters, seaweed (kelp), Saskatoon, feijoa. These products increase mental immunity.

* Recipe for a GOOD MOOD in depression. Walnuts and honey mix in equal amounts. Take 1 teaspoon after meals 3 times a day. Course – 2-3 weeks.

If these methods do not help, seek help from a specialist.

There is so-called microdepressions, which lasts only a few hours and is accompanied by a bad mood. It is characterized by reduction of motor activity, emotional sensitivity and appetite.
It is not necessary to wait until microdeposit go into microdepressions. Try to identify what caused faster and get rid of the bad mood.

Bad mood, what to do? A bad mood causes. How to get rid of a bad mood?

* YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE PAST. Remember the events of that day, when you feel a worsening of mood that have led to this? Maybe something reminded you of the unpleasant event from the past life – convince yourself that the past cannot be changed, it is what it is, and it is not necessary to suffer.

* TO ASK FORGIVENESS. If the reason for your bad mood has become your inappropriate word or behavior towards someone, then try as quickly as possible to apologize to that person. Just become easier!

* LEARN TO FORGIVE. Is a bad mood when I hurt you. Do not keep resentment in your heart, sincerely sorry for this man, because anger destroys your health, and the person can not guess that hurt you and live in harmony. As far as possible, keep peaceful relations with everyone.

* ENVY. Microdepressions may appear from other people’s successes, because it reminds you of your own failures. Learn to truly rejoice in the successes of others and don’t be envious – envy is ruining our quality of life.

* TO DO THE RIGHT THING. Do not worry due to the fact that people are doing something wrong: pollute the environment, bad language, drinking, abandon their children, etc. you Need not to talk about it, but first and foremost to do the right thing and do what is right and worthy person. You will respect yourself and you will respect other people, and bad mood will not prevail against You.

* The ORDER. Often bad mood because accumulate unpleasant things that we’ve gone over and over, and they dominate the us and not allowed to enjoy life. For example, you need to disinfect the teeth, to do General cleaning, clean the closets, throw a long UN-worn stuff, etc. So do this and You will get the satisfaction and good mood! And in the future, try to regularly put things in order around you – this is not time consuming, but a positive effect on the emotional state, because it won’t flinch each time you call to your apartment, someone will come.

* YOU SHOULD SMILE MORE OFTEN. Learn to smile to yourself and others. Even in a bad mood defeat themselves, smile, and your condition will improve.

* ACTIVE CLASSES. Do something active: dance, go to cinema, theater, sports, move the furniture in the apartment – active classes lift your spirits.

* CHANGE THE IMAGE. Make a haircut, hair color, change your makeup – it will improve your mood.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself – Oh, how I’m poor and unhappy, I have all bad… this life is not sweet! Do not dwell on their failures, and it is better to think about all the good that happens in your life, appreciate it and thank God for everything. You will gain peace of mind!

Everything that happens in your life – both good and bad – depends on You, and in your power to make your life joyful and happy!

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